Symbolism and Consciousness Pt.1

The primacy of existence to utilize and maximize the power of consciousness is necessary to be understood. First is reality. Second is knowledge from perception. Third are symbols of that knowledge from reality. Fourth are questions about reality from the basics of understanding reality. The meaning and purpose is an extrapolation from the power of abstraction, imagination, induction, intuition and phantasmal imagery.

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The beginning of symbolism starts with reality. There is the basic daily sun cycle, and the 4 elemental cycles that underlies much of other symbolism. They are symbols referencing processes in reality through observation of reality. Further understanding of reality and ourselves can also be based on symbolism and be described.

The 4 elements are the basis for the Quaternity and Cross symbolism. The 4 points are used instead of the 3 point Trinity of Consciousness symbolism, for processing, generating and creating into reality. The top 3 parts of the quaternity of 4 elements is essentially the triangle of the trinity of consciousness of thought, emotions and actions, represented as desires/cares, thoughts, deeds/actions. The Quaternity symbolism is also found in Quartering, the Cross, Arms crossed, the Crucified one, squaring the circle, etc. As the divine crucified one is resurrected, we can resurrect ourselves, rebirth, renew, recycle, “reincarnate” into a new version of ourselves in the quartering quaternity elemental process of self-transformation of our desires, cares and thoughts, that result in different deeds and actions, and as a result in different consequences and rewards.

The sun symbolism, life, sky, air, wings, feather, all symbolize higher consciousness usually, along with many other associated symbols, such as the snake. In early cultural engravings, the Birds, Wings, Feathers (Vulture, Eagle), Air was personified as a great feminine goddess, with wings or outstretched arms. As Gerald Massey calls the Genetrix, the symbolism of the great mother bird goddess is associated with space, sky, heaven, void, womb, etc. There is also a dark side to the Genetrix, such as Kali Ma (Maat), the dark side related to the vulture, death, left hand reciprocity, and also death to falsity symbolism. The bull-cow and horn symbolism also has feathers sometimes in depictions of sun symbolism.

Different aspects of reality are represented through symbols. Anthropomorphizing, personification, and projection all occur to represent concepts in relation to ourselves, hence gods and goddesses that share aspects we project onto them. There are masculine and feminine components we define as such, and these components are found in the gods as well as goddesses, personified in reference to ourselves and the dual nature of gender. Many ancient cultures had animal and nature deification symbolism.

Thus, there is growing evidence supporting the idea that early humans showed an early and sophisticated dependence on the sky for information. In fact, Krupp notes that it was inevitable that humans would look to the stars and constellations, for they provided, “practical services: timekeeping, season marking, calendrics, weather signs, concentrations of supernatural power, and symbolic containment of important cultural data”
– Foundation of Myth, pg. 3

From fascination with the sky, to understanding star positions and movement, to projecting meaning and symbols into the stars and planets. First it seems reality was understood as astronomy, then projection of ourselves onto stars as astrology symbolism.

What’s the point of all the symbolism? Just to track stars and their information? Time? To invent or pretend of divine knowledge of origins and purpose in life? What about the knowledge of how to live life? Wouldn’t that be the overarching purpose of all discovery, in order to relate it to how to live life by understanding life? i.e. moral life, real life, true life, higher life, eternal life, afterlife.

If you know about the Tarot, Freemasonry, Rosicrucianism, Kabbalah, Hermeticism, Alchemy, Astrology, is all actually about psychology and consciousness. All the sacred wisdom is part of these traditions. Do you think they have knowledge of hidden technology, aliens, or supernatural powers? No, they have real knowledge about ourselves, about how to live life. Until everyone learns how to live life right, then we won’t be getting anywhere.

Honestly, what is the point of all of this information, about truth, justice and rightness, if it’s only about getting into the afterlife and it’s only presented for the purpose of the afterlife? It makes more sense if we could understand the symbolism in ways that relate to our lives right now, and not about imagined beliefs and possibilities that might be actualities. Understanding of exoteric and esoteric knowledge, the growing of information over time, along with the other religious doctrines being based in mythology, metaphor, allegory, analogy and symbolism, it makes more logical sense to take the symbolism in terms of the importance of here and now, and dealing with our current condition, rather than focus on escapism of what happens after the fear of the unknown which is death.

