Higher Self and Lower Self – Self-Knowledge Barriers Pt.5

This is a look at the qualities of the Higher Self, compared to the lower self that is trapped in the fantasy of illusions, deceptions and lies that we falsely base our sense of self upon and construct our ego-personality-identity around.



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Who are we truly?

Unless we understand who we really are, we are going to remain largely powerless to make any lasting effective positive change. We have to understand what separates each of us from the higher aspects of the True Self.

Qualities of the Higher Self

Attaining self-knowledge, self-realization and self-actualization is having come online and connected with higher levels of consciousness. It is breaking out of the mind control that keeps us in the lower vibratory state of mind and consciousness. The mind is the bridge between the body and spirit. The mind or consciousness is what comes closest to spirit.

The Higher Self is non-dual in that it is only an expression of good. There is no evil existent at the highest frequency level of consciousness. Spirit is goodness, God is goodness, etc., and there is no evil present. It may not be clear yet, but by the end of the article you should understand the relation between what is right, good and true, and the Higher Self, Spirit, etc. When we align, harmonize, unite, integrate and connect with the Higher Self, then we also have a higher level of alignment with Truth and expansion of consciousness. The more we and others expand and Evolve Consciousness, the less there will be of lies, deceptions and illusions for us to be attached to and divide us.

The Higher Self exists in a domain of no separation. It is not the domain or realm of the physical reality. At a fundamental level, we are all made of the same thing (micro quantum domain of energy). At our macro level there is separation, but we should not let that separation become an obsession to the point of dominating and controlling other beings. At our macro level we all have interconnectedness. The poisonous ideologies of separation through illusions that bring harm to others, are a symptom of not recognizing this interconnectedness and how we should treat other sentient beings. This is external non-duality of not letting the separation control our recognition of our connectivity. External non-duality is not the same as internal non-duality, and they both differ from the non-duality of the Higher Self or Spirit. Blindly applying blanket definitions across all scales is not accurate. Non-duality is not simply a one-fits-all definition. The dualistic framework to provide us with an understanding, is constructed with different properties and characteristic at these different levels. The article on Degrees of Relativity explains some aspects of constructing dualistic frameworks.

A sovereign, self-actualized, self-realized, etc. being has aligned, harmonized and united their thoughts, emotions and actions as one. The three expressions of consciousness are non-contradictory, non-oppositional, consistent, coherent, integrated, etc. As we think, so we feel, and so we act. Thought and emotions are non-dual; knowing what is right is integrated with feeling what is right. Oppositional (Shatan) consciousness can have those two expressions in opposition, or they can be united and integrated but the action taken does not reflect the harmony of knowing and feeling what is right. Our actions betray what we know and feel to be right, betraying our minds and hearts. We choose to go against what is right, good and true because of some reason, excuse or justification. We are torn from within. We are not at one with ourselves, nor are we at one with the Higher Self .

A true sovereign is a ruler of the kingdom of self. It is self-control over one’s own thoughts, emotions and actions. We are the operators of our physical vessel and we ultimately control what we think, feel and do. Uniting, harmonizing and integrating the tree aspects of consciousness will allow us to manifest at greater levels.

True freedom is the absence of self-created, self-imposed and self-inflicted suffering by one’s refusal to live in harmony with Natural Law principles. The True Self understands what true freedom is. The True Self works towards this goal of the great work, to achieve true freedom at all levels, not some foolish idea that the body doesn’t matter and only freedom of mind is required. Acceptance of this ideology kills the Sacred Masculine principle of self-defense, whereby you stand down to slavery and do not take right-action in the physical world.

True freedom is freedom of the body, mind and spirit, not any New Age pseudo-spiritual nonsense of renouncing the body to focus on the spiritual. True Self recognizes the interlinking necessity of the body, mind and spirit. To negate the importance of the body and the physical is the same as negating the importance of the soul or spirit, or outright denial that there is a spiritual domain/realm to our existence. Both of these negations are rooted in a hemispherical brain imbalance.

