Survival, Choice and Morality

Imagine 3 exaggerated “survival” scenarios to illustrate a point:

  1. Stuck on an island with only humans, no other animals. You can only eat other humans.
  2. Stuck on an island with only nonhuman animals. You can only eat other animals.
  3. Stuck on an island with only plants, no animals. You can only eat plants.



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Of these 3 survival scenarios, which is most immoral, and which is least immoral?
Plants are not animals. You can choose to do anything. A choice does not equate to morality. Someone’s right to live their life (all animals) has precedence over our imagined “need” to take what belongs to others. Greed. Psychopathy. Predatory Domination.

Just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you should, must, need, etc. These are basics of morality for higher order consciousness causal agents. If you fail to recognize this, you will never understand objective morality.

Choice, or survival, does not dictate morality.

When you put morality first in your life, as the real most important capital, then morality is your choice, morality is your means of survival.

What matters most is what actually happened that you are responsible for. Intent matters in some respect, whether you know what you are doing, or wanted to do what resulted, but less than what actually happened, what actually manifested into reality. The road to hell is paved with “good intentions”. There is no escape from the effect you created and the consequences it created for others, and also for yourself. Cause and Effect is the Prime Ratio, 1:1.

Divergence from moral alignment is a choice. Failure to recognize the choice is no excuse for engagement in an action. We can learn about the Natural Moral Laws of the consequences to our behavior, to know Right-Action from wrong-action, through interaction with other human animals and their behavior, along with interaction with other animals and their behavior. Our thought is very powerful, but is deadened to a large degree in most individuals. It needs to be harnessed with use. Calculate all the time you work, sleep, cook, watch TV, take care of others, etc. and you will see that your average 70 years of life only leaves you with 15 years to learn and think, and that is if you are actually thinking properly and learning properly, which most people have a hard time doing, but theĀ  tools of learning (Trivium) can help ameliorate this issue. How much of those 15 years are you using to seek Truth and Morality? I have increased my number by a year or two maybe by not working much or having the “standard” life people have, but I have not used it previously as I currently do. Time is precious. Be careful where you spend it, and what you pay attention to. Evolving consciousness is relative to time and attention spent on learning about quality knowledge. Truth takes time, unfortunately, due to the tangled web of information that overloads most peoples capacity to sift through and discern accurately. Such is a burden of seeking Truth.

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