Infatuated and Blinded by the New, Novelty

We want beauty, not horror. We seek beauty as a representation of truth and goodness in nature, and in many misguided artificial attempts at creating so-called “beauty” in our attachment to the pleasure trap. Many people do not want to see reality as it is, to then empower themselves with accurate perceptions instead of remaining disempowered through illusions. Refusal to learn about evil, the horrors, the negative, in the world and in ourselves, will keep us disempowered. Knowledge is a force for change.

We are blinded from looking at the current/old behavior, our habits, by the attractive infatuation with the novel new things we can create and do. This our consumer progress culture, from buying things to watching new things and even “truthers” who only want “new” information, something intriguing and fantastic…

We have a fixation on having new stuff, new information to keep us entertained and interested, to keep us titillated and in wonderment. We don’t want to look at our current existing behavior and face ourselves in the mirror honestly. No. Just keep chasing new novelty in the mind and don’t learn from our mistakes by facing ourselves in the mirror. Don’t you want to improve your current condition by fixing the errors and mistakes we are currently continuing to engage in? “NO! I want more new things, now, live in the now, don’t look at the past or myself in the mirror! I don’t want to do the hard work of actually changing myself, that requires effort, staying where I am is comfortable.”

People’s standard conception of evolution (a new being, etc.) and progress is tied to their attachment to the “new” things, novelty, creating new and allegedly “better” things, and they think this invention of new things is progress. Over and over there is the recurring pattern of the infatuation with new/novelty over the correction and facing of old/current issues. This creates ignorance and blindness to ourselves, who we are choosing to be. People don’t even see reality or themselves accurately, and think they know where they are going in life… They don’t see the hamster wheel, which is chasing the new, progress, etc.,while ignoring the current habit. And that is also tied to the seeking of pleasure and avoiding pain. People will seek the new easy things that numb them, excite them, pleasure them, distract them, entertain them, etc., this is the pleasure, and the avoid the pain part of the negative in themselves and others, those negative things that upset them about themselves or about others, that create conflict, tension and pressure on their false bubble of reality.

Cognitive dissonance is like trying to keep the bubble of unreality from popping. You output more bubbles of bullshit falsity to compensate for the truth that is “hurting” you, trying to keep your bubble shell hardened and capable of enduring the onslaught of reality. Reality is colliding with your unreality, and it “hurts”. You feel something. It’s an “offense” (from ob “against” + -fendere “to strike”). It’s an “insult” (from in- “on, at” + salire “to leap”). The truth of reality is striking against and leaping onto your unreality, and attacking it. Truth is the sword. That is the inherent nature of Truth vs. falsity. This “hurts”. This is the judgment we bring against ourselves. This is all Natural Law. When you speak Truth, people will be taken away from their illusion of positivity and stability, into pressure, conflict, tension and controversy about their worldview and self-image. The Truth is attacking their understanding of reality. All of these so-called “negatives” that one experiences from cognitive dissonance are intended as guiding signals, as in a compass, that will direct you towards what needs to be understood more. These “negatives” are the opportunity to learn, they can teach. We judge, offend and insult ourselves in most cases, humbled before Truth, being shown our errors if we are willing to see.

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Infatuation with Ideas and Images
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