“Veganism” is NOT the United Nations or New Agers

People are very ignorant, choose their ignorance, and choose to be stupid. They do not Care for Truth very much. They want to believe whatever they want. It is much easier for them to confuse the map and territory, to not perceive things accurately, to not correspond information accurately, in order for them to maintain their preconceived false notions and not have to look into things honestly, to simply reject it through a false association in their minds. “Veganism” is completely about DOING NO HARM. “Veganism” is NOT the United Nations for population control, nor is it part of the New Age bullshit control paradigm either. “Veganism” is solely based in MORALITY. It is not a diet, although it involves a change in diet in order to be more moral (just as cannibals would need to change their diet in order to live more morally). A Plant-Diet, is a diet, which is part of “Veganism”.

Get it yet? Some of you never will, because you simply do not want to get it, and you will never look into it because of that Fear of Truth, that Cowardice you hold onto that prevents you from looking into how wrong you may actually be! Fear of Truth, a lack of Care for Truth, is why people do not honestly understand the moral baseline that “veganism” represents. They simply do not Care for Truth enough, instead Fear it by not looking into it, ignoring it. That is not the force of Love, the expansive force of consciousness that brings us to greater heights of awareness of reality, Truth and Moral living. Doing that will only send you away from evolving consciousness in Truth and Morality, as you are willfully rejecting a moral baseline known under the label “Veganism”.

Here is how some people associate Veganism with population control, because the UN suggests it:

UN = one world government, control, deceptive, manipulative (true)
All things UN says = lies for evil purpose (false)
Planet problems UN talks about = lies (false)
Sustainability = lies (false)
Climate change = lies (false)
Animals food issue = lies (false)
Vegan solution = lies (false)
It’s all “Agenda 21” and other evil things, none of it is true, even if it is true, just associate it with the UN blindly, and then you can safely ignore and reject it in your delusional reality. Woohoo!

Good job on engaging in fallacies! That is some crazy guilt by association fallacy. Poisoned your well enough? Throw out all the water yet? So because an organization is a lie, then everything they talk about or propose is also based on lies? Really? Brilliant deductions! No need to think logically… amazing.

Yes, the UN is for control. It uses Truth to manipulate you into controlling paradigms because you are too lazy and cowardly to discover Truth on your own and change accordingly, preferring to lead yourself to self-destruction (but you don’t see that is how we are living yet?). The animal issue is part of that self-destructive, dominator/predator min-virus. The UN, government, etc. will step in as the nanny/daddy/mommy protector everyone demands and force you to do things that are right in the wrong way and do wrongs as if they are rights, because you didn’t want to figure out what was right on your own. Instead of the freedom to choose the Moral Way and Path to True Freedom and Peace, we will just get the enslavement and control of forced ways of living that are not moral in the end, but only use pseudo-moral justifications for continued immoral living. We already live in it now, and the road ahead is even more control and enslavement from our attempt to abdicate personal responsibility to live in Natural Moral Law.

The New Age association with “Veganism” is also bullshit. People are very ignorant and don’t understand how they are being fed lies. I have met more New Age infected minds against “veganism” than I have met who were for it. New Age bullshit, in fact, prevents one from seeing reality accurately and hence the “vegan” Truth is hidden from sight as well. One has nothing to do with the other apart from someone’s personal motives to live a better life, to be better, to be more moral. People can see the Moral Truth before their eyes and go vegan long before they wake up to the covert, occulted hidden Truths in reality, such as mind control slavery, government slavery, money slavery, etc. Their “minds” and “hearts” are actually developed and connected enough to feel the immorality of this murder and enslavement of other beings done right in front of our noses, even if they can’t see the occulted enslavement we are all in, they can see the Truth that is in front of their nose, in the knives cutting throats, in the blood everywhere, in the tears in their eyes.

Some people, especially in the “Truther” movement, pretend like they actually Care for Truth, while they do not really. They only REALLY care about “my truth”, “my freedom”, “my survival”, and they will justify any choice they make based on their selfish myopic perspective. There is no True Care, wider universal care for all beings. It is them, and their family, their little circle of identification and moral responsibility. This is Satanism. Some people expand to their tribe, race, community. Some more, to their nation, and to all human animals on the planet. But they always leave out of moral concern the other animals that are not human, other species.

Some people are morally selective in the non human animals. They have moral concern for cats and dogs, but not for pigs and cows. That is a divided being. That is a being in internal opposition of double think, of cognitive dissonance. That is a mental schism and imbalance. Some have moral concerns for other beings when they aren’t concerned about “my truth”, “my freedom”, “my survival”, because when their apathy and fear of Truth and Morality kicks in, when their “need” to “survive above all else” kicks in from this delusional mindset of fear and apathy, they have to engage in justifications to support their immoral actions as though they were moral, inventing wrongs into rights, trying to be an arbiter of Truth, engaging in the delusion of wanting to be “god” and dictate what the Truth is.

This is Satanism. This is living in the false self. When the animal isn’t part of your Satanic predator-dominator delusional “survival” mindset, i.e. not part of your sick desire to eat dead bodies, carcasses, cadavers and corpses of cats or dogs, then you care about them and give them moral concern. But when you want to eat some dead bodies, carcasses, cadavers and corpses of cows or pigs, even though you don’t “need” to, as it is not “necessary”, you choose to participate, consent and support the exploitation, enslavement, harm, violence or murder of other sentient animate beings that have every right to life and freedom from human animal harm that you expect from other human animals. And you think you aren’t undeveloped in heart-center, care, compassion, empathy, conscience and morality? Well, then keep lying to yourself and embrace that Fear of Truth and Cowardice to face yourself in the mirror. Bravo!

Many things are pleasurable, but we don’t do them all because many are WRONG (rape for instance). None of this is necessary, you are choosing it, and you are choosing the murder in order to satiate your pleasure palate or delusional conception of justifying your survival.

Those who fail to see reality accurately, will fail to see the Vegan Truth. It takes honest admittance of WRONG, and a real Care for Truth and Morality first, instead of yourself and maintaining your self-image first.