“Veganism” is NOT the United Nations or New Agers

People are very ignorant, choose their ignorance, and choose to be stupid. They do not Care for Truth very much. They want to believe whatever they want. It is much easier for them to confuse the map and territory, to not perceive things accurately, to not correspond information accurately, in order for them to maintain their preconceived false notions and not have to look into things honestly, to simply reject it through a false association in their minds. “Veganism” is completely about DOING NO HARM. “Veganism” is NOT the United Nations for population control, nor is it part of the New Age bullshit control paradigm either. “Veganism” is solely based in MORALITY. It is not a diet, although it involves a change in diet in order to be more moral (just as cannibals would need to change their diet in order to live more morally). A Plant-Diet, is a diet, which is part of “Veganism”.

Get it yet? Some of you never will, because you simply do not want to get it, and you will never look into it because of that Fear of Truth, that Cowardice you hold onto that prevents you from looking into how wrong you may actually be! Fear of Truth, a lack of Care for Truth, is why people do not honestly understand the moral baseline that “veganism” represents. They simply do not Care for Truth enough, instead Fear it by not looking into it, ignoring it. That is not the force of Love, the expansive force of consciousness that brings us to greater heights of awareness of reality, Truth and Moral living. Doing that will only send you away from evolving consciousness in Truth and Morality, as you are willfully rejecting a moral baseline known under the label “Veganism”.

Here is how some people associate Veganism with population control, because the UN suggests it:

UN = one world government, control, deceptive, manipulative (true)
All things UN says = lies for evil purpose (false)
Planet problems UN talks about = lies (false)
Sustainability = lies (false)
Climate change = lies (false)
Animals food issue = lies (false)
Vegan solution = lies (false)
It’s all “Agenda 21” and other evil things, none of it is true, even if it is true, just associate it with the UN blindly, and then you can safely ignore and reject it in your delusional reality. Woohoo!

Good job on engaging in fallacies! That is some crazy guilt by association fallacy. Poisoned your well enough? Throw out all the water yet? So because an organization is a lie, then everything they talk about or propose is also based on lies? Really? Brilliant deductions! No need to think logically… amazing.

Yes, the UN is for control. It uses Truth to manipulate you into controlling paradigms because you are too lazy and cowardly to discover Truth on your own and change accordingly, preferring to lead yourself to self-destruction (but you don’t see that is how we are living yet?). The animal issue is part of that self-destructive, dominator/predator min-virus. The UN, government, etc. will step in as the nanny/daddy/mommy protector everyone demands and force you to do things that are right in the wrong way and do wrongs as if they are rights, because you didn’t want to figure out what was right on your own. Instead of the freedom to choose the Moral Way and Path to True Freedom and Peace, we will just get the enslavement and control of forced ways of living that are not moral in the end, but only use pseudo-moral justifications for continued immoral living. We already live in it now, and the road ahead is even more control and enslavement from our attempt to abdicate personal responsibility to live in Natural Moral Law.

The New Age association with “Veganism” is also bullshit. People are very ignorant and don’t understand how they are being fed lies. I have met more New Age infected minds against “veganism” than I have met who were for it. New Age bullshit, in fact, prevents one from seeing reality accurately and hence the “vegan” Truth is hidden from sight as well. One has nothing to do with the other apart from someone’s personal motives to live a better life, to be better, to be more moral. People can see the Moral Truth before their eyes and go vegan long before they wake up to the covert, occulted hidden Truths in reality, such as mind control slavery, government slavery, money slavery, etc. Their “minds” and “hearts” are actually developed and connected enough to feel the immorality of this murder and enslavement of other beings done right in front of our noses, even if they can’t see the occulted enslavement we are all in, they can see the Truth that is in front of their nose, in the knives cutting throats, in the blood everywhere, in the tears in their eyes.

Some people, especially in the “Truther” movement, pretend like they actually Care for Truth, while they do not really. They only REALLY care about “my truth”, “my freedom”, “my survival”, and they will justify any choice they make based on their selfish myopic perspective. There is no True Care, wider universal care for all beings. It is them, and their family, their little circle of identification and moral responsibility. This is Satanism. Some people expand to their tribe, race, community. Some more, to their nation, and to all human animals on the planet. But they always leave out of moral concern the other animals that are not human, other species.

