Symbolism and Consciousness Pt.4

I have been describing the development of symbols in reference to reality, and the anthropomorphizing, personification and projection of aspects of ourselves onto reality, in order to make sense of ourselves in relation to reality. This is where the symbolism comes from, trying to relate ourselves to reality to understand ourselves and reality. I posit that much of the symbolism reveals deeper wisdom about how to live life correctly (morality) and other self-knowledge. It was developed, and encoded, through esoteric symbolism in metaphor, analogies, allegory, and parables, using references to ourselves and reality in order to provide a comparative framework for understanding. The basic exoteric layer that answers some questions with fulfilling concepts, ideas and beliefs may also be the origin, as is assumed in a linear progression of developing deification of aspects of reality.

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“Sumerian religion has its roots in the worship of nature, such as the wind and water. The ancient sages of Sumer found it necessary to bring order to that which they did not understand and to this end they came to the natural conclusion that a greater force was at work. The forces of nature were originally worshipped as themselves. However, over time the human form became associated with those forces. Gods in human form were now seen to have control over nature.”

First is reality. Second is knowledge from perception. Third are symbols of that knowledge from reality.

Reality -> thoughts -> meaning, purpose in imagination.

Imagination is based directly on reality, or subjective concepts that aren’t directly reflected from a grounding in reality. Subjective imaginations can try to provide answers through speculations, concepts, ideas, and are simply belief for the moment, which may be true or false.

There are 2 main paths on how to understand symbols:

1) literal interpretation of reality
2) symbolic interpretation about reality

The earlier form may have been developed first, most likely, however long ago, 10 thousand, 100 thousand years ago, who knows. There is likely ancient civilizations from where all of our current esoteric symbolic understanding comes from, whereby we only think we came from dark ages and progressed in a linear manner, whereas the truth may be that we have had troubles co-existing as powerful creators and generators of good and evil, the power of our double-edged sword of consciousness. The first beliefs were easily used to manipulate the gullible consciousness of people looking for security, comfort, and well-being in the face of the unknown they could think and imagine of after dying, of the fear of the unknown, and the insecurity, discomfort, confusion and anxiety that comes with not having an answer to provide firm footing to fill the abyss of the unknown questions we ask.

This is where the science of imagery from the priest controllers, the symbolic sorcerers, the dark occultists, comes in. People were already in the experience of suffering, if not from the benign imaginations they had that produced fear, confusion and anxiety, but also from the survivalist game of life all animals engage in. If someone can promise you, through convincing rhetoric, symbol manipulation, science of imagery, inducing, invoking and summoning feeling inside of you, of hope, faith and belief in something else, then they have their claws into your consciousness, your sense of self, your sense of reality.

With the control of imagery, instead of the natural development of associating ourselves and nature with external forces for simple relief of questions with unknown answers from imagination, people of dark consciousness sought to use these preexisting beliefs, models and frameworks to alleviate fears, and control people through these fears of the unknown that they desperately wanted answers to in order to provide a semblance of grounding and solid footing, for purpose and meaning in life. Answers don’t have to be real and accurate, they only need to fill the abysmal void of fear, confusion, anxiety, insecurity, doubt and discomfort of the unknown.

This is how the world has been driven into slavery, through abstract beliefs, and the hope and faith in their accuracy, because they provide stop-gaps for the holes in our models and frameworks for understanding ourselves and reality, to provide answers to why and how we are here, where are we going, the purpose and meaning, the reason for being, etc. As I said, other animals do not have the higher order consciousness to drive themselves mad with imaginations as we do.

We are very powerful beings of consciousness, with the capacity to yield great power, over ourselves, others, and reality. With great power comes great responsibility. People are failing to understand the immense power of belief and how it can shape the direction of life, for ourselves and other beings. Foundational axioms, beliefs that are deeply held, such as those that provide a conception of ourselves and reality, whether accurate or not, are what drive our actions and behaviors. Look at history that is written, and you can understand the power we have based on what we have been sold as beliefs and have accepted. Nazi Germany. Communist Russia. The Inquisition. There are thousands of cases in history of the distant past, and even history that is ongoing in the recent centuries, and decades. We are all fooled by belief, buying what other people and society is selling.