True freedom comes about when we truly connect with the Higher Self. The spiritual Higher Self can never buy into the bullshit we do on the plane of existence we operate in. Dark occultists are required to work on the realm of mind in order to physically enslave us, because overt physical enslavement does not work. We have to buy into what they sell and choose to live the lies, deceptions and illusions on our own. That is how modern enslavement functions.

A sovereign, self-actualized and self-realized being has not only aligned, harmonized and united their thoughts, emotions and actions, but has also integrated, harmonized, united and aligned the trinity-as-one expressions of consciousness with what is right, good and true, which is Natural Law, Higher Will, Higher Self, Spirit, God, etc. Doing so will free us at the mental and physical levels from continuing to collectively co-create self-inflicted suffering. This is not individual non-attainment of personal desires that people view as “suffering”, or the generalized extreme of “physical life is suffering.” This is suffering that we all share on space-ship Earth, as we are all in this together. This is the suffering of remaining attached to the lies, deceptions and illusions that prevents us from discovering, recognizing, acknowledging and aligning with Natural Law, to no longer overstep the boundaries of what we have a right to do.

A true self-realized being embodies, becomes, aligns and unites with aspects or values of the Higher Will and works to influence others to do the same. Mark Passio has referred to this type of person as a “Magician”. A “Sorcerer” is one who influences others to comply with their own selfish egoic will, which is what the dominators and controllers are doing. The Higher Will/Self/Natural Law is the underlying intelligent principle that attempts to guide us in the right direction towards higher levels of expression. This is evolution in consciousness. The Higher Will seeks to help us improve, better, change, heal, and grow, learn and mature. The guidelines of Natural Law are there to help us move towards evolution in higher consciousness.

A “Magician” practices alchemy (science and art of self-transformation) to attempt to help others move into harmony with Higher Will/Natural Law. No one can do this transformative work for anyone else, but we can be an influence to assist in developing an understanding. We can understand and align with Natural Law principles and help others do the same, by elaborating on the techniques we have used, by speaking the truth and letting them know we are the ones who can change our current condition. The more people embark on the True Great Work, the easier it will be. As it stands, there are few who embody this unity consciousness and are taking what they know to other people. Many people are convinced there is no truth, no morality, no Natural Law governing our behavior, and believe in the legitimacy of man’s authority, i.e. slavery. We have a long road ahead of us.

The True Great Work starts with learning, understanding and aligning, harmonizing, integrating, etc. the higher Will/Self/Natural Law with our own individuated being. The next step of the True Great Work is to influence other minds that are at a lower level of consciousness by extending a helping hand to bring them up to a higher level of understanding. The person being assisted is the one who needs to develop the Care and Will to take the necessary steps towards self-knowledge themselves. The spark of Care, of inquiry and curiosity into the Truth has to come from them. They have to want to change, better, improve and heal themselves. The spark is currently so small or extinguished in many people.

Many believe there is no room for improvement from where they currently are. They believe they know all they need to know. They believe they don’t need to learn more. They believe they are perfect the way they are and no change is required. There is always room for improvement, every day, if we have the desire and develop the will to do so. Even if you think your life is perfect, and there is no need to learn anything or improve anything, you are wrong and you are stuck in ego attachment to false beliefs. It reinforces your self-image, self-concept and self-perception that you are doing “good” and “right” with your life. That is just a comfortable thing to tell yourself in order for you to “feel-good” about your current condition and continue to accept it as is. “Look how great things are, don’t I feel so great about myself, I live in a perfect life, nothing needs to change, isn’t it so wonderful!”

Ignorance and apathy is the main reason for our current situation, the main reason why people do not see or understand what is going on. The old “I don’t know, and I don’t care.”

Another quality of the Higher Self is the concern with the alleviation of suffering for all, not just one individuated unit of consciousness. We do not want ourselves to suffer, but the greater realization is that as long as any being suffers, we all suffer, because of our interconnectedness. If one experiences suffering to some degree, we all suffer to some degree.

We are connected. Connect comes from the Latin con: together, and nectare: bind. We are bound together. The only way out of this mess we collectively experience isto  change ourselves and reach enough people to have them understand the path we are taking is leading us over a cliff. Those who do not understand Natural Law principles, or are trapped in ego, are not connected at this level.