Some people are morally selective in the non human animals. They have moral concern for cats and dogs, but not for pigs and cows. That is a divided being. That is a being in internal opposition of double think, of cognitive dissonance. That is a mental schism and imbalance. Some have moral concerns for other beings when they aren’t concerned about “my truth”, “my freedom”, “my survival”, because when their apathy and fear of Truth and Morality kicks in, when their “need” to “survive above all else” kicks in from this delusional mindset of fear and apathy, they have to engage in justifications to support their immoral actions as though they were moral, inventing wrongs into rights, trying to be an arbiter of Truth, engaging in the delusion of wanting to be “god” and dictate what the Truth is.

This is Satanism. This is living in the false self. When the animal isn’t part of your Satanic predator-dominator delusional “survival” mindset, i.e. not part of your sick desire to eat dead bodies, carcasses, cadavers and corpses of cats or dogs, then you care about them and give them moral concern. But when you want to eat some dead bodies, carcasses, cadavers and corpses of cows or pigs, even though you don’t “need” to, as it is not “necessary”, you choose to participate, consent and support the exploitation, enslavement, harm, violence or murder of other sentient animate beings that have every right to life and freedom from human animal harm that you expect from other human animals. And you think you aren’t undeveloped in heart-center, care, compassion, empathy, conscience and morality? Well, then keep lying to yourself and embrace that Fear of Truth and Cowardice to face yourself in the mirror. Bravo!

Many things are pleasurable, but we don’t do them all because many are WRONG (rape for instance). None of this is necessary, you are choosing it, and you are choosing the murder in order to satiate your pleasure palate or delusional conception of justifying your survival.

Those who fail to see reality accurately, will fail to see the Vegan Truth. It takes honest admittance of WRONG, and a real Care for Truth and Morality first, instead of yourself and maintaining your self-image first.


  • Wow…u r so spot on about everything…Vegan 22 yrs now…this slaughter is nothing more than ritualized demonic blood sacrifice rooted on the Occult. Rebel against the slave food of the Matrix by going Vegan..I sound nuts Im not! Ur article is BRILLIANTI

    • Thank you very much 🙂

      • Brittney

        You should also respond to people who don’t agree with you. If you were truly compassionate you would find a better way to get your point across instead of insulting other humans. It comes across as delusional that you think you and other vegans are above everyone else… Some plants are carnivores and eat bugs, mice, frogs, anything small enough to fall into its trap. Ever heard of a venus flytrap? There are many other speicies like it. Humans over eat meat yes but to say you have more morality because of your diet is insane.

  • Angela

    You are a brainwashed fool. Your plants and supplements will never nourish you like animal by products. You can eat meat and still be ethical. Shove your religion up your cult fed ass and get off your high horse. Even your plants want dead carcasses as you put it. Are they sick too?

  • Truth Conquers, Raise Coherence

    The negative comments here have me thinking…

    While this article wasn’t written in a “compassionate” way, it doesn’t mean that all of the information should be disregarded or dismissed. It doesn’t mean everything is “wrong”. Sometimes true facts are presented in ways that are not very respectful. It doesn’t automatically make the facts presented false.

    A comparable situation is when a family has a member unjustly murdered. How does the family typically react? When they find the murderer do they shower him or her with compassion? Or does the father have to restrain himself from killing the person who murdered his wife? Not saying everyone reacts the same way, but my point is that sometimes it’s okay to be angry when something immoral takes place.

    Not too long ago I saw an article about a man who caught another man molesting a child. The man responded with violence and didn’t get an assault charge. Why? Because sometimes it’s okay to disrespect those who are not respectful. While I personally would not have written this article in the same way, the point is that sometimes it’s okay to be outraged. It’s not unfathomable to be angry when billions of innocent animals are tortured each year when it really isn’t a “need”. If you can get past the “insults” and focus on the facts you can take away important lessons instead of being defensive.

