Symbolism and Consciousness Pt.2

The ancient Sun symbolism isn’t about humans being reborn in the religious “afterlife” or “reincarnation” back here. The real power is in being reborn right now, everyday, anytime, whereby we can die to the falsity inside and out, and find the truth in our journey on the path and way through the underworld of initiation into the mysteries of truth/light and return to the world again, anew, reborn, rebirthed, resurrected, reincarnated from the mother goddess of “death” to the former world and our former selves.

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The so called “afterlife” of religiously created belief that alleviates a fear of death, should be of lesser concern than the real rebirthing, resurrection, renewal, reincarnation, raising and ascending into an “afterlife” eternal paradise we can create for ourselves now in more and more aspects of truth, love, good, right, morality. A heaven on earth, the real kingdom of heaven as a reflection of our inner kingdoms of heaven we create inside that reflects outwards through our actions in harmony with existence, reality and truth, to further what is right, good and true.

Anyone who has actually lived this and understood how Cause and Effect works in everything in the universe, as the basic Natural Law and Prime Ratio, can verify that we are the ones in power of changing the world we live in, from a hell to a heaven, as aggregate co-creators of the human constructs and way of living we choose to live by. We all do this together, unless you want to go live completely in isolation. The deeper Natural Law that will allow this change to happen is about those actions we do, our behavior, another layer in Cause and Effect, the Natural Moral Law of higher order consciousness. When Moral Law is understood as our human nature to create in the right, good and true, it will allow us to create the heaven on earth, as our inner kingdoms will be in rulership by our own consciousness and self, and not any other, a sovereign, self-ruled, self-governed being who is working to bring in the light of truth, love, good, right, morality, Natural Moral Law, into ourselves, and create greater inner kingdoms of heaven to reflect outwards into the world.

To get people to accept the call to bear their own cross into the straight, narrow, hermetic road, way and path of hard trials and tribulations of battling with our inner demon, devil, darkness, shadow, evil, negative, wrong and immorality, is a necessary first step into separation in order to reconstruct, rebuild, renew, rebirth, resurrect and be reborn again, better than before, improved, healed, purified, transmuted, transformed, changed and evolved in consciousness. This is to live in the afterlife, after our former life, especially the first big step from being asleep and an unawakened part of the masses of unconscious beings. This is the real life, the “soul” life, the “spiritual” life, to be alive in a higher, truer, realer sense of living in higher order consciousness.  This takes courage. This involves self-examination, self-work, inner-work, or “spiritual” work. The soul, self and consciousness are symbols to refer to ourselves in different phases of being. There are the abstract polar concepts of a false self and true self, lower self and higher self, inauthentic and authentic self, unreal and real self, etc.  Believing in a religious “afterlife” concept and immortality or reincarnation is pseudo-spiritual to me, because it is belief based, and not based in reality that can be demonstrated in our own living, here and now which actually is what matters.

Snake as a cycle, orobouros, sun symbolism, Ra, Atum, etc. is related to the self-renewal capacity as the sun, whereby we can do the same in self-work, inner psychological work, healing, self-transformation, alchemy. This is the ancient science of sciences, art of arts for artificial construction in reality through our arms and hands (symbolized by the Ka power/spirit). The snake has this wisdom of self-renewal symbolically. This is the deep wisdom of life, here and now, that is part of many symbolic representations.

All important symbolism is a reflection of the same thing, which is ourselves, represented in different ways, different names, symbols, combinations and variations of symbols, feminine and masculine aspects of understanding. They are personifications to represent aspects of understanding reality and ourselves, who we truly are here and now, but through symbolism. This symbolism gets perverted and misunderstood over time, inventing belief to answer questions. The insecurities, doubt, and fear of the unknown that we can imagine, gets us to invent beliefs and concepts to make sense of these new doubts and questions.