Providing answers to questions people want an answer to, is an easy way to infatuate someone, love-bomb them, and provide them with feel-good comfort of having an answer to a question. Beliefs that provide answers, and the feel-good attachment to their sustainment, is very important to understand in psychology. Take away someone’s beliefs that they use to make sense of themselves or reality, and you are taking away a part of their ego-personality-identity construct. People do not like to lose themselves. The need to understand you are lost in fantasy, belief, speculation, and unreality, is required to finally give them up and reformulate your understanding of reality in a more objective capacity. The need for an answer is a deep yearning we have as thinkers who question, especially the more meaningful or unknown ones such as god or after life/death. Having an answer that fills the unknown, does not mean it is true, it just means you have something to fill the emptiness of not knowing, to fill a gap in conceptions.

People need to understand how lost they are, and seek to find out who they really are apart from the false world we live in, and the false selves we are. People need to accept that they cannot always have an accurate answer, and need to forgo grasping onto straws simply in order to provide something to fill the hole of the gap with. People need to understand that the way out of belief and subjective unreality, is to ground our understanding of ourself and reality in objective reality itself, while allowing speculative possibilities and beliefs to exist from our subjective realities, but not as definitive answers that are chosen simply to give us some illusory grounding as an answer. Look around at everyone, they all live on this false grounding, this illusory grounding in belief, in unreality projected as reality, from government, to religion, to many other aspects of life. Simply because man can create something into reality, does not make it a valid creation to live by and perpetuate. People are accepting the veil of appearances as reality, and do not see the substantive greater truths that these unreal illusions mask and cover up.

Alternatively to option (1) of how symbols are developed, there is option (2) of real symbolic representation of true knowledge in reality was developed first and then replaced with fanciful belief secondarily (as opposed to belief first, reality second and belief third again for manipulation purposes). I don’t see that as the more likely scenario.

There is no need to accept fanciful beliefs in order to live right, and create a right life for everyone, to live in an expression of the idea of heaven right here on earth. Imagination is good to lead us to better paths and ways of living, but not when we base reality on imagination, speculation, concepts, ideas and beliefs that cannot be grounded back to reality, and we end up creating devolving and enslaving ways of life accepted as “good”.

There have been millions upon millions of collective hours spent debating beliefs, when all they were, were beliefs! Wars have been fought because of the beliefs and what they provided people in terms of sense-images, self-concepts and worldviews, their sense of self and sense of reality. These beliefs became used as a basis for people’s ego-personality-identity constructs. They have constructed themselves, their self, based upon falsity and unreality, fighting and waring over who they view themselves as and the need for that false self to perpetuate. The self is created in reality, this reality. The self need to be recreated correctly, in this reality, as a true self, which is based in truth, of this reality. A “true self/higher self” as a belief in a disembodied soul or spirit, is not required and does not make sense in reality. You only need to understand that the true self is a reflection of truth and morality, and the higher self is the higher self that you progressively become compared to a lower self in falsity. Higher self is based in truth, lower self is based in falsity. It has nothing to do with supernatural forces, other dimensions of being, other realms, or anything else of belief and imagination in possibilities.

All of the religious or “spiritual” beliefs are constructed through symbolic reference to nature, reality and ourselves, in an attempt at comparative correspondence with ourselves and reality, in order to answer questions about ourselves and reality. Reflecting reality and ourselves onto each other, or onto beliefs, is a tricky game that can be dangerous, and is not always accurate. Mirrors (reflection, projection) are tricksters at times. Think of the hall of mirrors illusions. We can mirror ourselves and reality as they are (as an accurate reflection), we can mirror false reality onto ourselves to create a false self (copying false unreality, as alleged reality, as our understanding of reality), and we can mirror ourselves onto reality (projecting falsity in subjective reality as objective reality).

All the infatuation with ancient sources, as if time gives them authority, is a fallacy, as is the simplistic naturalist fallacy that is also used in conjunction with the time fallacy and ancestral fallacy, in many beliefs. People actually believe this ancient knowledge was divinely inspired, or intuited from an alleged “higher self”, directly as purely formed knowledge from the nous, in noesis/gnosis. This is subjective reality feel-good self-infatuation with how special you believe yourself to be, how connected and meaningful you are in a vast planet of people and a vast universe. It provides self-importance and well-being, and is associated with our sense of self and sense of reality, to make us feel something connected, special, meaningful, and purposeful.

