Amazing Grace

This is from watching the movie Amazing Grace a few months ago, about slavery, domination and the predator mind-virus. This will be another note on the lower will vs. the Higher Will.



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All of human history has been a battle between Truth and falsity, Good and evil. A battle between the Collective Impersonal Higher Will of Truth, Morality, etc. and the lower selfish individual personal will that holds onto its illusions.

Your will is wrong if it violates Higher Will. Your will is in ego attachment if it violates the Higher Will. Your will is corrupted when it goes against the Higher Will. All of history has been teaching us this. It’s the whole story of the bible, and reaping the consequences to actions. Natural Law is encoded in history and our everyday lives. All we need are the eyes to see reality, to observe and think about what we see, rather than not think about it or think about other distractions in life.

The “Spiritual” Axiom of “In the World, Not of the World”, is about having our feet on the ground, doing the work here on the ground, but consciousness being aware of Higher Will and purpose in life to do the work necessary. To bring about True Freedom and Peace and True Spirituality, and those are completely based on True Morality. Natural Moral Law of the Higher Will.

As I have mentioned in my recent presentation of the Spectrum of Living, spirit, breath, aspire, inspire, and grace are all related terms having to do with “God” and the Good. “Spirit” is breath, aspire is breathe on or towards, inspire is breathe in. Grace I didn’t talk about much in that presentation, but only in passing. Grace is the favor or grace of “God”, the virtue, mercy, pardon, pleasing and agreeable feedback from the Higher Will with respect to the action of the lower will we take. What is this feedback? It is the Natural Law Reciprocal Feedback System. In this complex force/field/web of Natural Laws, the energy we put out is a from of what we get back.

How do you get the grace, acceptance, agreeable, pleasing, mercy of “God”? The Grace of “God” is the feedback of acceptance under Natural Moral Law. When a lower will ego chooses to harmonize and humble itself under Natural Moral Law, it received the Grace of “God”. Your actions and behavior are in the agreement, pleasing, mercy and virtue of “God”. However, when a lower will ego chooses to violate and overstep the Boundaries of Natural Moral Law Higher Will, then the Grace of “God” is not received, but instead the Wrath of “God” is received. This should clear up the allegories of the Bible that teach Natural Law through obedience or disobedience to the “Law”. In the stories though, these “Laws” aren’t always equated to true Natural Law. The point is that the story teaches to follow the Laws of the Higher Will, not man’s lower will of corrupted ideas about Natural Law.

So, when people violate Natural Law, that creates friction between the ‘ought’ that should be, and the ‘is’ that we choose to manifest, between the Higher Will and the lower will. Despite this conflict we create, there is an opportunity for change and betterment from this friction. Friction creates fire, and that leads to lessons learned. Do you keep doing the same thing or choose a different path to question your convictions? Do you learn from the heat of the friction, from the feedback of what you put out? Or, do you ignore it and keep doing the same things, never learning from your mistakes?

If you receive the Grace of “God”, then you receive the breathe of “God”. You already were inspired to aspire to the breath of the Higher Will, and now that you attain aspects of the aspiration, you are attaining aspects of the breath of “God”, bringing that breath into yourself, breathing as one with the Higher Will of Natural Moral Law, receiving Grace of “God”, with the virtues of life leading the way for rewards in harmony with Truth and Morality, rather than consequences as punishment from violating Truth and Morality.

Here is another aspect to the Bible and how it illustrates what I am talking about, specifically with reference to another piece I wrote, Substance vs. Appearances. The concept of lust is used often in the Bible to demonstrate a violation of the Higher Will of “God”, of choosing lowly distractions that keep you down, rather that the substance and essence that will raise you up.

“But lusted exceedingly in the wilderness, and tempted God in the desert. And he gave them their request; but sent leanness into their soul.”

– (Psa 106:14-15)

Bible Commentaries:

– Lusted – For flesh. (Wesley commentary)

– Souls – Into their bodies. So their inordinate desire of pampering their bodies, was the occasion of destroying them. (Wesley commentary)

– A second instance of Israel’s sin, in murmuring for flesh. (Cambridge commentary)

– They complained “Our soul is dried away” (Num_11:6), our vitality is exhausted; but the satisfaction of their self-willed lust brought sickness and death not life and vigour, and “the graves of lust” marked the scene of their sin and its punishment. (Cambridge commentary)

My elaboration/explanation:

Lust for pleasure seeking, carnality, hedonism, etc. is all the superficial appearances that hold no significance to living a life of substantive Truth and Morality, but actually work to impede it. When we demand/lust to have the distracting modalities in our lives of the lower base natures, we devolve the leanness of our souls into the carnal fleshly state of animalistic instinct and progressively diminish our connection to our Higher selves, the Authentic, Substantive, Essence of True Self in Harmony and Unity with Truth and Morality.

Amazing Grace. It is amazing indeed. If you want to live in “Grace”, in the breath of “God”, inspired and aspiring to it more, then you need to harmonize with the Higher Will of Natural Moral Law, in the greatest capacity that you can through observation and thinking, contemplating, reflecting, true meditating about your actions in conscious awareness. The simplest, most effective way, is to admit you are wrong, that you have been living a false way and path, and then find out the right way and path, and live it. Many people get the grace of “God” this way, through finally breaking down their barriers of consciousness that keep them in self-delusion, creating wrong-doings. They feel the friction, and learn from it.

That song, Amazing Grace, was made by a slave ship captain who saw the evil of his ways, and turned from the lower will ego of man’s corrupted condition, towards redemption in the Higher Will. He saw this aspect of his life that was so incredibly false and vile in nature, and changed. There were still other violations of Natural Law going on, that are still going on, that people are still involved in, but slavery is a big one to turn away from.

Still today, society is built on the death-dealing of the predator mind-virus of exploitation, enslavement, harm, violence or murder of other innocent sentient animate beings (yes, that is all other animals, deal with it you posers and pretenders of “moral-living”). When will we choose to lift the veil from our false ways of living and choose the grace of the Higher Will of Natural Moral Law again, to take us to even greater heights and raise us above our current failures? The choice is ours. It is all up to each one of us, whether we create the True Freedom and Peace we want. Truth is ONE way, go ALL the way (ALL, ONE, breath, “Spirit”, “God”, get it yet how the Truth is Love is Good is Right is Morality is etc?).

How to Change the World for the Better: It starts with you!

Positive Path: (Care for Truth, LOVE force, Syntropic Force of Will)
1. Face Reality
2. Accept and Embrace what ‘is’
3. Learn and Live in the Path and Way of Truth, Love, Good, Right that ‘ought’ to be

Negative Path: (Apathy for Truth, FEAR force, Entropic Force of Laziness)
1. Ignore Reality (ex: don’t look into the animal issue)
2. Deny and Reject what ‘is’ (ex: deny that we are doing evil against animal life)
3. Continue to live in the false paths and ways of deception invented by man’s delusions (ex: keep doing evil)

“I once was lost, but now am found, Was blind but now I see.”

This is from the Amazing Grace song. That is about being blind to evil and your evil ways, but then finally seeing the Truth so that you can turn away from that path and change for the better. Only through the vision of Truth and Morality can we find ourselves, our True Self, the Higher Self.





Amazing Grace

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