Spectrum of Living

Life: To Better, Improve, Heal, Change, Grow & Evolve Consciousness. Continual Renewal From What ‘Is’ Towards What ‘Ought’ To Be.

Of the Spirit, in the Matter. Matter matters. The Great Work is done here on the ground. We are a Gateway to Generate in Harmony or Disharmony with Nature.

This is a follow-up presentation to Natural Law Boundary Conditions. Please go there first.

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*** I have revised my understanding of things, take this as symbolism, allegory and metaphor for yourself when considering all the projected externalized “spirit” symbolism. All the informaiton still applies for self-transformation, alchemy, self-betterment, etc. of becoming someone better, higher, truer, realer self.***
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Spectrum of Life: Polarity, Opposite, Complement

01-basicImage 01 – Symbol

The two triangles represent aspects of polarity and the seal of Solomon unity between left and right, etc. The light of the sacred masculine and the dark of the sacred feminine. They fit in well with the color spectrum and pointing at respective color systems, such as RGB and CMY.

Opposites and Complements


Red-Green-Blue (RGB)
Cyan-Magenta-Yellow (CMY)

Even the way we have named our color system of RGB starts from the red, to the green, then blue, just as the color spectrum goes, from infrared to ultraviolet with green in the middle.

Complements are not opposites, at war. The opposites are in the other polarity. To get from one complement to the other, you often need to take the third aspect to get there, like going from Matter to Spirit requires the bridge of Consciousness, True Care, Will, and Courage.

Normally you bridge the two, Matter and Spirit, through the Force of Free Will in Consciousness. But in this example it is a Wheel, going clockwise along the top part, from left to right. The other Spectrum diagram is made with the bridging in mind specifically, rather than a color spectrum click-wise wheel movement.


02-main-3Image 02 – Main Trinity

Similarly as was done with the Natural Law Boundary Conditions, with a single positive infographic and a dual positive and negative component analysis, this infographic shows the Positive & Negative Pathway Expressions in a clockwise manner, with more than just the 3 positive components of the central trinity, as it is in the Bridge diagram that will be presented after this model.

This symbol is the Trinity of Nature that Matters (red), the Force of Free Will Consciousness (green), and the “Spirit” Force of All (blue).

We are initiated into actual physical Matter that ‘is’ (1, red), and we aspire towards the potential metaphysical ‘ought’/‘should’ that is derived from “Spirit” (3, blue). To get from Matter to “Spirit”, from actual to potential, we need to pass through the bridge of Free Will Consciousness Evolution to develop Sovereignty and True Care (2, green). With the Force of Will and True Care we can develop, realize and actualize the True Self and harmonize with the Higher Self and Higher Will of Natural Laws which are aspects of the “Spirit”. The “Spirit” is that Perfect Ideal which we aspire to but can never fully reach, understand or become because perfection is impossible in this limited reality compared to the totality of the ALL that is beyond our abilities to fully encompass. The True Self is shown in the next image.


03a-main-allImage 03 – Secondary Components

a), b), c), and d) are not sequential, but referential.

These will be explained as we go through the pathways in the following images. There are two main paths: Care for Truth and Apathy for Truth. In between each polarity are degrees and grades and relative embodiment of each polarity. Some people have more Care for Truth, some less, and this drives them to seek quality Truth more, to embody Natural Moral Law more, and to do the Great Work more, than others who have less Care for Truth. Apathy for Truth is crucial in the Fear of Truth component. If you don’t Care, you go nowhere. Care and Will are the main driving motivational factors in the consciousness expression experience.

Additionally, there is now the added Trivium component to help correspond this to other infographics I have made. Initiate and start at (1) Knowledge, input, grammar of the reality that ‘is’, towards the middle (2) Understanding, processing and logic of that reality with True Care, and end at the aspiration (3) (or more precisely (d) as the aspect of (3) we can realize) of Wisdom, the ‘ought’ potential we can manifest into creation.


03bImage 03b – The Bridge

Of note about the Polarity and Opposite colors, the one set that does not work like the other two is Green-Magenta. The other two work with cutting off one to bounce back into the other. Green Care and Magenta Boundaries work as a bridge of Unity instead of Polarity. If you cut one off you cut the other off. One leads to the other as a bridge does in a two-way manner.


04Image 04 – Apathy for Truth

The Pathway of Apathy for Truth (or Fear of Truth) will be looked at first.