Here is an example of how we externally reference our internal capacities through symbolism:

– consciousness > internal > mind > idea > ideal
– idea > ideal > potential
– potential > “spirit” > internal consciousness
– internal consciousness > imaginal realm > idea > ideal > potential > causal > creative
– subjective reality > multiverse > parallel processing to objective reality of universe
– causal > internal > “spiritual” > “god”
– internal consciousness > imaginal creative > causal realm of generation > “god” generator/creator
– internal causal > “spiritual” potential > “god”/good potential” > “god”/good ideal > created into actual (from potential creative causal realm) through apotheosis of self-transformation, becoming the “higher self”
– christ consciousness, “god”/good consciousness, is “spiritual”/moral internal self consciousness

Know thyself and know the universe and the gods? Know thyself, consciousness, how it works, as a creator and generator, of our experience and co-creation of aspects of reality we can alter and live in an artificial created human world, is to know “god” itself, right? We are the creators, we are the generators, all from within consciousness, the internal, unseen, immaterial, causal realm of consciousness, that then manifests actions through the external consciousness as the body mechanisms to act in the world. This is how we are “god”, when you understand the power of metaphor and symbolism. We as consciousness-self-soul are internal, and act in the external.

People think that if something comes from the conceptual realm, with the conceptual aura of “spirit” as the “unseen”, “immaterial”, “non physical”, and doesn’t reflect objects in reality directly, then its “spiritual” knowledge because it deals with unseen things not directly contained in the world. People can view themselves as granted access to some divinely inspired knowledge, as if they are connected to “God”, receiving the nous-noesis-gnosis of pure knowledge. The fantasy imagination is turned into reality, unreality into reality, with the aura of “spirituality” or “divinity” being self-induced. Boom, magic spells cast on the mind, often self-cast self-delusion. We are our own worst enemies. Seriously. We fool ourselves all too willingly. The Power of Belief. Twist words around and twist concepts, and you can create beliefs that people want to believe in!

Ideas lead to action through the creation of new things. The creative causal internal realm of consciousness, the soul, the “spirit”, is the creator, the “god” we are as consciousness creators. Quantum mechanics is “unseen”, so people associate it with “spirit” and all a bunch of fantastic imaginary beliefs and concepts about consciousness as well. This all results from a lack of understanding the power of imagination and of symbolic correspondence.

The “higher self” is the potential to actualize the potential ideal we envision in our “spirit” internal consciousness realm. It is higher, because we are living as lower consciousness beings compared to the higher state we can become. We can better ourselves, and every betterment is reaching a “higher self” because we use a “higher will” derived from “higher care/desire” that aspires to the potential of the air, sky and heaven symbolism, which is higher, above the lower conditioning into physical worldly attachments. It is to alter our base pleasure carnal way of living through the “higher” realm of the air element, as higher order thinking, leading to higher order doing. It is a metaphor, as are the 4 elemental fundamentals, for understanding how to generate in reality, how we can better generate ourselves to generate into reality.

In Michael Tsarion’s Posthuman World, he says the “higher self” is more in the body than in some phantasmagoric belief that it is out there somewhere. This is accurate. Take my new concept about this, and compare it to my old one, and one is more grounded in reality based on ourselves as individual beings capable of becoming the higher self, as just a better version of ourselves that we envision as ideal potentials through our “spiritual” internal realm of consciousness, the unseen, immaterial, nonphysical realm of multiverse subjective reality that parallel processes alongside objective reality. The “spirit” is consciousness itself. The “higher self” is who we become if we want. The higher self is the potential which is the ideal from the ideas we envision and imagine in our “spiritual” domain of consciousness, internally, unseen. It all comes from us, here and now, in the physical reality though. It is all from our body, as the self.

Our existence as body and consciousness are linked and inseparable. The distinction with consciousness and mind/heart is made to validate the belief in concepts of consciousness pervading beyond current life of the body into somewhere else after life or death. But mind/heart are only the internal unseen “spiritual” aspects to our body, in metaphor, while the actions are external in our body. The metaphors play tricks on people, as the metaphor loses its symbolism and becomes literal over time, and the consciousness is seen as literally some disembodied “spirit” or “soul”, while the mind is not. These are “spiritual” conceptions people invent and imagine. The emotions are also metaphorically linked to “spirit” and this is taken literally by some as the real “spirit”, our emotions, and we need to follow the emotions and feelings in life, because these are the “spirit” connection. So people follow bliss, experience, enjoyment, pleasure, feel-good, resonance, etc. as blind ignorant fools wandering in darkness without being able to see it. We invoke our own experience in the subjective multiverse of phantasms and imagination, similarly to how “spiritual” psychedelic or meditative experiences occur, with intent, desire, wish, purpose, predetermination projected into the subjective realm/reality/multiverse.

We mind-mangle ourselves, and have been for millenia, because symbols and metaphors get twisted into literal aspects of reality, here or elsewhere. And so you have the dark occultists, priests and sorcerer manipulators of imagery magic, who use concepts to fool us into believing things. This is how rituals and ceremonies were developed, as ways to ensure your good passage into the belief of the afterlife, rebirth, etc. This can all be seen in the history of conceptual development of buddhism/hinduism for instance.

