Quality Truth and Distractions

Quality Truth is not about some specific branch of scientific knowledge, or how to build a car or computer. Quality Truth is about substantive reality, about Morality, how we live our lives. The real quality truth is all that is actually required to create True Freedom and Peace. Additional knowledge of reality to artificially manipulate and create new objects is valuable, but can also become distractions that lead one astray from the real capital, most important thing: Truth and Morality, both of the actual current conditions (Truth Level 1) and of the potential actuality we can create, what ought to be (Truth Level 2). The new path to “capital” becomes these invented goods and services that people exchange for greater convenience and comfort.

Distractions are used to not notice things. Distractions are used to not notice pain for example. We can be made to ignore and be unaware of pain.  This avoidance and ignorance of pain and the negative creates a false positive, and maybe even false pleasure to mask the pain. This applies physically, and psychologically, intellectually, emotionally, spiritually, etc. The distractions all around, the low quality information, is all to divert time and attention, our spiritual currency, from being used effectively to remove ourselves from pain that we are distracted from truly seeing or experiencing. We are numbed to the pain of the false reality we live in, just as we are numbed to the pain we can experience by focusing consciousness on another object and distracting the pain away. All of the distractions in our society are there to prevent people from seeing what is happening. The pain and suffering is always there at a subconscious level, but imperceptible to the conscious mind immersed in the distractions of the current way of living. We allow it and create it all ourselves, in the aggregate co-creation of our combined actions.

This is the purpose of gradual implementation and changes, to make the agenda (conspiracies) unseen, to have people become a part of the negative and continue to create it into existence. To have all of these negative symptoms, problems and effects manifest while not seeing the underlying root causal factors that created it all. The pain and suffering is self-inflected in this way. The agenda continues while we are lost and confused in the myriad of distractions. People have a hard time processing large slow moving causal relations (gradualism) and seeing the eventual necessary results that will come about. They can’t see the bigger picture because they are kept focusing on their personal lives, the hamster wheel, the pursuit of happiness, pleasure gratification, enjoyment, career, survival, distractions, entertainment, etc. People also have positivity/optimism bias, that has them thinking sunshine and rainbows will still be around the corner, look on the brighter side, etc. to dismiss, deny, avoid, reject or ignore the problems, symptoms and effects that are negative. We numb ourselves to the pain and negative through cognitive dissonance. The popular information disseminated is confusing and creates uncertainty, another component that prevents people from accurately understanding reality and gaging their behavior objectively. They prefer not to think and process all the conflicting information and make sense of it all. It’s easier to simply go along and get along, go with the flow, ride the wave, etc. of the social constructs and way of living.

Conformity to the “natural” social setting is not acceptable when the setting is that of falsity. People get into counter cultural memes in order to escape the conscious or subconscious recognition of the false constructs that pervade existing society and culture. A divergence from the social conformity is often required to remove oneself from the falsity and find the truth. When our environment is reflective of Truth and Morality, conformity is indeed more desired, because it is conformity to Truth, instead of falsity. Conformity to Truth and Morality is the point. If someone diverges from the conformity in an environment reflective of Truth and Morality, towards a counter culture of falsity, then there is concern that this counter culture is leading them away from Truth and Morality. But this is not the social environment we live in. To lead away from social conformity and integration can be a concern, but it can also be the new environmental conditions required to liberate the mind from the impositions and conventions our social survival environment conditions us with — from school, parents and integrating in relationships with others to progress in society and survive.

The quality truth is not found in the establishment institutions, nor in the indoctrination most of our parents parrot from media and society. Solitude, time to reflect, introspect, contemplate, putting your attention on things that matter more. The daily bombardment of easy-to-access distractions and entertainment that drains away our currency of time, not helping us evolve consciousness, keeping us from seeing reality for ourselves, is not the optimal choice for attention paying and time spending. This low quality info and distractions are a subtle projection of unreality into our understanding of reality we perceive with our senses, in order to have us believe the reality of the world functions a certain way, when it does not. Fiction plays an important part in creating a narrative of pseudo-reality for us to accept.

Removal from this daily information input to conform allows the possibility to release the grip of control on our ways of thinking about reality. A simplification of life can also do similar, by removing the distraction and barrage of mind control to conform to the social program for survival. This allows for the potential to remove oneself from the false way of living towards more authentic ways of living. It does not necessarily guarantee it, nor will it go very far on its own, this simplification of ways of living.

A Care for Truth and Morality must be developed. Simplification alone, nature alone, removal of distractions alone, is not enough to get anywhere real, True Care is required, knowledge of reality is required. Care for Truth will eventually lead to those innate intuitive knowings to simplify life, reduce our harm, stop wasting time on TV, etc. But those things are not the solution themselves. Care for Truth is. Care for Truth will direct us to proper, correct, accurate, optimal and effective uses of our time and attention to serve our most important capital: Truth and Morality. This service will bring about the End of All Evil.

Greater complexity does not necessarily mean progression in evolution for the better. Over-complexity in explanation can confuse people who do not have prerequisite knowledge, just as over-simplicity can confuse those who do not have prerequisite knowledge. The complexity of the human social construct is a confusion infusion barrier that prevents accurate conception and navigation of reality. The simplification of life with less attachment to artificial constructs will allow one to live more in the ways of the authentic true self, more so than living in artificial constructs everywhere around. The more one is away from the distractions of the artificial complexity and its impositions, the more one can potentially allow the false self to fade away, to let the incessant programming and conditioning (the impositions and social requirements to integrate and survive) to no longer be bombarded onto the conscious and subconscious mind.

Green nature has potential to free one from the artificial construct of falsity. The road to Truth must be embarked upon though, or nature can simply become another infatuation. It becomes an infatuation as some ideal perfect place to live and be free from the crap of false society and civilization, to just escape in that infatuation with nature and “Fuck the world! I will run away to survive and be free”, in delusional “my truth”, “my freedom”, “my survival”. To include Natural Laws, we are meant to live through what we created and continue to create, in order to motivate us to change it, rather than run away to some “prefect” place to live while everything burns around us. That is owning up to personal responsibility and service to Truth. Going off to one clean section of the cart as it rides toward a cliff isn’t going to save you. That is only running away from personal responsibility and service to Truth, like a coward.

Quality Truth is about knowledge of reality that will empower us to change the current condition of slavery and evil, from the ground up, from the roots to the leaves, from the root causal core foundational factors. Truth and Morality is this key to real change. Truth and Morality is the force to create True Freedom and Peace. That is how we empower ourselves to really change things for the better.