Moral Law Includes Murder of Nonhumans

Why do non-vegans not understand murder of nonhuman animals? Why do they tout definitions from a dictionary to prove murder does not apply to nonhumans? They are restricted to convention and tradition to find their definitions of reality, and lack the moral dimension of including nonhuman animals to a definition because they willfully ignore what they don’t want to accept beyond one’s own view, idiots.

If society was more morally concerned towards nonhuman animals, the conventional definition of murder would also include nonhuman animals. The current condition of consciousness would be reflected in word definitions. But since the current condition of consciousness does not recognize nonhuman animals as being morally worthy, then murder does not apply.

For those of us that do include nonhuman animals in morality, murder does apply to nonhuman animals because we recognize the unlawful killing as murder. What law? Moral Law!

Non-vegans, carnists, do not recognize this, because for them , it is moral and lawful to kill nonhuman animals. It is all from consciousness. Their consciousness does not recognize moral value in nonhuman animals, and therefore cannot apply definition of morality towards them, like the word murder. Their is no unlawful killing, hence no murder, because they do not value nonhuman animals in the morally recognized capacity that would permit understanding murder of nonhuman animals. They lack moral comprehension, hence cannot change their definitions to include nonhuman animals.

Only in the 18th and 19th century did some states start making laws for killing of a slave as murder. Prior to that, it was not murder to kill a slave. They were not included in a moral comprehension. They were mere property. There is a similar social justice change is happening now, where some people are waking up to how nonhuman animals are not property.

So again, why can’t some people understand murder of nonhuman animals? They are too stuck in themselves, they are idiots (idiom), a focus on one’s own view and ignoring the reality of truth and morality. Just like enslavers of others human animals were idiots who ignored and chose not recognize moral comprehension of others, only focused on the identification corresponding to themselves that they chose to recognize, so too are carnists idiots who ignore and only focus on identification that more closely corresponds to themselves, what is most like their own, one’s own. They are idiots, ignoring moral identification beyond what they view as similar to one’s own, and therefore can’t recognize the limitation in a conventional current conditioning of the definition of a word symbol, they chose not to expand their moral circle of identification of others.

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