The Higher Self understands that experiences manifested in reality are a combination of the deterministic principle which is Natural Law, in combination with the free will to live in harmony with those principles, or to reject them. Natural law is not a controlling mechanism, but is there for our total freedom. Embracing that which we truly are as the Higher Self, is embracing the Higher Will and Natural Law, which is what is morally right, good and true. Rejection of Natural Law is rejecting what we are, our Higher Self. The attachment to false beliefs and illusions we base our ego-personality-identity constructs upon, has us believing that we, or groups of individuals, are the law. The calcified ego wants to be the authority, it wants to be “God”. Some people are so disconnected that they think they are “God”.

A sovereign, self-realized being, aligned and united with aspects of the Higher Self, uses the mind in conjunction with the body to make use of all of the individuals faculties. The being holistically unites the mind, body and spirit. Holistic care develops when connection and alignment with the true Higher Self is present. The mind, heart and guts are represented by the symbolism of the third eye chakra, the heart chakra and the solar plexus chakra, and when activated become true intelligence, true care, and true courage or true willpower. These are the three components within us that we need to develop in order to affect positive change. Succumbing to ignorance (lack of intelligence), apathy (lack of care), cowardice (lack of courage) and laziness (lack of will), will not result in any change for the better.

The True Self, being what is right, good and true, encourages the destructive process of Truth, in shattering, destroying and breaking down the lies, deceptions and illusions of institutionalized belief systems. Erroneous belief systems are all forms of mind control. They exist to control the thought patterns of any adherent, such that the meme or ideology that they represent is protected and perpetuated by having behaviors and actions manifested into reality that are based on those erroneous belief systems.

The extent to which we are connected, or not connected, with the Higher Self determines the extent to which we are identified with and working in institutionalized belief systems. Most people cannot handle hearing this. They want to be told what they want to hear in order to make them “feel-good” about themselves, their choices and current condition in life. This is especially true for the “New Agers” who already believe themselves to be connected to the Higher Self. They want to hear how they are a good person no matter what they do. They do not want to hear, that although they do some good on some level, they are ultimately participating in and perpetuating an institution of control.

Institutions are by definition hierarchically structured and compartmentalized. Then the people do their job without knowing what other people’s job is, and not have a holistic picture of the true machinations of what an institution does. Financial institutions, scientific research institutions, government institutions, religious institutions, “security” institutions, media institutions, educational institutions, corporate institutions, and so-called healthcare institutions, are all structured to have ranks. They are about control and subservience, control of those below and subservience to those above. Institutionalized belief systems perpetuate the force of fear. At some time, someone or a group of people were in fear of something, they needed to do something about it, and they proposed the solution of a monolithic structure that will control a certain aspect of reality. That decision-making process is based in fear.

The True Self will seek to break down the walls, barriers and structures that divide us and keep us chained in fear and lower levels of consciousness in an effort to have us create a connection with our truer potential.


The lower self

The calcified ego-personality-identity construct is trapped in identification with the roles that it plays. It does not recognize the actual interconnectedness with our reality. It only looks at the physical and sees everything as completely separate. A left brain imbalance leads one to believe we are completely separate, and everything operates like a machine, and there is no underlying consciousness involved. A right brain imbalance engenders a belief in no free will over what is happening, and nothing can change because God is in control of everything. Both worldviews reflect a calcified ego in internal confusion due to lack of understanding Truth.

Many people say they have morals, but when push comes to shove, they do not have true morals and are only concerned with their own lower self level of comfort or their immediate family. Many people also have no concern and do not care about being connected with the qualities of true intelligence, true care, true courage and true will. These qualities are insignificant for someone trapped in ego identification. They have most likely no idea what these terms mean. Many people also have not even heard of the word consciousness. They are concerned with their physical survival and daily operations in life. Consciousness and spiritual concepts have no significance for them. “What is happening to other people is happening to them and not me, all I need to worry about is my own comfort and my own survival and those of my family and others close to me.” This is a person trapped in illusion, believing in fantasy, and buying into lies about who they really are.

