Wealth and Currency

Let’s setup some correspondences and see if they are valid:

Wealth = time. Wealth gives you time.
Currency = time. Currency gives you time.

With wealth in the normal sense, you have freedom of time to do other things than work for your survival. You don’t have to work the land for food, you have wealth by getting others to work the land for you through an illusory system of control, such as money. Wealth is related to currency in our system of living. People think of the currency of money when they think of wealth.

With wealth, it means you have the time to direct your attention (2 currencies of time and attention) to whatever ends your will desires. This is the freedom provided that will give you the satisfaction of your desires being fulfilled and produce your ‘well-being’.

To derive another form of wealth from the two currencies, would be to derive the wealth of Truth and Morality that comes from directing the currency of time and attention towards the Truth and Morality that we desire/care/seek to gain.

If you focus on physical wealth, then you accumulate money to be free, and this focus and energy production will get you more of that type of wealth you work to get, money, or at least time to do what you want with the money you have. When you focus on the higher order wealth of Truth and Morality, then you get more Truth and Morality. Energy flows where attention goes (all operating in limited time of life). Focus on the superficial (money), get more it. Focus on the substantial (Truth/Morality), get more it it. This is the substantial wealth derived from the currencies of time and attention.

‘Wealth’ is etymologically ‘well-being’. What could possibly provide greater well-being than the wealth of understanding Truth and Morality? Also, ‘wealth’ is etymologically rooted PIE *wel-, which I had seen before, to ‘will’ (i.e. choice, free will), PIE root *wel- (2) “to wish, will”. Your will desires/cares for Truth and Morality above all, even if you don’t know it.

Conceptually, the Higher Will generates the Law of Right Living, Natural Moral Law, for which lower wills are to align themselves with and live in accordance to. The Higher Will comes from the Higher Self, and this is the True Self. The Higher Will of the Creator is the Will of the Higher Self, which is “God”, Source, All, One, “Spirit”, etc. The True Self is Higher Self is “God” that has a Higher Will that set forth the Law, Moral Law. Being “spiritual” is therefore being Moral, as per the Will of the “Spirit” which is Natural Moral Law. Being “spiritual” is following “God’s” Will to Live by what is Right and not Wrong, Good and not Evil, Truth and not Falsity. This is the True Self, Higher Self, etc., with the Will of (or for) Truth, Love, Good, Right, Morality, Natural Law, etc. This is who we are to become as embodiments of the True Self/Higher Self, living by the Higher Will, as “Spirit” or “God’s” Will of Morality.

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