Ignoring Thinking

People do not really seem to want to think much. But, they sure do seem to want to feel much, feel-good that is. Satisfying a focus on emotional desires overrides the capacity to think and act properly, as they become secondary to the emotional influence. This is especially so for those who do not have a concern with thinking, and consciously focus on feeling as primary in importance, such as many New Agers do.

It seems the way of living and actions taken by many are based on a focus for gratifications, feeling-good, pleasure, happiness, comfort, convenience, and not based on a focus for right over wrong, truth and morality. People are so desperate to feel-good, they psychologically run away from comparisons to their behavior being anything other than “good” or “right”, despite what the appearance to the contrary is when they “argue” about their denial and ignorance.

The world is obsessed with positivity masks, and ignores the substantive negative that needs to be known and addressed. With such a focus overall, people then become fakers, positivity maskers, hiding behind self-imaginal, self-conceptual and self-expressive descriptors of themselves as being full of “love”, “light”, “all”, “one”, “compassion”, “kindness”, “care” and other concepts to make themselves feel good/important/special (feeling again), while they denounce attempts to see a negative for what it is. They will never reach true expressions of the above, as they hide from reality. In order to heal and evolve, we need to face reality and feel reality, not hide from it in willful ignorance of emotional bliss. Feel the pain, the hurt, the evil ,the horror, the darkness. Feel reality, see the negative, think, process.

Truth, morality and honesty and not sought after by the psychologically, intellectually and emotionally weak. They are also “spiritually” weak, because spirituality is morality. The polarized focus on emotions, and on feeling-good, pleasure, etc., will create an aversion to the negative, preventing honest appraisal of many things existing as a negative, darkness, demon, shadow or evil, let alone an honest appraisal of themselves.

Some people are so attached to the positivity mask that they have created for themselves, that they are in a way afraid to think more critically. If they do so, they remove themselves from their attachment to the positivity mask of living, losing their emotional blanket of comfort from ignorance that basks them in the bliss of ignorance and illusory “love”, “oneness”, “peace”, etc., that they associate with positive ways of living. Thinking about reality, as it is, makes you face reality, as it is. Many people do not want to do that, they want to live in a fantasy dream state of living in blissful ignorance.

Consciousness is a double edged sword. You are your own worst enemy for the most part. Stop fooling yourself with blind attachment to the positive, pleasure, comfort, convenience, feeling-good. Think and feel reality as it is.

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