Other animals don’t have this fear that is an intellectual higher order consciousness negative that goes along with the positive and gift of higher order consciousness to create and generate into reality in a much greater capacity for good or evil. This is a great responsibility in the end, and a great burden if used improperly. We can invent problems that don’t exist because our ability to fear is greater than other animals, it can last longer, and can also be irrational and not based in reality, but pure imagination within the multiverse subjective reality/unreality of imagination and abstraction we have. Humans are their own worst enemy, in mind/heart of inner consciousness to each one themselves, and all together as a powerful creative force to enslave themselves as a collective.

We humans are generally trying to make a link with what we want to see, creating analogies, correspondences, which is how we form a pattern, and invent concepts based on this imagery in our consciousness. This is like a form of apophenia in some cases where we simply invent and see things that are not there. Why are we not relating all of this symbolism and esoteric imagery back to reality in a way we can demonstrate in our daily lives that matters? Especially considering all the other developed symbolic teachings about self-transformation, the hero’s journey monomyth archetype, and other aspects of self-knowledge, we can more easily understand how narratives are used to encode earlier imagery and symbolism about life.

We seem to always try to make extra connections beyond what we can verify. “Ancient technology!” “Afterlife in another place!” “Immortality in another place!” We are imagination factories, with abstraction engines. We need to get more grounded to verifiables in reality we can know and that does matter, not continued speculations and attachment to beliefs that remove doubt, insecurity, discomfort, and fear of the unknown. People need to learn about what the bare self is, as who you are without the conditioning into falsity, allowed to condition yourself as an accurate reflection of reality and of higher aspirations in truth, love, good, right, morality. These other focuses, on technology, life after physical death, and whatever else that may be true, take away from understanding the pivotal core most important symbolism that underlies it all, about morality and living in the way and path by walking the way and path as it is symbolized through aspects of nature that we use to reference these concepts and understandings.

The nature and reality symbolism is changed over time to represent different beliefs, while always retaining the underlying wisdom that it was created to symbolize in the first place, which are real life matters of morality and living that mattered, not religious concepts and beliefs about the “afterlife” or “reincarnation”. These are religious inventions and exoteric beliefs that take you away from objective morality, as far as I am concerned, because you then become enamored with the feel-good answers provided, and follow rituals of rules of conduct in order to comply with the belief system, afterlife, reincarnation, etc.

The quest to get to the depth of morality and higher order consciousness living, is the most eluded and also most avoided path, which is why it is illusive and cannot be understood as the central focus in life, as the “spirit of man”, the “heart of man”, the “spiritual quintessence”. By our time, after the telephone line of history and transference and change of concepts over time, it is all garbled and veiled under pseudo-spiritual religious beliefs and concepts, by priests, sorcerers and dark occultist controllers, to give people the security they needed to accept certain rules of living. But these rules for life were based in speculation and beliefs, rather than concrete reality through what is in reality we live in.

The controllers took the power of self-knowledge, which is morality, which is real spirituality in reality, higher order consciousness (internal, spiritual) living, as a higher self under higher will, to live in a higher life, and instead led us down the false path and way, into falsity that we also devised for ourselves, accepted fantasy unreality as reality, pleasures and titillations, masking the need and desire for authentic real knowledge. This is the path of falsity into the lower will of beastly, carnal, fleshly, lusting low base consciousness. This is hedonism, Satanism, all about ourselves, concerned with our bodies, our personal life, our enjoyment in life, “my survival”, “my freedom” and “my truth”, but not the greater truth, freedom and survival of all. Everything about the narratives and stories is symbolic imagery, the science of imagery, allegory, metaphor and parables. This science of imagery can be used for good as well as evil, to represent truth or falsity, to free or enslave, towards sovereignty and self-governance or confusion and governing external control over others.

