Wrongs and Ignorance

Everyone must be shown their wrongs and ignorance. Why? The way for people to not change from their current conditioning and ways of perpetuating these wrongs and ignorance is through remaining unaware of exactly what they are doing. Therefore, the only way for people to realize the need to learn, educate and raise themselves out of the darkness of ignorance and wrongdoing, is for them to become aware of how wrong and ignorant they are. Why would anyone have the desire to learn about themselves, how ignorant they are, how uninformed they are, and how wrong they are, if they have no awareness of how incredibly wrong and ignorant they are? The only way for people to become aware of the darkness they immerse themselves into, is through the light of truth shining upon them and forcing them out of the dark comfort of ignorance. Then people may realize how wrong and ignorant they are and that they need to alleviate their ignorance in order to put themselves back onto a more correct path devoid of perpetuating the wrongs and mistakes the previously created. If no one speaks the truth about the wrongs and ignorance people are immersed in, then people will remain unaware of the wrong actions they engage in and will continually perpetuate them into the future, as though they are right actions.

The desire to learn, especially about our mistakes and wrongs, to Care for Truth, can only be awakened or kindled once you realize how wrong and ignorant you are. With the awareness of how little you know, you can then begin to seek to know. Until this is recognized and admitted in each person, each person will be simply perpetuating a hamster wheel of existence that will progressively increment more external control, enslavement and suffering upon our lives. It is impossible to fix the current condition of wrong ways if people are not honestly looking at the current condition. Everyone is ultimately afraid of looking at reality and seeing it as it currently is, and certainly in fear of looking at the mirror and seeing themselves for what they currently are.