My “Freedom” and My “Truth”

People say they want freedom. What they are actually saying is they want the freedom to do what they want to do. They want the freedom to pursue distractions, appearances, pleasures, enjoyment, etc. “My personal freedom, who cares about TRUE FREEDOM.”

People say they want truth. What they are actually saying is they want the truth that allows them to do what they want to do. They want the truth that brings them comfort and convenience. “My personal truth, who cares about TRUTH.”

People are not interested in what is right, good and true for all, only for themselves. The current “Truth and Freedom” alternative media movement is largely all about “my freedom” and “my truth” of each one’s personal inclinations and desires. People are not interested in the courageous responsibility of true freedom and peace, only being responsible for the freedom of their little bubbles of reality, with many expectations of entitlements for their particular position in the system.

The social strata of the system promotes an infatuation, affection, attachment, desire, want, wish, expectation and entitlement to have the wealth and luxury that others have. We want to have more than what we have, because by comparison, others have more, and we feel entitled to have the same amount as them. We want to have the same level of comfort, convenience and opulent status symbols in our lives as well, and maybe more so that we can have the illusory sense of “being better” because we “have more” useless crap in our lives. We then work within the system in the hopes of climbing the ladder, and instead of being servants, we seek to be served upon ourselves. This is how the slavery is perpetuated by willing servants. Instead of gaining anything important like true freedom, we willingly join as indentured servants, happy in our servitude and enslavement in the system of co-dependence, ensuring that we remain in place, in our chains, and unable to effectuate any real, lasting, true change.

We can develop the courage to learn to let go of attachment to illusions and truly begin to free ourselves from these chains. Look at Truth and Freedom beyond your own personal life and bubble of reality to encompass a larger field of care, compassion, empathy, conscience and morality. Develop those deadened and undeveloped capacities in you. That is the only way to get the True Freedom and Peace we all want. Learn to identify and connect with more sentient animate beings than just your family, clan, community, town, city, province, country, culture, race, or even species. All animals have feelings and a consciousness with the desire to live and be free.

My “Freedom” and My “Truth”