The arrow lines represent the pathway direction. An X over a segment represents the component it points to that we bypass, ignore or cut off.

Starting at Red Matter initiation (1), and trying to go directly to the Blue “Spirit” aspiration is ultimately a bypass and fail of True Care, and therefore a fail of aspiring to Blue “Spirit” as well. This is why.

As you arrogantly attempt to go from the initiation into Matter (red) directly to the “Godly” consciousness of infinite possibilities (blue), you ignore Care for Truth as the TRUE beginning of the journey and path towards greater Truth. You choose to begin the path of Apathy for Truth, possibly focusing on enlightenment, ascension, psychic powers, astral projection, etc. (think New Age and other “spiritual” conceptions of being “evolved”, “awakened”, “spiritual”, etc.).

Even if there is no desire to “ascend” or to be “God” directly, unless the path of actively choosing to Care for Truth and seek and embrace Truth no matter what it is about, then you are not beginning the journey properly, and will be walking a false path and way, the path of Apathy for Truth as a result of not Caring enough for Truth to walk in seeking it out more and more. This also results in the same mechanism as aspiring to become “God”, gain super powers, or some other pseudo-spiritual conception. You end up living falsely, in the false self, in deception and delusion, with false care, believing whatever you want to believe, which is cyan (c), being an “arbiter of truth”, living what is right or wrong based on your own or some other man’s whims. The path is the same in either case.

The path of Apathy for Truth goes towards the “Godly” aspiration of being, or living by, an Arbiter of “Truth” who tried to be “God” over others.

This happens by trying to go from Matter to “Spirit” in vain, and in so doing cut off the Care for Truth component of Self-Governance (rose/pink) and Natural Law (purple) Boundaries, marked by the yellow X. As a result, this cuts off the bridge to the Free Will to truly Evolve Consciousness in True Care. Care for Truth is being squashed. Skipping True Care makes you fail here. These Boundaries (pink and purple) are between Matter and “Spirit”. You can’t do what you want with these Boundaries, which is what happens when you choose the path of Apathy for Truth. You choose to become a pseudo-“God” and decide what is true and right and wrong yourself, or you follow someone else’s delusions and live in falsity anyways.

That is a fail of True Care. Instead of going from Matter to True Care, you bypass it and cut it off by choosing to not go that route, and as a result of cutting of the Boundary component (a, magenta). The Boundaries in magenta and Will, Consciousness and True Care development in green, are bridged. What happens in one will affect the other. Cutting off one will cut off the other. Only True Care can bring you to harmonize with the Boundaries of Behavior and Natural Law, and then continue to the other aspects of “Spirit” in the Higher Self.

When you go from red Matter to blue Spirit, and bypass the Trinity that involves True Care to Evolve Consciousness correctly, you fail. You violate Natural Law Boundaries; you try to be an arbiter of “Truth”, “God”, making up your own laws. You cut across from Matter to Spirit and cut the Boundaries of Self Governance and those of Natural Law Consequences. You cut yourself off from knowing them properly and harmonizing with them correctly.

However, when you go from the right way, from (1), to (2), then (3), with True Care, you cut off the Cowardice, Laziness and Fear. It works out well this way (more will be shown in the Care for Truth pathway later). Then you actualize aspects of True Self Rightness into your life properly with clarity of understanding. It’s not an issue of Matter vs. “Spirit”. This is ALL “Spirit”, of different kinds and degrees, with Free Will Consciousness in between, bridging the actual and potential, the physical and metaphysical domains, with the embodiment, exemplification, being and living Truth, Love, Good, Right, Morality, Natural, True Self, Higher Self, Higher Will, etc. progressively actualized in degrees of realization.


05Image 05 – Fear of Truth

So, now that we cut off (a), and therefore the bridge to (2), we fail at (a), at (2), and ultimately fail at (3). As a result, we get booted from this Trinity at the position (3) we arrogantly and ignorantly tried to grasp before we were ready. This is when the Oppositional Pathway takes root in the symbolism more directly. Having first taken the False Path in the Trinity of Matter-True Care-Higher Self, they emerge onto the Oppositional Pathway directly from the Polarized booting that they receive from the false path attempt to acquire “Spirit” “superiority” and power/control over Nature, Reality and others.