I see the development of thought through the imagination factory and abstraction engine of consciousness, not divine pure knowledge. It is an attempt to tie subjective imaginal reality down to objective concrete reality. I see these concepts develop over time, not appearing fully formed, nor cohesive. Man is the generator, creator and god of concepts and beliefs in an attempt to understand ourselves and reality more. All beliefs are created either to try to answer questions, or in a maleficent way to manipulate others.

We don’t understand the double-edged sword and power we have. Go look at many of the ancient models of the universe and other conceptions, some are laughable. Just read the accounts of their narratives and stories, read the so-called conception of afterlife, god, etc. as they were originally developed and how ridiculous it is. They used metaphors and symbols to correspond reality to their imagined invented belief in attempts to gain understanding. We want many beliefs to be true, so we don’t look deeper into how all of these beliefs were originally created or generated, and for what purpose they were propagated. They were generated and created by the “god” power of consciousness. Humans created/generated these beliefs from the power of consciousness. Or another possibility is humans were fed these beliefs by alleged entities elsewhere that only seek to pervert our positive evolutionary development in truth and grounded reality that we live in, here and now.

Look beneath the veneer of the exoteric story, and try to see if there is actual metaphor, analogy, simile and allegory that corresponds with the reality. Pierce the veil of myth and see what the story is trying to actually tell you. Often times there is much more meaningful substance beneath the apparent fantasy narrative.

The power of symbolism to affect belief is shown in the Bible. Graven images, symbols, are outlawed even before murder because of how powerful symbols can be to undo the mind control created through symbolic magic. Symbols can have archetypal meaning inherently mirrored from reality/nature/existence that can bridge to an understanding of reality and consciousness. The Tarot deck does such a thing. Astrology represents consciousness aspects as well, symbolically, not literal powers over our lives from the stars. The real magic is in knowing who we are in consciousness, and how we function as consciousness. This is the magic of how to live life in alignment with reality, by knowing who we are and how we respond and interact with reality and each other. Controlling people’s ability to imagine through restricting image representations, is going to restrict the ability to see possibilities beyond the programmed indoctrination that is fed through the authorized imagery fed to you. This power of imagination however, can lead to pure invention of things that don’t exist inherently in reality, both in a good or evil capacity.

Those who understand that the biblical narratives and stories veil esoteric hidden wisdom and truth beneath the veneer of the exoteric symbolism, allegory, analogy and parables through imagery used, should also understand this applies to other narratives and stories that use symbols and narratives. They are not telling us the meaningful things straight up front in the exoteric narratives. This applies everywhere that symbols are used to convey deeper meaning while using a cover story to weave a reflection of deeper wisdom. This applies in the Bible, in mythic tales, Egyptian symbolism and elsewhere. Symbols in the form of pictographs or images are more powerful than abstract symbols in the form of letters. This is why I posit that the Egyptian symbolism is likely descended from the first source of the knowledge that was passed down through symbolism from an age past, pre-flood or pre-ice age.

In understanding the development of language, symbolic imagery is first used, and then abstract symbols are developed for more abstractive capabilities in communication. The mythopeic form of narrative of expressing concepts through analogous comparison is most easily adopted through pictographs and then developed into letter language. The Ancient Egyptians seem to have done the most with real images for communication before abstract symbol letters eventually took over. This indicates more knowledge at the time of creating narratives, to express them in this multi-dimensional aspect of layers of meaning to encode deeper esoteric significance about truth and morality. Some original symbolism was likely perverted and corrupted to favor dominator culture. This altered the symbols used to represent the same concepts, but the changes could not completely remove the deeper significance that the symbols themselves had about life here and now. The language controllers, scribes, priests, and such, were in the end trying to fleece the population into mind control with promises of an afterlife that mattered more. For those who posit Sumeria as the starting point, look at their important gods of nature: Anu, Enlil and Enki, all males, just like dominator Egyptian lore came to represent the creative aspect through anthropomorphism and projection of the way of thinking about ourselves and reality. Egypt has evidence of being built by people before the Naqada and other tribes settled their after the flood/ice age. The sphinx and Giza pyramids are made by older cultures, most likely.