The fallen ones are symbolized as such dualism, as teaching us many distractions as portrayed in the symbolism of the Book of Enoch. The fallen angels fell from the heights of heaven, the kingdom on high, where the most high resides, of higher order consciousness found within the inner kingdom of heaven. They got humans to become distracted in all these other things, such as makeup and jewelry. The god within, to be creator generator of good, not evil, through the inner kingdom of heaven by raising consciousness back from a fallen state into lower consciousness. Falling from grace is falling from the grace of the most high, heaven, inner kingdom of god creator generator of good, towards earthly lower beastly base consciousness and physicality, carnal lustful desires and living, especially superficial appearances (jewelry, makeup, fashion, etc.) and not the true substance of life and living (morality). We are the actual representations of the potential god we can be, not literally, but in metaphor and symbolism.

Call me materialist if you choose. I say that real spirituality is based in reality, not belief or fantasy. The spiritual is only what we have yet to be able to explain as evidenced by the material we see. Pseudo-spiritual is invented fantasy from imagination that doesn’t have a correspondence of observation in reality we live in. I used to have them too, I had many beliefs that others promote as “reality”. There is so-called “spirituality” of your beliefs and speculations and possibilities, which indeed are completely unseen and in your consciousness, and then there is concrete spirituality in our reality of moral living, i.e. spiritual living. Which one is more important?

The only spirituality that matters is morality, not astral travel, remote viewing, channeling, other dimensions, other realms, reincarnation, afterlife, or any beliefs associated with any of those things. Whether they represent reality elsewhere or not, should be of no concern for us where we are in our reality. We have to act in the reality we exist in based on what exists in our reality, and not another reality or potential reality, if it is not simply a subjective reality from our own imaginative powers of inner consciousness.

Spirituality is morality, spiritual is moral, spiritually is morally. That is the real life, to be really alive as a human being, the new afterlife from the previous lower order, carnal, beastly, fleshly, lustful, checkered, amoral consciousness. This is the real deep knowledge that is the most important.

Judge for yourself. You can verify everything I am saying in your own life. Expand your understanding of symbols, language, words and how they are invented to reflect reality and important aspects of living. It is later that abuse of the language through word magic and concepts was able to create enslavement of people in larger communities and centralized authority. We are not the first civilization of advanced proportions in knowledge and understanding of life. There was a factual great flood and ice age. We only have the illusion of a purely linear evolution from alleged “Darwinian evolution” from a primate species, with our current position as the apex of everything that has previously come before in times past. Where did all this ancient knowledge of life come from? Take the decoded analysis I bring you that you can verify, or ignore it and believe all the ancient stories and narratives of symbols about literal things that happened or told literal stories about “spiritual realms and dimensions” of living in an “afterlife” or “reincarnation”, with literally keeping your Ka alive with food, and so many other ridiculous notions invented for ritualistic controlling purposes.

With higher power abstraction in consciousness, comes higher fear, higher questions, higher doubt, higher insecurity, higher discomfort, and higher need for beliefs to be invented to alleviate the dissonance we feel inside from those unanswered questions. Would you need these beliefs if you never thought of the questions that these beliefs are used to answer? No. Imagine any other animal, and they do not have the beliefs and irrational justifications for them to feel secure about abstracted questions about existence and purpose, etc. Higher order consciousness potential is a gift, and also a curse, if not understood, a double-edged sword of consciousness.

Understanding the power of symbols, language and words allows you to understand how they developed and for what reason. The importance of living, existence, how limited life is from birth to death, and how to maximize your time through your attention and awareness, which is where your consciousness is directed, is part of motivation towards higher goals. Understanding ourselves and reality, in harmony, promotes more harmonious actions that automatically produce a maximum potential in our progression in life because we are in line and not conflicting with reality and natural principles of our human nature and existence. The rest of the world, however, may remain in modalities of falsity and act to prevent greater actualization of the right and good. You can view getting what you want in life as some kind of mystical connection, or fantasy magical connection, if you want to believe that then go ahead, it doesn’t really matter. When you align with reality, you are going in accordance with the truth, as the truth is found in reality of what is. Currently, our way of living and our general behaviors are not in accordance with recognizing the truth of reality as it is or as we are willing to accept it, and we are living in falsity, which is not the truth, right or good.