Going from (1) to (3) lacks Care for Truth because it is a shortcut attempt to bypass that process of self-development and seeking that is taken up in choosing (2). It demonstrates de-facto Fear, Ignorance, Apathy and Cowardice for Truth, leading to Laziness in living in Truth (b) because the Way and Path is not known or being walked. When you choose to go from (1) to (3) and cut off the boundaries of Self-Governance and Natural Law, you reject Truth in essence, whether you know it or not. This automatically cuts you off from the harmony of the normal Complementary Path of the Trinity (RGB, Matter-Will-Spirit). Having chosen the shortcut, you cut yourself off from True Self alignment and harmony with Natural Law. Instead of actually getting to Higher Self in Truth and Morality, you get bounced to the other phase (CMY), the opposite polarity, and take up the Fear and Apathy of Truth that you chose when you rejected or violated Natural Law and Self Governed Boundaries. When you take the shortcut without True Care, True Morality, you are living in a delusional pipe dream of false self, not True Self, loving every minute of it because the conceptual frameworks you use as justification make you “feel-good” about your worldview and self-image. You may be in the harmony of the Trinity of Unity Consciousness between thoughts, emotions, and actions, but not in harmony with Reality (1, red) or Natural Moral Law (a, purple) and Higher Self (d, light blue).


“Spirit” Tangent – Is and Ought

A brief tangent on why to aspire to the “Spirit”. It is in order to actualize True Self, Higher Self (d). Only through True Care (2) for Truth can you get the Higher Self realized (d). Skipping True Care will get you to Yellow, apathy for Truth, and if continued along its complement, will get you to false living in the “God” delusion, making your own laws or following other’s laws, being an arbiter of truth, believing whatever you want or what the general consensus is, etc. (c).

In contemplating how to change our world and the reality we live in, we can aspire to the ideal that we cannot yet see. It is unseen from our physical matter due to not existing yet. The ‘is’ we see manifested may not be the ‘ought’ (or ‘should’) we can make it out to be. Becoming the Perfect Ideal of the “Spirit” (blue 3) is not possible in the Matter (red 1), but approximations towards perfection can be reached in degrees of potential being realized and actualized into manifestation in the physical realm. We are living and initiated into ‘IS’, with the potential to create the aspired ‘OUGHT’. That is a great deal of power and responsibility. The power to do great Good, or great Evil. That is the Force of Will-Power we have. Choice. With great power comes great responsibility. We are all in this together. We are not doing too good as a species right now.

The Force of Free Will-Power can manifest the ‘ought’ into the ’is’ as the current Way of Life. Etymologically, ‘ought’ and ‘shall’ are the same. It is to owe, an obligation, a must. However ‘will’ is a choice, not an obligation. This can be compared to intention (free will choice) vs. necessity (ought, should, shall).

Conversely, there is also the perspective of the lower Matter and lower self ‘becoming’ manifested, while the Higher Self already ‘is’. What ‘is’ currently manifested and to ‘be’ manifested ‘becomes’ what ‘ought’ to be from the infinite potential of all possibilities that already ‘are’, at least it ‘is’ from that “higher” realm of ALL, but not for us here in the limits and boundaries.

The ignorance of the Way Natural Law Morality decrees things ‘ought’ and ‘should’ be, leads one to decide upon themselves, their own whims, wishes, wants, desires, infatuations, affections, predilections, etc., what they think and feel is what ‘ought’ and ‘should’ be their way of living and creating in the world. Going from (1) to (3) happens this way. The correct method of learning the True Way and Path, rather than what you want to be the way based on your selfish desires, is through True Care, Care for Truth, Morality and Other Beings. This is the Way to Evolve Consciousness through harmony with the Boundaries of Self and Natural Law. This is actualizing the True Self, Higher Self, Higher Will.

We have the power to take what ‘ought’ and ‘should’ be and make it what actually ‘is’. The Way and Path that ‘ought’ to be followed, is always Truth Level 2, higher, it cannot be changed. The Reality that ‘is’, is Truth Level 1, lower, and can be changed to harmonize more with Level 2. Level 1 is lower than Level 2 because it does change (‘becoming’), while Level 2 cannot be changed (‘is’). We are the bridge to merge reality that is into reality that ought and should be, or should not be if we do it wrong.


