Speaking “Truth”? – Did You Verify it First?

Just because you have a thought, doesn’t automatically make it True. I have plenty of stuff I have written that I need to review and validate first, correct and edit. Imagine possibilities, then verify and refine the reality out of the possible imaginal phantasm. Many people criticize blindly, expressing their thoughts and emotions immediately without taking the time to reflect and examine its validity. They take the immediate impressions of the mind, the imagery, and run with it. They just end up creating straw-men in many cases, thinking they understand, and end up criticizing the projection of their false understanding.

People then say “well I’m just speaking the Truth”. No, you are speaking honestly about what you are thinking and feeling, but that does not make it the Truth. They are confused in their perceptions, and think their straw-man is the Truth. They are only speaking the representation of their fallacious thinking. I can still end up doing this, but I try my hardest to make sure what I speak is true, because I have verified it through correspondence with other aspects of reality that I understand and can explain. Please call me out on any falsity, but make sure you have done the same process yourself. If you’re way off and out in left field… well I may just ignore your nonsense rather than try to correct it. I do not want to spend my time correcting everyone’s false perceptions of me or my work. I have other things I prefer to do.

Here is an example of someone who enjoys getting into green language (in the rest of their post that I didn’t quote), but they get lost in right-brain imbalance. I used to remove pages that were showing me bullshit because I didn’t want it on my feed, but now I will use them to demonstrate people’s failure to think properly (fallacies).

Errors in Reasoning (Fallacy)

Image quote:


Blaming the Tool, rather than Trace the Source of Confusion (you or others’ minds).

Fallacies the person states:

  • language is languish (stated elsewhere)
  • English is lunacy, belief
  • “burn up as it burns down”, fallacy of his mind to sound “clever” in his exposition of language

A house goes up in smoke, up in flames, is the source phrase of the above fallacy that is misconstrued and made into a straw-man false representations of reality by the mind of the person. Whoever else has used that phrase, was also committing a fallacy, and this person just picked it up as the “fault of language”, instead of tracing the source. The mind of man has obfuscated and changed the original phrase with “burn up”. A house does burn down, not up. Smoke and fire go up though. But fire’s effect brings things to ashes, it destroys and brings something down, but fire itself burns up. This is also part of the alchemical process. This is an accurate description of how things work, I am using the tool of language and words effectively to describe what the original unconfused phrase is, and how it actually makes sense. The mind of another human twisted that to fit their justification that language is bad, English is lunacy, and invents a phrase that doesn’t make sense to justify that claim. That is what I call lunacy.

The error was man who used mind to alter the conception of reality from that original phrase. The tool, language, is not to blame. Man is. If you hit someone on the head with a hammer and murder them, and you say that the hammer murdered them? Tools are in our hands, we wield them. We are at fault, not the tool. We can use a tool effectively, or half-assed and incorrectly.

I have heard this type of bullshit from right-brain imbalanced people before. They say language or logic is flawed or limited in order to justify their fallacious reasoning and attempt to dismiss and discredit the pointing out of their own error. Right-brain imbalance, and they usually are heavily into New Age conceptions that is the foundational framework for their inability to think properly. The person above also uses pseudo-spiritual over-simplified concepts, like “REALITY IS MADE OF LANGUAGE!! WORDS CREATE MATTER!!”

This is the same person that I posted above yesterday (the second person, the one who replies): https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10152594334863554&set=a.10151371684398554.531213.749163553&type=1

Speaking “Truth”? – Did You Verify it First?