Know thyself. Someone trapped in the various illusions that others have constructed is under mind control and has no true concept of the True Self, Higher Self, Higher Will and Natural Law. Knowing the self in the mystery school traditions, was to know who you are at a higher level of self-knowledge, but also to understand self-knowledge of our psychology and physiology, how energy works throughout the body, and how to take care of the vessel that hosts our consciousness.

Mind control is everywhere on the planet. To come out of mind control is marvelous, magnificent and miraculous, and should not be understated. Much credit is deserved to everyone who has come out of this lower modality of consciousness and has bettered, improved, changed and raised themselves to higher levels of being in alignment with the rightness, goodness and truth of Natural Law.

The lower self cannot envision true freedom from within its calcified state. There are people who are interested in more control. They may want to have more money or more of something else, so that once they have that something; they can do the thing they want to do. Money is not the solution. Money is mind control. Those trapped in a left brain imbalance have a propensity to gather information and understand concepts that others don’t, and then use that information for selfish reasons to influence and manipulate people into doing what they want them to do, such as to buy a particular product. There is information and techniques of influence to further their agenda and their lower self-serving egoic will.

As long as a calcified ego is getting what it wants from an institutional belief system, it doesn’t care what happens to others a result of the perpetuation of that system. “Someone else is suffering as a result of what the institution does, but that is not me, so I don’t care.” Many people in the freedom movement do not have a higher level of consciousness than this yet. They say they want true freedom, but are doing something that is helping to create and perpetuate the opposite dynamic of what they profess they want to manifest, because they are still working amongst institutions and corporations.

Not many people want to hear this, not many people can handle hearing this. The truth can be uncomfortable, harsh and ugly. Once we come out of the corner we have wedged ourselves into we will notice the truth is not horrifying, depressing or negative, but is actually uplifting and empowering. The truth in its entire splendor, beauty and horror, positive and negative, is there for the self-betterment of our lower self. If we get connected and align to the Higher Self, then the lower self will improve its condition by understanding and coming into harmony with higher levels of conscious expression.

Our task is to understand how things fit together so that we come to a level of consciousness where we can be of help and service to others. We can all fall prey to hating what many people do in this world. We can try to help them reach a connection with the True Self and help transmute their behaviors by our Care for them to become their truer selves.

When we understand that our truer self comes into being with greater degrees of alignment with the Higher Self, Higher Will, Natural Law, Spirit, God, Love, etc., we understand that it is becoming, embodying and uniting with rightness, goodness and truth. The Higher Self is goodness, rightness and truth. This all comes down to Truth. Truth is what is the most important to reach anything good, prosperous, beneficial, uplifting, etc. Just as we can align our perceptions with reality to understand more, the same can be done to align ourselves with the Higher Self, Higher Will, Natural Law, and that is what is right, good and true.

Here is the part people will really not want to hear. When someone speaks the truth to you that you may not want to hear, which may be uncomfortable, hurtful, harsh, unpleasant, etc., and you feel insulted, offended, guilty, shameful, etc., this is necessary for your positive development towards alignment with Higher Self, with what is right, good and TRUE! These emotions are your compass in life giving you a signal that you need to pay attention to. It is a warning of something not right. Something may be not right with the world that you don’t want to face, or a part of yourself you don’t want to face.

Alignment with truth requires truth! The person speaking truth is speaking truth, not lies. The insult, offense, shame, guilt, etc. that you feel is generated by yourself. In your refusal to align with Truth, you have aligned with falsity, lies, deceptions and illusions. When you refuse Truth, you refuse the Higher Self, Higher Will, Natural Law, Spirit, God, Love, etc., you insult yourself! The causal factor for why you are feeling what you are feeling is because you previously refused truth, accepted lies, and are living, being and embodying what is not true. You insult yourself by aligning with untruth. So the next time you get mad at someone for speaking a truth you don’t want to hear, take some introspection time and try to figure out why (the actual root causal factor) those feelings are being generated. The finger needs to point inward.

A question to ask ourselves is: how much do I value Truth in my life?

Information sourced from What on Earth is Happening #011 that I developed upon.