06Image 06 – False Self

When you let Natural Law (a) Rule over Nature (1), and you Rule Yourself under Natural Law (2), then you get to Realize and Actualize (d) greater degrees, greater births, greater awakenings into harmony with Higher Self, Truth, “Spirit”, etc. (3). Failure to Care for Truth keeps one in Ignorance, Apathy, Cowardice, and Laziness based in Fear of Truth (b). The result of bypassing Natural Law (a) in attempt to be “Spirit” or “God” (3) by being the arbiter of “truth” and laws (c), or being one who follows another arbiter, bounces one from the false aspiration in Spirit (3) back to the opposite polarity of yellow, Fear (b), and cuts one off from True Self (d), from True Care (2), and leads to the False Self in delusions (c) instead. Actualizing the Higher Self (d) is degraded in favor of personal ego lower will motives, desires, etc. of the false self (c).

06bImage 06b – False Self Alternate Path

Also, we can look at another modality of consciousness for how to get from initiation into Matter and our Bodies (1) to false living (c). If you don’t chose Care for Truth, or if you don’t choose to aspire to “Spirit” by developing True Care for Truth and Morality, then you will be choosing to stay stuck in the imbalanced state of the current conditional modalities of mind control that exist and permeate your being and way of life. This can happen with the left-or right-brain imbalance.

Staying in left brain chronic imbalance in the physical obsessions and traps of the material world we see around us daily (1), or to become a part of the system’s predator dominator mindset as a part of daily living, leads to the opposite of that dependence on Matter (1, red), to the false self (c, cyan), through the complement of (b, yellow). Instead of getting to True Care (2) along the complementary path, the dependence and attachment to the physical system man has created, traps one in insulated bubbles of reality that prevent development of True Care. Rather than letting Natural Law Boundary (a, purple) rule over Matter (1, red), if you choose to ignore Truth and True Care (2, green), you get into Fear of Truth (2, yellow) instead, and follow its complement to the false self (c, cyan), not Actualized Higher Self (d), light blue) in alignment with Truth, “Spirit” (3, blue).

In the right-brain imbalance, it is being a follower of the predatory dominator mind-virus system of life we have, not doing anything about it, being passive, submissive to it, just going on to “enjoy life” and “feel-good” while it continues. To ignore Truth more so than to actively pursue it. The above left-brain dominator system continues through the right-brain imbalance as well.

Sometimes, the Path of Apathy for Truth goes from the physical living imbalance of the left-brain, into the alleged “spiritual” living of the right-brain, but fails to do so correctly and becomes an imbalanced modality. The Evolution of Consciousness as part of the pathway through the Force of Will and True Care was not developed prior to consuming the “spiritual” behavioral programs, and you end accepting many that make you “feel-good”. It can go from the perceived left-brain imbalanced living, over to the other polarity of pseudo-spiritual false living in the imbalance of the right-brain modality.

The color of CYAN for false self is similar to the light blue of the True Self which is an aspect of representation of the ALL ONE “Spirit” in dark blue. It is representing how one color, cyan, thinks it is being the “true self” in delusional mindsets, and so, is close in color to the True Self (azure light blue). It is a false proxy substitute for the real thing, invoking the perception of being the real thing as well, an idol of worship based on appearances over substance.

The false self tries to makes their own rules, their own laws, their own truth, and manifest their own version of what ‘ought’ to be, regardless of any Natural Law boundaries.


“Spirit” Tangent – Initiate and Aspire

We are initiated into Matter (1) to begin our journey. The rest is up to us in conscious awareness (2), to choose to actively engage in the aspiration towards “Spirit” (3) through True Care (2) to reach the Higher Self (d) living in Natural Law (a). Most people do not take up the reigns of the journey towards Truth and engaging in the alchemical process of self-improvement with the goal of world improvement.

There are two types of fools. The first fool who ignores their journey, who is stuck in the first level initiation into matter, not seeking progressive initiations and awakenings that come with actively embarking upon the journey, just preferring to “enjoy life”. The other Fool is the initiatory Fool of the Tarot 0 card, the Fool who takes a leap of faith in Truth and beginning the spiritual journey on the path and way towards greater aspects of Truth and self-knowledge. Beginning the journey towards Truth requires the Care for Truth and desire to seek Truth in order to know and understand it, and then live it in the Wisdom of Right-Action as the actualization of the True Self.

People aspire to a “breath”, a “spirit” of the way they think things ‘ought’ to be (3). For our current condition, the way they think things ‘should’ be is coming from their lower conditioned ego, which is the false self (c), living the program of cyclical life, attached to the many desires and distractions available for consumption. The Right Path and Way that we ‘ought’ and ‘should’ live (d) is though Care for Truth (2) and Morality, Courage and the Will to Right-Action (a). For us to not put Truth and Moral Principles first in our lives, as the capital of real capitalism, represents a Fear of Truth (b), in ignorance of what is right, good and true.


