Spiritually High All the Time? Why?

“Someone once said that to be spiritually high all the time made us no earthly good. I see so much of the so-called “New Age” philosophies, as well as many religious ones, promoting the idea that our spiritual task is to transcend the body and earthly pleasures and problems, and move into an idealistic realm populated by angels and eternal joviality. These philosophies are based upon ages-old misconceptions about spiritual experience.”


Be happy, be positive, I am not stopping anyone or bashing anyone who has that particular ego-personality-identity characteristic. What about those who are in a constant high? How does this occur? Emotions and feelings and based on stimulus-response. Things happen, you experience it, perceive it, judge it, feel it, etc. You are not always angry about things stimulating anger, unless you constantly get angry or have angry thoughts. The same for happiness. Emotions fluctuate, and are not constantly fixed. We get happy or mad when stimulus from an experience has an affect upon us, either in present-moment time or in recollections of images in our mind that evoke emotional reactions. As those with constant anger can get it from angry thoughts and images, similarly those who are constantly happy can be invoking images and thoughts to induce the emotional, physiological, sensational, feeling state of happiness. It seems some people can even be angry, or happy, without having a direct conscious association to something. Some people are in angry states, or happy states, much of the time, unconsciously, and do not use any conscious thoughts or images to produce the state. It is possible that repeated behavioral mechanisms or image phantasms have ingrained themselves into the subconscious for automated emotional invocation through the body-mind. Instead of being in fluctuations according to stimulus, they are polarized to one side, often negating the human spectrum of emotional sensations because of this emotionally conditioned state. This happens more so in those who put themselves into ecstasy high states of constant “happiness”. These people only focus on their inner states. Many are overly-focused on meditation and the conceptions they associate with its supreme importance in life. Some say “happiness is a state of mind.” Indeed. It is a state of mind. But how many people question the state of mind of those who are constantly self-inducing “happiness”-highs without any reason for its invocation from a stimulus? Is it a coping strategy to try to be “positive” and avoid being in a non-positive state of neutrality or negativity? Is it aversion? Is it to make yourself “feel” happy in order to “feel” “positive”? If you get offended, oh well, cry me a river for your delicate ego… Or you can actually think about why you are always in this state? Why do you put yourself into this state? If you say you don’t put or induce yourself into this state (consciously or unconsciously through behavioral conditioning), then what does? What stimulus is putting you into this state all the time if it isn’t your mind conditioning this constant state of mind?

I view this as a form of spiritual bypassing. I don’t get it, this “spiritual high”, constant happiness-high. If anyone can explain it in a way that makes sense as a positive, please do. I only see coping mechanisms and imbalance.

If you want to try to liken it to “being good” or “doing good”, consider this. Is anyone ever always doing good? No. We can always be not doing evil, but generally we are always doing neutral by not doing evil. When we act, when we actually do something, then the good can manifest through us actively. In non-action state, we are mostly neutral, despite neutral being a +1 towards the polarity of good, and not a -1 towards the evil. Neutral is a default state of good because it is not evil. But it is not an active good being done through our actions. Similarly, our emotional state is neutral. By neutral, it is automatically a +1 on the positive side, but it is not a constant positive emotional state, it simply is not a negative emotional state. So, just as we are not always in a good-action mode of creating but are mostly in neutral states of action, we are also not always in an active positive emotional state, but merely a default positive emotional state resulting from lack of negative emotional states. The constant positivity high does not feel right to me intuitively, nor make sense logically.

What are your thoughts?

Spiritually High All the Time? Why?