Thinking, Reality

  • Jayarava’s Raves (highly recommended)
    • An Argumentative Theory of Reason
    • Body Metaphors
    • Communicating the Dharma
    • Facts and Feelings
    • Heart Sutra Syntax
    • Image Schemas, Metaphor, and Thought
    • Metaphors and Materialism
    • On Credulity
    • Origins of Myth  The Other Evidence
    • Reality. Again
    • Reasoning and Beliefs
    • Reflections on living things
    • Spiritual I The Life’s Breath
    • Spiritual II Frames
    • Spiritual III Demesnes of Power
    • The Complex Phenomenon of Religion
    • The Four Noble Truths
    • The Myths of Religion and Being Bauddha
    • What can the Turing Test Tell Us

    Dispelling Karma Belief

    • A Moral Universe
    • A Taxonomy of Afterlife Beliefs
    • Ātman, Ego, and Rebirth
    • Buddhism and the Observer Effect in Quantum Mechanics
    • Critiquing Buddhist Karma
    • Erwin Schrödinger Didn’t Have a Cat
    • How Buddhist Rebirth Changes Over Time
    • How the Doctrine of Kamma Changes Over Time
    • Moral Metaphors
    • Not Two Truths
    • Origin of the Idea of the Soul
    • Possible History for the Buddhist Idea of Karma
    • Rebirth and the Scientific Method
    • Rebirth Eschatologies
    • Rebirth is Neither Plausible nor Salient
    • Sarvāstivāda Approach to the Problem of Action at a Temporal Distance
    • The Abyss of Death
    • The Logic of Karma
    • There is No Life After Death, Sorry
    • Vitalism – The Philosophy That Wouldn’t Die
    • What is Consciousness
    • What is Consciousness Anyway
    • What is Moral
    • Why Are Karma and Rebirth (Still) Plausible (for Many People) Part I of II
    • Why Are Karma and Rebirth (Still) Plausible (for Many People) Part II
  • Objectivism 101 (recommended)
  • Importance of Philosophy (recommended)
  • Critical Thinking





Morality – Moral Law

Consciousness – Thinking – Knowledge

Food Forest – Vegan Permaculture – New Way



Consciousness, Identity & Morality

Vegan, Morality & Animal Connection