Spirit (spirare)

A-Spire (ad-spirare)
to breathe to/on
Towards Spirit breath aspiration, or Spirit breath aspired on
Seeking Spirit to take in, Feeling Spirit to take in

In-Spire (in-spirare)
to breathe in
Spirit goes in
Embracing Spirit in

– Inspire breathes in what aspiration breathes onto.
– “Breath” is “Spirit”, Breath of God, Divine, etc.
– Inspiration, Breath of life.
– Essential Principle, Quality, Nature, Mind, Substance, Character.

– Aspiration is what we seek to be inspired by, our spirit goes to.
– Seek aspiration, to receive that breath into ourselves, inspired by the influence of Truth & Morality.
– To actualize Higher Self & Will is to aspire towards the Spirit of Truth & Morality.

– A Magician or Sorcerer can Breathe upon someone, and that person Breathes in the influence as Inspiration to then Aspire themselves towards the same.
– Positive or Negative influences create similar aspirations towards a goal of what ‘ought’ to be.


07Image 07 – The Way Back from Going Off-Track

Even when one goes off track, off of the Way and Path, making errors, mistakes and wrong-doings, there is always the opportunity to find our way back to the Truth and Morality, if we choose to do so, and make that change.

It just so happens in this Color Spectrum of Life and Natural Law that I made, that fits in with the previous Natural Law Boundary Conditions infographic, just so happens to tie in the seemingly ill-placed Magenta area in the CMY Trinity of color. I say ill-placed, because the path of Apathy for Truth is in Yellow and Cyan, but not in Magenta. I explained how the bridge connected True Care Free Will (2) to the boundaries (a) briefly before. You can get to one from the other. If one chooses to change their ways and go to Natural Law, learn about the boundaries in reality and in themselves through their behavior, then the bridge reactivates. In the previous image the bridge was faded out, crossed over by the yellow path of Apathy for Truth. Now, that aspirant, having chosen the to turn away from their delusion of being a “God”, over-stepping the boundaries of Natural Law and Self, is choosing to humble themselves under Natural Law and learn. So, the CMY trinity is not as harmonious in the relative complementary components, but it all fits again.

The bridge is now reactivated for the aspirant to reach the true path to “Spirit” and True Self, the activation and development of True Care, sovereignty, and the Force of Will to Evolve Consciousness correctly, in harmony with the Boundaries of Self and the Natural World. Now, the aspirant is on the path of Care for Truth.


08Image 08 – Care for Truth

In the proper development of the Spectrum of Living, we go from initiation (1), to the step of Evolving Consciousness (2), before we can get to the aspiration of the “Spirit” (3) as known through the Higher Self, Higher Will, Natural Law, etc., and lived as the True Self (d). As one goes along the complements of the path of Care for Truth, the negative components from the other trinity get cut-off.

The proper path of aspiration is for the initiate to go through the green middle bridge and develop the Force of Will, Sovereignty, Courage and True Care to Evolve Consciousness towards Truth and Morality across the bridge to the harmony with the boundaries of Natural Law and Behavior. Embodying the Way and Path of what ‘ought’ to be, the Wisdom of Right-Action, is the actualization of the True Self, Higher Self, Higher Will of Natural Law and “Spirit”.

The Force of Will actualizing True Care to Evolve Consciousness (green) on the path of Care for Truth links with the Boundaries of Natural Law (purple) and Behavior (pink) in the bridge connection previously mentioned. They provide us the awakening, realization and actualization of the True Self, Higher Self, etc. (azure light blue).

The Boundary Conditions of Functionality and Behavior of Individual Consciousness/Self that goes out into the Natural World are the Minor Arcana (a, pink). The Boundary Conditions of Natural Laws of the Natural World and the Consequences to Behavior are the Major Arcana (a, purple).

The metaphysical Boundaries are on each respective sourced side as well, Behavior with Matter and Natural Law with “Spirit”. The boundaries of Behavior that encapsulate self/consciousness are towards Matter Body that holds the consciousness in the red Matter Reality on the left; while the boundaries of Natural Laws that encapsulate Nature, Matter, Reality, Body, and the Consequences to Behavior are towards the Higher Will of “Spirit” in the blue on the right. One comes from us in the Body of physical Matter, the other comes from the Higher Will of metaphysical “Spirit”, but each are representative of the Boundary Conditions that we as Wills of Consciousness should live within.