    For the people with negative comments, imagine if just ONE member of your family or just ONE friend, or even just one good acquaintance experienced the life of a farmed animal. Imagine if they were raised, whether in a factory or an organic farm, just to be killed an eaten. Imagine knowing a woman whose milk is taken after her baby is killed for meat (like how veal is obtained). Would you want to write “nice” words about this or would you post angry writings about this? Would you feel very compassionate towards the farm and the people eating the ones you care for or would you want to disrespect them? Again, I personally wouldn’t write the article this way, but I’m trying to illustrate that it’s not unrealistic to express negativity over the slaughter of innocent beings. It’s not a “petty” matter or something to take lightly. For the individuals with the negative comments, you probably have never spent a day in a slaughterhouse and just see the end result, the packaged meat on the shelves.

    One on the overall points is that we CAN live without eating dead animals. It really is not a “need”. We are so far evolved in technology, we have infinite vegan recipes and tons of resources on plant based nutrition… that killing other animals for food is really just primitive. For those who argue we need it for things like “B12” or iron… there are high quality vegan supplements for those nutrients already.

    For the individual who states that plants will never nourish like animal byproducts, I don’t see a single example provided. With the plethora of vegan resources available today and advances in science, what can’t be replaced by plant based nutrition?

    The bigger picture with meat eating is that it IS quite frankly murder. Even IF other plants (a small percentage) engage in such behaviors. Lower conscious life forms doing something does NOT make it right for us to stoop to their level. I mean, seriously… they don’t have higher brain functioning like we do. They don’t have free will in the same way. Their capacity to make informed decisions is not even comparable.

    A Venus Fly Trap doesn’t even have a brain at all. It can not read a book or watch a video to understand that it is causing pain to the animals it eats, it can not be educated. It doesn’t even have eyes to see them. It has no heart to feel compassion. Carnivores like wolves and lions have brains, but they haven’t evolved to have the brain functioning we do. Like the Venus Fly Trap they can’t educate themselves.

    Wild animals act out many immoral behaviors but should we go do them all? They trespass, they steal, they leave their waste products in unwanted areas and leave messes… Does that make it okay for everyone now?

    “Some plants eat another animals so it is justified for humans to eat them too”. Is that a logical way to think?

    What’s next? “Dogs defecate in the park and don’t cover it up, humans should do it now, too”? Or “Racoons and squirrels invade homes, stealing food from humans. It’s okay for us to do that to each other now.” “My pet cat scratched up my new couch with her claws, so it’s okay for valued objects to be damaged.” “My dog humps objects in public and doesn’t wear clothing, everyone can be an exhibitionist now”…. Imagine that… an adult masturbates in public and says “if my dog does it I can too.” What would this world become?

    Think about how many laws would be changed if we suddenly based our morality off of Venus Fly Traps and other animals! Our entire way of living would be flipped upside down! WE are the higher beings that are supposed to be the example for other life forms to evolve. Maybe other life forms could be more evolved if we gave them more space and stopped interfering with their development.

    With knowledge and power comes responsibility. We are morally culpable because we were gifted with the ability to understand.

    Another example is that children don’t get treated like adults. Why? Because they are less morally culpable, they don’t understand. If an unattended three year old walks into a store and starts stealing, do they go to jail? No. They don’t have the brain development to understand what stealing is. Are they guilty? Not at all. They don’t know what they did wrong. This can be applied to the brainless Venus Fly Trap and the unashamed dogs. They are nescient, they just can’t “get it”.

    Nescience means information is not attainable for someone. To go further, some people with severe brain damage and mental disabilities are less culpable and nescient, too. If a man with severe down syndrome walks into a store and steals he probably go to jail either. Some people even don’t go to jail for murder because they are declared “insane” and get other forms of restrictions on their lives instead. An old man with Alzheimer’s probably won’t go to jail for stealing. His brain literally can’t hold onto memories the way we can.

    I know this is lengthy but I’m trying to offer all of these examples as I think of them. There are so many that it’s appalling this isn’t taught in school as basic common sense! Then again… Schools are the place where most kids are taught to accept carcass eating…

    Bottom line: We can not compare our behaviors to animals who don’t have the same wiring as us. We can’t even hold children or people with disabilities to the same levels of responsibility.

    To answer the question “Are the plants who eat dead carcasses sick, too?” Well… as said above… they have NO BRAIN! LOL 🙂

    The overall point of the article is that killing innocent animals and eating them is selfish when we live in a world overflowing with resources. We are not on a planet that has no plants, there is no shortage of plant based foods either. So we really have no excuses and this idea of “needing” it to “survive” is outdated. It’s all an illusion. While it isn’t easy for everyone to change and can take a lot of effort, it isn’t impossible and is worth doing.

