Shame, Guilt and “Judgmental” Nonsense

On Shame, Guilt, “Judgmental” – regarding facebook comments from attempts by others to silence truth, and bring false unity based in ignorance of truth. Speaking truth is more important than not wanting to be seen as a “bad” or “mean” person because someone can’t handle what they are a part of.

Quote: “You see, it’s a journey. We are all at different stages of our evolution. So if people just continue to buy animal products, don’t shame them. That’s divisive. And it’s judgmental.”

Response: What are shame and guilt? They are physiological reactions from your emotive capabilities that signal to you when you have done something wrong. The emotional compass in life is very useful if we listen to it. Most people have a stagnant or deadened conscience that they don’t pay attention to or listen to.

Shame and guilt are necessary to be felt if you are doing something wrong in order to understand it is wrong. Telling people the truth and having the truth of what they are participating, consenting and supporting show them their wrongdoings through their own expression of consciousness known as emotions is excellent. It puts them back into connection with themselves, what is right, good and true. Insults and offenses are derived from themselves by going against their own “soul”-“spirit”-consciousness-self, Natural Moral Law, higher will and higher self potential. They are in opposition and don’t want to face it. That is what the emotion signals.

Doing something wrong, and feeling it is wrong. Guilt, shame, or whatever else are valid emotions because they tell us something. Do not sacrifice or compromise the truth. Whatever people feel is their issue. Speaking the truth of the situation is not “judgmental” or trying to “shame” them. They judge themselves, and they shame themselves by doing what they do. It is simple. I don’t do it to them, they do it to themselves. That is the truth. And then we are supposed to not try to offend their delicate sensibilities of false self-images and self-concepts they have about themselves? Yeah right! Truth unites. Lies divide. No compromise. No sacrifice. It just slows down the progression of truth.

How did I come to change my ways? I faced myself, my wrongs, and decided and didn’t want to be part of it. Shame, guilt, offense, insult, are part of that journey. Thank you shame and guilt for expressing yourselves in me so that I could face myself. I welcome it and everyone should welcome these teachers into our lives. Enough of this nonsense of not telling people what is going on and what they participate in because we don’t want to be perceived as “mean” or “judgmental”. Truth wins over the false unity of trying not to offend other egos. Truth unites. Lies divide. Love embraces truth. Fear rejects truth. Those who can’t handle the truth, reject it, and shame and guilt might not even arise because they have not begun from the place of love to embrace truth, rather choosing ignorance in fear to live in feel-good comfort about themselves.


If you would like a more in-depth breakdown of Judgments and the confusion, I break it down etymologically and explain it in greater detail here: Judgments (New Age Confusion)