09Image 09 – Actualize True Self

The Point: Wisdom, Right-Action, True Self

The Actions and Behavior are the culmination point of the Trinity of Consciousness. They are what the Thoughts and Emotions lead to. The Input and Processing leads to the Output. Grammar and Logic lead to a coherent Rhetoric. Knowledge and Understanding lead to Wisdom. Wisdom is Right-Action, as opposed to foolishness which is wrong-action. The Wisdom of Right-Action comes with the Courage of True Care to live in Truth and Morality. Wisdom is not simply Knowledge, but Applied Activated Knowledge. We need to Realize (Knowledge, Understand), and then Actualize (Wisdom) ourselves in the various aspects of Truth and Morality. Wisdom is the Way and Path of Living in Right, Good and Truth. That is why Action and Behavior are at the top of the Trinity of Consciousness. The Internal Masculine (Thought) and Internal Feminine (Emotion) components give birth to the External Masculine Active Son that takes Action in the world. Jesus, the divine child offspring, was represented as an Active character that stood for Right, Good and Truth. All three expressions of Consciousness are active participants in existence, but the culminated result in the reality of the Natural world is what counts in the end. The Thoughts and Emotions to get to the Actions matter. The means (thought, emotions) matter. The means are how the ends (actions) are created. The goal matters. The goal is the result. The means are the internal experience, the substance, the cause to the effect that produces the affective result/end/goal in the external experience. Wisdom is about Living Right, not simply having right and true things to say.

When cheating towards “spirit” (3) and landing in the self-delusion (c), the fear of truth (b) takes place because the aspirant fears facing the shadow and their wrong doings (part of (d) process). They reject and run from that in willful ignorance. It is a lack of Care for Truth, apathy, which results in the cowardice in facing the dark mirror honestly. No True Freedom and Peace can be made through false care appearances for change. “Love and Light” won’t do it. True Love and self-“love” is embracing the Truth, within and without, in beauty and horror, light and dark, and then doing something about it with the drive and motivation from Courage, Care, and Will-Power to do Right, Good and True. That puts an end to the laziness, cowardice, apathy, ignorance and fear.

The Actualization, Realization, Individuation process is largely a negative one, apophatic, deconstructive. It is more about the removal of that which is false and not the True Self, in order to let the True Self that is at the core of our being manifest through us, shine through us, more than before. It can also be viewed as a dual process in that sense, remove in order to add. Unlearning, unbecoming, in order to learn and ‘become’. Recall the ‘becoming’/‘is’ matter/spirit dichotomy that is different than the ‘is’/’ought’ dichotomy. That is why there is the pseudo-philosophy about everyone already being perfect just the way they are, that they don’t need to do anything to better themselves, since everything is already “perfect” underneath it all. But this is a pseudo-spiritual belief that twists a Truth in order to promote false “bliss” and “feel-good” well-being. Trying to simply add new programming without dealing with the existing false corrupted programming will not solve anything but add more confusion to the aggregate system of understanding being developed. All that is false must be faced and dealt with. Truth is the way out. Only by going through it, not going around, hiding or running from it.


Alchemical Process

In life in general, people can actualize themselves in minor degrees here and there as a default part of progressing through different phases and learning processes of life. But if you take conscious active control over this natural process, you can accelerate your develop and self-realization of Higher True Self living in harmony with Nature. That is the Great Work on ourselves, and the understanding to share it with others, the greatest responsibility to serving Truth and Morality.

To be on the “Spiritual” Journey, Path and Way of Truth and Morality is to be on the journey of self-improvement, betterment, transformation, healing, purification and evolution of consciousness. It is a lifelong process of self-renewal and change towards what is better. Those who stop, or never actively start, are getting off the journey. They stop the climb up the mountain of Truth. Solipsism is home to this modality of living.


Spectrum of Life: Bridge Between Lower and Higher

10-Spectrum-of-Living-Addendum-BridgeImage 10 – Bridge Between Lower and Higher

Life: To Better, Improve, Heal, Change, Grow & Evolve Consciousness. Continual Renewal From What ‘Is’ Towards What ‘Ought’ To Be.

This has mostly been covered already. There are some minor “flow” changes to the story.