    A simple search on vegan recipes can blow your mind. You can make a vegan version of almost anything now! From cream cheese to meatballs… to Parmesan and bacon… You can do this if you put your heart in it!

    • If you look at the author of this post, it wasn’t me 😉 It’s the only contribution I have on the site. It was a bit long. Anyhoot, people don’t like messages that cast them in a bad light.

      The venus fly trap is sensory responses as well. Object enters, its sensed, then the response is to close and consume biological matter into nutrients .

      And indeed, emulating other animal behavior is a blind path.

      • Truth Conquers, Raise Coherence

        I did see a contribution you had on another vegan post. This one has your name unless I’m missing something here.

        I have had many similar thoughts as whoever wrote it, whether it was you or someone else. I share similar sentiments. Part of why I wrote that I wouldn’t have written it this way was because many people who eat meat get so defensive that they shut down and will disregard all of the facts if they feel the least bit offended (as demonstrated in the above comments haha). So for the sake of hoping the facts stand out I might try a more encouraging approach. Either way the facts still do remain the same and it’s still a valuable post 🙂

        To be honest I had been eating “pastured-raised” eggs almost every day up until reading and commenting on these posts about veganism. I was vegan for awhile and went back to eating eggs. Yet, after re-evaluating the pros and cons I’ve decided it really is not worth it. I began to remember why I stopped eating them in the first place.

        The brand advertises how much space their hens get and how “happy” they are. However, I do not know where they go after their egg laying days are over. I do not know what they do with male chicks if they happen to have them. Do all of these non egg laying chickens get adopted as pets or have free housing? Are they safely released into the wild to enjoy the rest of their days? I don’t know for sure but I know it isn’t likely. With that in mind I have stopped participating. It wasn’t very hard and I feel better on a moral level.

        I once worked at a grocery store and one day a customer guessed I didn’t eat meat by observing my actions. She had a large order and I was bagging it after ringing up the items. I put the meat far away from me at the other end of the bagging space, then I bagged up everything except the meat! If my memory was correct she asked if I was a vegetarian. When I said yes she mentioned what I had done. It was something I did a lot in hopes the customers would bag their own meats. We laughed and she understood why I would do such a thing.

        I would also do the opposite in certain situations. If there was particularly gross or smelly meat I would sometimes bag it first just to get it out of sight, especially if it was leaking. I would hate it so much when people put leaky meats on my conveyor belt! The meat department even had plastic bags for wrapping leaky meat. I was constantly spraying and wiping my space lol.

        I can relate to the frustrated and less respectful statements in this post. I would have similar ones a lot as a cashier. I would hate seeing customers that were clearly wealthy yet buying the cheapest factory farmed animal products. I would see snobby housewives with their huge orders, wearing new designer clothes… yet holding the worse eggs, meats and milks. I’d think, “Come one, you have so much wealth. If you’re going to eat animal products, can you not support the worse possible companies??? Can you spend the extra 2 dollars on the pasture raised eggs and not support hens being crammed into dirty battery cages?? Can you not buy the milk with the filthy growth hormones that cause the cows extra pain??? Can you vote with your dollars to set higher standards?? Or must every extra dollar go to getting your hair and nails done?”

        Better yet, I’d also think “Wow, you can afford to buy the quality vegan products. You can get the almond cheeses and the cashew yogurts. You can afford the replacement eggs or the chia and flax seeds to use in recipes instead. You can afford organic plant based butters and the tempeh vegan ‘bacon’. You can have it all if you wanted to create change. You can afford the best nuts and seeds like hemp and raw almonds. Yet you’re choosing the products produced from some of the planet’s MOST miserable creatures.” I would get so annoyed and disgusted by it all.

        I’m glad I no longer have that job. It was hard to witness the poor choices in such large quantities. I also hated even having to walk past the meat department.

        I agree that the United Nations promoting veganism doesn’t make it bad either. The same goes for New-Age Gurus who also promote veganism. It is true that good principles can be accepted by entities that don’t embrace the whole truth and the association with less credible sources doesn’t automatically discount something.

