Dualistic Conceptual Framework and the Frequency of Truth

Frequency of Truth

An explanation of what I term the Dualistic Conceptual Framework for perceiving, conceiving, understanding, and navigating reality, and how it relates to the frequency of our perceptions and consciousness.


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Frequency of Truth, Love, Good

Frequency of Truth, Love, Good

Frequency of Truth, Love, Good

Frequency of Truth, Love, Good


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Truth is Love. Love is Truth. Truth unites. Lies divide. Embrace Truth. Care for Truth.

Youtube source link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2_eNN-HLAX0


  • I have been struggling with all of this talk about Truth & Knowledge. Personally, I think it’s IMPOSSIBLE to verify &/or know for sure alot of these things..since we are currently inhabiting 3D bodies w/3D senses. A good example is all of the conflicting channeled messages. Also conflicting books & theory’s regarding esoteric/metaphysics topics. Then, to top it off is the reports of “believing false info lowers your vibrations/essence”. I find it very confusing & disconcerting. Is it possible that there is “individual/personal truth”?? And on/in the higher densities/dimensions each individuals truth/vibration/essence is somehow “registered/placed” in a “corresponding” plane? I guess there is no way to know for sure until the end of this incarnation.

  • Some frameworks are polar opposites and exist in reality, but some frameworks, like Truth/False, Good/Evil, are in terms of absolutes that we cannot reach in physicality, only partial expressions or embodiment to live as an expression of polar forces, such as Love/Fear, Good/Evil, etc. Any other dualistic frameworks for non-transcendental aspects of being, are existing in reality, and are an either/or, with one or the other possible, and there are no degrees. Open/close for instance, is absolute in our reality, either the door is open in varying degrees, or it is closed, but it is always either/or, and not degrees between the two poles.

    The open/close may be a bad example, I cannot think of dual aspects of reality beyond transcendental being… its all I think about! lol. But they sometimes come into my mind to show the other aspect of the framework.

    The absolute nature of the polarity is only in terms of universals, generals that aspects of reality fit within the spectrum of being. When you target particulars, the absolute duality with relative comparisons in between the poles, collapses (like wave-particle lol) into a relative duality with no degrees in between.

    In absolute duality, we are looking at the relative components of the variability, multiplicity and diversity of existence that are compared. In relative duality, when picking something in reality that is relative to others things (not an absolute being like Good), and we can look at that thing. An aspect of the thing, either ‘is’ (true), or ‘is not’ (false).

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