In a negative condition, stagnation & decay into annihilation (entropic chaotic force) will progress until a counter Force takes action. Without the Will-Power (Force) of Choice (syntropic ordering force), there is only more of the same reality and condition that exists. To get to the Higher Truth Level 2, Free Will needs to choose to learn and bridge its own behavior into harmony with the Natural Law Higher Will. Joining the boundaries of behavior of the lower will with the boundaries of Natural Law of the Higher Will is the Way and Path towards higher ordered living and co-creation. That is being “Spiritual”, reaching the “Spirit”, living in the “Spirit”, living with the breath of “God” (see above inspire/aspire breakdown). It is the Moral Way of Living through Natural Moral Law. That is what True “Spirituality” is about. If someone’s conception of “spirituality” or “spiritual” living does not put Truth and Morality at the forefront of capital importance and living, then they are completely lost in bullshit beliefs. This is the case with those who put meditation as the most important thing. They are completely lost. This higher ordered thinking and doing in harmony with Natural Moral Law will produce the higher ordered state and condition of life for all, a Heaven of True Freedom and Peace on earth for all beings (yes, ALL animals) devoid of the great Evil that man has continued to create.

The Minor Arcana is towards the seen Matter of the Natural World, the way of living that currently is. The functionality and behavior of individual units of consciousness is the Minor Arcana, psychology, self, motivations, consciousness, etc. Our Behaviors are the boundary conditions for our interactions with the Natural world. This is the domain of governing consciousness, the self, and the syntropic ordering force of Free Will.

The Major Arcana is towards the unseen “Spiritual” Natural Laws, the way of living that ‘ought’ to be if it is not already. These are the Laws governing the Consequences of Behavior of the individual units of consciousness as well as the Laws governing the Reality of the Natural World and its functionality. The Natural Laws are the boundary conditions that allow harmonious existence in Universe. This is the domain of governing reality, where syntropic order is manifested.

The Force of Free Will has Choice to engage in various modalities of Consciousness/Self. Expressions of Consciousness culminate in Behavior or Actions that are the Self-Governing Boundary into the reality of the Natural World. Consciousness can will itself to take what currently ‘is’ and what ‘ought’ or ‘should’ be, and Generate (with True Care for Truth and Morality) a new current reality that is more in harmony with the Substance of Truth and Natural Moral Law. Consciousness can also will itself towards its own selfish lower corrupted desires and overstep the Boundaries of Behavior and Law, to generate (with false care) a reality more in disharmony with Natural Moral Law. The former is Evolving Consciousness. The latter is devolution into the foolishness of wrong-action. The former is realizing, actualizing and individuating ourselves into greater alignment, embodiment, harmony and unity with Universal Cosmic Spiritual Natural Moral Law, to exemplify and live in the Wisdom of Right-Action. Truth and Morality are ONE Way. We ‘ought’ , ‘should’ and need to go ALL the Way in Truth and Morality to realize, actualize, and individuate ourselves in Truth and Morality which will then create the real, lasting, effective True Freedom and Peace. The reality we co-create in the aggregate reflects, in part, the internal reality we create in ourselves.

If people want to spend much of their time on enjoyment, distractions, comfort and feeling-good, instead of consciously evolving consciousness with empowering knowledge about the reality we live in here on the ground that matters, then we won’t see much change at all towards True Evolution. Instead, the counter force of active engagement in wrong-actions will continue to devolve the collective condition.

The Force of Will is always there with us, in our choices, good or bad. We have to activate the True Care to drive us towards the “Lower” Micro Knowledge of the Minor Arcana, and the “Higher” Macro Knowledge of the Major Arcana, the understanding of self/consciousness and our boundaries within Natural Law. Harmony with the Higher Will is actualizing the Higher Self, generating more in the True Self.

The previous presentation has more information that isn’t covered in this one: Natural Law Boundary Conditions.

At the end, I added the 4 dotted lines to represent a connection to the Lower and Higher realms in the steps towards Evolving Consciousness. The way to reach them is not through the Lower or Higher respectively (i.e. physical objects of Matter, or pure energy of “Spirit” ALL), but through the Bridge Gateway of Will and True Care activation that lead to harmony with the Minor and Major Arcana Boundaries to actualize the True Self. That is why it is a dotted line, with no direction. It shows a relation. The Behavior Boundary of Self is the Minor “lower” arcana while the Natural Law Boundary of Reality is the “higher” arcana. The ‘is’ of the actual is where the lower will is. The ‘ought’ of the potential is where the Higher Will is.

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