Survival with Technology

The scientific efficiency of production was able to provide more time for others things. Division of labor, compartmentalization, hierarchy, and co-dependence was further ingrained in our way of living. This conditioning was further deepened with the progression of the scientific efficiency in social sciences, i.e. social engineering through a scientific dictatorship. We were promised more time with this efficiency, and at first we got it.

With technological and mechanical development, tasks done by humans for economic survivability were handed over to machines, who did not require a salary. This displaced employment, and requires new avenues of economic survivability to be created within the system of survival. Technology is helpful and can help free our time to learn Truth and Morality, but when we already live falsely, technology is used to further the control system of co-dependence, rather than free us from it.

Instead of more free time, employers just require you to work the same amount of time, but do more now, since a machine is helping to take the load off. So things went back to the way they were, but they just run more efficiently, with less human requirement in the labor force, thereby affecting our economic survivability within this system of living. Technology is most beneficial when aligned with principles of Truth and Morality, otherwise it helps to restrict and enslave in many ways.

Some people have profited from this technological displacement of labor and have created other avenues for economic survivability through selling others things by inventing new things that people are willing to pay for. Many of these new jobs are not based in the substance of social production that people need, they are secondary layer appearances that serve no essential purpose to living. With these “new” “novel” things for entertainment and distraction, time and money are spent into these secondary functions of reality. We are not spending our time, our spiritual currency, on learning the Truth and Morality. We are wasting it away one entertainment and distractions to have the time pass by, to enjoy ourselves, etc. We are not investing our time and energy into Ending Evil, as most are not even aware that is what we are living in right now. The technology we keep inventing keeps us fixated on “new” and “novel” trinkets, while continuing to ignore the chief capital in life: Truth and Morality.

Economic Survivability

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