The most important pictographic first level ancient symbolism to represent it all was the Egyptian maat and related symbolism. Maat as a concept was truth, order, justice, law, upright, straightforward, which is good, right, moral, etc. All of the god stories together don’t make sense realistically as a literal tale, because they are not supposed to originally, it’s symbolism on symbolism, layers of symbolism. The Bible has the same basis despite its alterations and manipulation, the core imagery remains that can be seen in many places.

You know why origins matter? To trace back the origins of concepts. Where do all the beliefs come from? The consciousness of humans. Herein lies the source of manipulation and mind control. We are fed and sold beliefs and concepts and we buy into them and gobble them up into our minds, and they go into deep recesses of our subconscious and ingrain themselves as mind viruses, whereby we are all too willing to propagate them on to others as the acceptable and normalized standard of living, or belief. Tracing back beliefs can discover what original language and word symbolism is used for the origin of that belief.

From the abstract lines and curvy lines of our modern letters and characters of communication, the source of these higher abstract symbols of communication is derived in more basic imagery and that of pictographs that related more directly to reality, containing more inherent meaning from less abstraction. Understanding the original imagery and what it conveys about reality, instead of speculative beliefs, will allow us to understand how and why symbols were invented in the first place, which is to convey accurate reflections of reality and ourselves. This is how we can find the truth about ancient knowledge, about our true self ideal, our true nature ideal, our human nature ideal, to live as a higher self ideal according to a higher will of higher order consciousness and ways of living.

Origins also matter to learn from mistakes and not repeat them, which can be predictive, or repetitive if the mistakes are continuously actualized. Secondary experience can prevent us from ever creating evil, or we eventually learn to not create evil from repeating the same mistakes over and over. Secondary experience can be non-fictional, or fictional, it does not matter to convey the narrative and story of a moral lesson. Origin stories are just that, stories. Don’t take them literally, look beyond the exoteric veil.

True Care is Care for Truth. True self is the self of truth. Simple. “God” is said to be Truth. We are meant to live truth, be truth, become truth, aspire to truth. This is maat. “God” is a word symbol. Symbols get altered and made literal, and can provide comfort in new abstract fantasy beliefs constructs.

I can’t prove this, I am not trying to force you to believe it, as nothing in the ancient past can be proven apart from what we have before us now to learn from, which is part of my point. Take the explanation I give you, and take the explanations others give you, and take the story itself, and see if you can actually make sense of it with whoever explains it. Can you reach a level of making sense of things in reality, as opposed to not making sense of these stories and narratives? The only way to make sense of the story narratives is to understand them as symbolism, metaphor and parables. For example, this has even been instructed by Jesus in the Bible. Faith and belief is antipathy to true intelligence. The stories and narratives of the Bible, Egypt and other places do not make much sense until you look at them in the imaginative, creative, metaphorical, allegorical, parabolic and symbolic representation of reality and ourselves.


  • silverpen123

    “Pseudo-spiritual is invented fantasy from imagination that doesn’t have a correspondence of observation in reality we live in.”

    To be sure I’m following this sentence, can you give me a simple example? What do you mean by “correspondence of observation”. Are you referring to experiences that can be verified through observation? Such as “The only spirituality that matters is morality, not astral travel, remote viewing, channeling, other dimensions, other realms, reincarnation, afterlife, or any beliefs associated with any of those things.”

    • Take up any phrase that refers to “spiritual”, and try to see what it means. It varies. It’s a word that can mean many things. The most important meaning, is that of morality. “That person has no ‘soul'” => i.e. immoral. “That person has a good ‘soul'” => i.e. moral. The first general meaning is to consciousness, mind/heart, psyche, whatever that is us as not a body, the emergent aspect from animal biological complexity.

      If you haven’t gone through previous presentations, you won’t get all the info. I have been presenting a lot of info to set the stage for understanding truth vs. belief.