The concept of “spirit” and “God” is created in the imagination factory abstraction engine of higher order consciousness that humans possess. We attribute symbols to concepts of the unseen and immaterial we envision. We antropomorphize, personify and project ourselves onto symbols as a comparative reference for understanding concepts in relation to existants in reality, which we are.

Do you know why it is called a “spiritual” journey on the Path and Way towards Greater Truth and Morality? Because spirituality’s goal is morality. It is a knowledge quest, a journey into knowledge, and this requires the “spiritual” internal realm of consciousness to discover metaphysical (hidden behind physical) aspects of reality through the mental “spiritual” inner vision of consciousness. Morality is not something you can touch, and neither is truth. They are conceptual. Conscious awareness of reality is required to continue on the Path and Way towards the Wisdom of Right-Action. No subjective fantasy realities or induced inner states of altered consciousness are required. Other realities or planes of existence are not required to be known. Here and now is what matters, in the matter of reality.

Looking at the word fantasy and phantasms of the imagination, they are the same. Everything we imagine is not an automatic objective reality. We often produce unreality from the fantasy of the imagination factory of consciousness. Please note the importance of light in the root of the words:

phantasia (“imagination”)
(phantázō, “to show at the eye or the mind”)
(phaínō, “to show in light”)
(ϕôs, “light”).

from Greek phantasma “image, phantom, apparition; mere image, unreality,”  from phantazein “to make visible, display,” from stem of phainein “to bring to light, make appear; come to light, be seen, appear; explain, expound, inform against; appear to be so,” from PIE root *bha- (1) “to shine” (fantasy)

With this, I can now see why so many people have an infatuation with the concept of the imagination, “right-brain”, or collective unconscious, or whatever, being the “superior” and “divine” aspect of consciousness. It ties into what I am talking about with regards to the symbolism of consciousness, internal, mind, idea, ideal, potential, “spirit”, causal realm of generation, “god” generator/creator, etc. God, light, let there be light, make appear, etc. Our subjective multiverse can manifest anything from imagination, and create anything and bring it to the light of our mind, to shine upon it the light of the creator, god, our conscious awareness.

We run simulations in our subjective multiverse, and give it life, like a hologram in Star Trek, created from light of imagination, phantasm, fantasy, hence everything I just talked about. Simulation is imitation, likeness or similar. When you use metaphors and analogies, you run simulations of likeness to relate things to each other. These are images in consciousness, imagery, imagination. It is not simply false or pretense in a negative, but it is false and a pretense in the sense that it is not the exact same identical thing being compared, like water to water, but it is the image of water in subjective multiverse reality and not real water in objective reality. In modern day use of the word simulation, it is a model or mock-up.

There are positive fantasies that bring us the light of truth to live in our life, first to envision what is not actual, in order to create it. The negative part of the double edged sword of consciousness, is the fantasy of living in illusions and unreality as reality itself. Do you see where the “light” talkers in the New Age are living in fantasy of the negative kind? Anything they envision becomes truth itself, becomes reality, simply because they saw it in their mind’s eye of fantasy. They “saw the light of truth”, but it was only the light of fantasy within their mind, images in their mind, yet they self-induce it as nous-noesis-gnosis. Imagination is required, but can be a dangerous double-edged sword when not being mindful and careful to understand its power, and used improperly in reality. You can cut yourself and hurt yourself and others badly with beliefs, even without even being aware, as opposed to using imagination to cut through the false condition and create a better world in reality based in imagination grounded in reality.

Once it is verified in reality, in experience, known through objective reality as demonstrable, then it can go from simply being a concept in subjective reality and become a fact in objective reality that other people can also confirm through their own experience of understanding this aspect of reality for ourselves. We need to keep things in the belief of possibilities in our conscious awareness and not get confused and project our subjective unreality into objective reality as soon as we create, imagine or invent these beliefs, or when we have these beliefs from others influence us and accepted by us.

The allegedly “divine” power is simply our consciousness itself which is contained within. The way to heal is with an evolution in consciousness whereby we realize the power of consciousness, which is divine, as a creator and generator, as a god, so to speak. We have anthropomorphized, personified and projected ourselves onto something else. We have disempowered ourselves by not understanding the power we have. It seems that building a framework and model as a self-referential understanding is very difficult for people to envision and they require projecting aspects of consciousness as an “image of God”, outside of themselves, whereby they see the power of themselves as existing elsewhere other than within them. It seems many need an externalized object of reference in order to make sense of ourselves, and since we cannot find it in reality of the objects we live in, we are forced to invent other realities and posit explanations from those far-fetched projections outside of ourselves.