        • Oh woops my bad, sorry I was thinking this was that other really long post Jana wrote. I should have clicked on the post to go see. I read comments from the backend of the site which only shows comments. I used to be more vitriolic and belligerent in propagating truth vs. falsity with respect to the immorality of non-veganism.

          The happy animals deception is strong in marketing to make people feel good to continue to support the animal enslavement industry 😉 Glad you got off that wagon 😉 The animal exploitation industry has subsidies, so its cheaper compared to some vegan alternatives as well. But no one has to go buy the more expensive mock foods. Just eat simpler and whole food based 😉

          • Truth Conquers, Raise Coherence

            I can relate to the vitriolic standpoint on this topic 🙂

            Most of the mock products actually do gross me out…lol. Especially the ones made to look like real meat. If I’m going to have a veggie burger I want it to see and taste real vegetables. Some of my favorite homemade ones had green coloring from being loaded with spinach 🙂 I don’t want something made with “soy protein isolate” and ‘natural’ meat flavoring that looks like beef! I don’t want soy hot dogs or cold cuts haha. Much of it is very processed and lacks real nutrition. I would just rather see someone eat that while transitioning than eating the actual animals. Personally, I’m repulsed by most of the fake meat.

            I do tend to buy some vegan dairy products… Though I need to get a nut milk bag so I can make my own again with coconut cream, nuts and seeds. Many store bought vegan ‘milks’ do tend to have a lot of issues.. Added gums for thickening, having a lot of calcium carbonate which is hard for the body to use, isolated pea proteins, etc. Some are so watered down that they have a mere 25-40 calories per cup, taste like skim milk, yet are still a very high price. Many are not true health foods at all. Usually I add vegan milk to coffee, tea and oatmeal but the homemade versions are far superior.

            One of the worse things is when I see mock cheeses that still have dairy products in them! I’ve seen almond and soy “cheeses” that contain casein, a milk protein. So what is the point of it? It’s like a trap to get people who aren’t paying close attention to buy their product or some sort of sick joke!

          • I buy soy milk, organic, non-GMO, has a good amount of protein, some fat, but the added gums or whatnot does suck hehe. And yes, you still have to read the label to make sure of what you are buying. Even bread can have eggs in it when it’s not needed at all.

  • Truth Conquers, Raise Coherence

    Yes, I am big on reading labels. I get annoyed when I’m trying to buy a specific bread, like gluten free for example, and can’t because it has eggs. Fortunately more vegan products are more available.

    I used to drink soy milk a lot for the same reasons. It has more substance than many other vegan milks on the market. I had found a brand called “WestSoy” which offers a 2-ingredient soymilk! Just filtered water and organic soybeans… No gums/thickeners, no synthetic nutrients, no added sugars. I do eat soy products sometimes but need to do more research on it. I’ve read a lot of conflicting material about soy which is why I buy it less. It’s definitely better than supporting the dairy industry though!

    • Just buy the organic soy in the ingredient and not the isolate. It’s good for you. No estrogen bullshit. I think Dr. Gregor went into it in one of his nutritionafcts videos. Best source of protein I think. Lots of misinfo around it though.

      • Truth Conquers, Raise Coherence

        After more searching I found some articles by Dr. Greger on phytic acid. From what he says along with information from the other link I found it seems that the fear people have of these phytates in soy is unnecessary.

  • Truth Conquers, Raise Coherence

    I found a video he did on the estrogen issue, thanks for the tip.

    I also found a link that suggests the “enzyme inhibitor” known as “phytate” that is feared in soy may actually have some benefits https://thesoynutritioninstitute.com/a-new-take-on-phytate/. This was interesting to me because when I do searches on soy there are constant phytate warnings. The claim is it interferes with digestion of nutrients. I’m still uncertain about the phytates overall as I’m not very science savvy. What I do know is that it’s also in other plant foods.

    Have you seen anything in regards to phytates and soy?

    When I think of best protein hemp seeds come to mind. Hemp milk is great too, especially homemade. It’s been said to be one of the most easily digested and has a lot of nutrients. If soy is better than hemp seeds I’m curious to know more about that.

    It would be fun to be a scientist or be able to conduct experiments on these topics. Seeking truth in the science field is often a challenge for me. Since that’s not an option right now I just have to hone my logic & research skills 😉

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