      This post was in April 2015, go back to March 2015 and start at Consciousness and Causality Symbolism Pt.1 and move forward. I would even say, the presentations on Language and Reality Pt.1 is where it started more or less, and even before that with Axioms, Existence, Consciousness and Identity.

      It takes a long time to present information that references reality and everyone can make sense of. I’m trying to teach a foundation for understanding consciousness and existence, that is demonstrable, not fantasy beliefs that people imagine are “true”.

      And morality, is about actions, which are real and observable.

      • silverpen123

        Ok. Thank you. I just wanted to make sure it wasn’t something obvious, possibly something a little more in-depth; something that I hadn’t considered regarding this term “correspondences of observation”. My mind went to thinking that possibly you may be trying to elicit some deep hidden meaning from my consciousness in deep symbologies within all of situations, even the physical things around me. Like you were trying to explain the keys. I try to do that by observing happenings around me and what they could be revealing to me. Many times people say things in writing and I think, are they talking about the same thing I’m doing? Or is it something I hadn’t considered or see? So I gotta ask for clarification.

        I’m aware of the difference between truth vs belief. I check myself all the time for “is this true?” or my belief. If it’s painful, there’s probably a belief or lie inside. It becomes obvious after a while. Somehow the answer of where the information came from doesn’t show up nor match anything but fantasies, wishful thinking, or to simply feel better, to soothe an inner theme. I see when emotions are the gauge, not the point, it’s lower thinking, immature. The windy road of belief in one’s mind becomes a point of contention and complex. Another way to know is ask them to recall a situation where I was the witness to the facts, and their memory of emotions reigns as opposed to the facts of what happened. The story is convoluted. The mind couldn’t notice, couldn’t listen, or recall much (if not totally fabricated) except to justify their own painful (usually victim mentality) ideas – and I, or someone else, are magically the cause of their own scenario. Another is when people will tell me what I think, do, or feel instead of letting me speak for myself, or allow others speak for themselves.

        I’m aware when rules from others are ridiculous and then expect me to play the “leave your brain at the door” game. The one I really struggle making peace with is corporate jobs to survive. How do you survive on jobs that pay decent but attack your integrity like a machine gun? Or how do you make a survivable living on menial pay when the job conditions happen to be doable? No win situation. I could go into great detail of these but I’ll save time. I think you know. It’s a Lord of the Flies mentality.

        I see a world steeped in painful beliefs all around me. God forbid anyone say the truth and facts that make sense to reveal the flaws.

        I know there’s more, but is that the same track you’re on with belief vs truth? I prefer the truth, plain, simple and straight. But when someone dedicates several articles to something I’m familiar with, I gotta wonder if what is being written is more than I considered or already relating to. Just making sure.

        Thanks for the Archive link. I was looking for something like that. Duh on me for not using the word “archive” in the search box.

        • silverpen123

          Correction to 2nd paragraph, sentence 6: I see when people DON’T use emotions as the gauge, instead as the main point, it’s lower thinking, immature.

    • I forgot to mention an important point. Can someone simply say “I am spiritual”? Aren’t there criteria? What are they?

      Can someone be “spiritual” while being rapist, or murderer? No. What value does being “spiritual” give anything when someone is immoral and “spiritual”? It’s idiotic. The highest “spiritual” definition has to do with morality. That’s the purpose of our lives, to evolve and morally transcend into super humans of peace and prosperity 🙂

      • silverpen123

        Immoral…unkind, selfish, ignorant, even if they don’t say they are spiritual but touting new age spirituality (see your aura, raise your kundalini, blah blah blah). Reminds me of this verse in the bible: If I speak in the tongues of men or of angels, but do not have love, I am only a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal.

        In addition to truth vs belief, there’s one method I found that gets to the core of any beliefs and helps to reveal the truth, provided you want to know the Truth. Beliefs are at the core of all misery and unconsciousness. The Work, by Byron Katie. It’s a good basic starting method until one can see and question themselves and all that’s around them. Rule of thumb: if it’s painful then you are believing something that isn’t true.

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