Cleansing the Body to Evolve Consciousness

Cleansing the Body/Temple/Vessel to Evolve Consciousness (as a bonus to doing the Right thing in Truth)

This is about a certain passage and knowledge in the Bible that I came across, and a comment about it on a site I am reading.


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I know many people are anti-religious, which includes the religious books. But they fail to understand the difference between a text containing knowledge written by men who tried to share it, and those who altered aspects of the text and used it to control the minds of men. There are of course many contradictions as a result.

I take this passage below to demonstrate knowledge of how proper Right food helps to clear/clean the mind and body to evolve consciousness to higher levels of understanding, of grasping or attaining greater aspects, attributes or qualities of a particular Truth. We all can clean the mind with learning and deprogramming by aligning our perceptions with Truth, but there is a connection between the body-mind-spirit that is affected by what we consume into our bodies as part of our diets. Consuming death and corpses is not part of our Nature (i.e. Natural Law for our kind/species). I suppose this change in the “purity” of my body may be how I came to understand how Truth is Love is Good is Right is Morality is Natural Law is True Self is Higher Self is Higher Will is Spirit, etc. (along with Mark Passio’s help of course)

For clarification, the “royal food” spoken of below contains “meat”, which you can find in the King James Version of this passage, but the KJV uses “pulse” to refer to vegetables, so it can be confusing unless you look at Strong’s Concordance to decode the meaning. “Meat” is animal flesh, or fruit flesh. In other parts of the Bible “meat” is used to reference food such as fruit flesh as well, not necessarily animal flesh. There is lots of decoding to do to get to Truth in the Bible.

“But Daniel resolved not to defile himself with the royal food and wine, and he asked the chief official for permission not to defile himself this way. Now God had caused the official to show favor and sympathy to Daniel, but the official told Daniel, “I am afraid of my lord the king, who has assigned your food and drink. Why should he see you looking worse than the other young men your age? The king would then have my head because of you.” Daniel then said to the guard whom the chief official had appointed over Daniel, Hananiah, Mishael and Azariah, “Please test your servants for ten days: Give us nothing but vegetables to eat and water to drink. Then compare our appearance with that of the young men who eat the royal food, and treat your servants in accordance with what you see.” So he agreed to this and tested them for ten days.  At the end of the ten days they looked healthier and better nourished than any of the young men who ate the royal food. So the guard took away their choice food and the wine they were to drink and gave them vegetables instead. To these four young men God gave knowledge and understanding of all kinds of literature and learning. And Daniel could understand visions and dreams of all kinds.”
(Dan 1:8-17 NIV)

“To understand the scriptures, the Higher Reality of the Soul, and the Mysteries of the Kingdom, you must first cleanse your Sanctuary, and build your body into the consecrated Living Temple. Before you can begin to form the Living Temple in your Body-Vessel, you must first Cleanse it with your diet. If you want to understand the Visions and Wisdom of David, and possess the Higher knowledge of The Way then you must begin with the Cleansing of your own Mind and Body.”

The above is the interpretation from a site I have been reading, which I found in my research into what others have to say about Natural Law (although his view on Karma is somewhat flawed). Cleansing the body is part of spiritual evolution, evolution in consciousness. This is a benefit of aligning our behaviors with Truth, Love, Good, Right, Morality, Natural Law, Higher Self, etc. I became “vegan” (which is strict “vegetarianism” and was a word created to replace “vegetarianism” since people corrupted its true meaning) because I recognized it is the Morally Right thing to do, not because it would help me Evolve and come to greater Truths, which it does, and is a great bonus 🙂 The more you “purify” (cleanse, clean, perfect, mature, etc.) the body, the more it affects the mind, consciousness and our ability to align and embody aspects of “Spirit”. This is how I understand what we can do. Some people say there is a higher process of actually “connecting” or having the Higher Self “communicate” with us, but I have yet to hear voices talking to me as a “communication” about the Truth or sudden insights that have no bearing on existing knowledge I have gained through correspondence, correlation and pattern interconnecting of my own assimilation. I am the one doing the work to find Truth. The Higher Self isn’t manipulating google search results for me. We are the ones who have to do the hard work ,the Great Work. By finding Truth, we can choose to align with it, or not, and this is the alignment with Higher Self. The Truth I speak of is not the 1st level reality-truth as I call it, of seeing reality as it ‘is’, for the good and bad, light and dark, positive and negative, but the 2nd level Truth of what are Right, Good and Moral ways to Live and Be. This is walking and living “The Way” as I understand it. Embodying Truth, Love, Good, Right, etc.

When I hear people say that they are “connected to source”, “source teaches me”, “God teaches me”, “Nature teaches me”, etc., and they “don’t need to learn from others”, “don’t need to read (unless it’s Wayne Dyer or someone else selling bullshit that makes them ‘feel-good or ‘special’)”, “don’t need to actively seek Truth that others put out”, etc., I can usually see that they are lying to themselves by their own expressions of consciousness they show me. If they were actually “connected” and “communicating” with “source” as they claim, they would already have the Truth that they obviously don’t have. All I have to do is observe, and they expose themselves as liars. Their actions and behaviors demonstrate a lack of understanding core foundational principles of Truth, and I know they are not actually “connected” because for me the word “connected” is a euphemism to represent alignment, embodiment and being Truth, Love, Good, etc. When they act and behave against what is Truth, Love, Good, Right, Moral, then I know it is all in their own delusional minds.

When I hear people say these things, I am immediately skeptical of their claims. I view it as an attempt to have others view them as “special”. This is a manipulation tactic often used by con-men and charlatans who want to have others pay attention to them and possibly give them some form of reverence or import. Many people tell themselves they are really “spiritual”, when they are not really, they only have some aspect of Truth and they think that makes them really “spiritual.” It is a buzz word of the pseudo-spiritual movements, such as the New Age movement, used by frauds, and gurus to get a following of people who don’t know any better.

I am not “special”, not more than anyone else. I only have certain aspects of Truth aligned with me, embodied, and a part of my being that I have taken in because I have chosen to take it in and have chosen to become those values. This embodiment of Truth, Love, Good, Right through your active choice in actions and behaviors, can indeed be represented as “spiritual.” The Higher Self doesn’t just speak and give you everything on a silver platter, spoon fed with ease. You have to work for it. You have to seek, find and choose to become it. There are requirements. Truth takes time! Time, energy, effort, dedication, determination and persistence. Thinking you can learn certain aspects of Truth on your own is possible, but it will take much more time, effort and energy than if you seek out Truth others have been so kind to share with everyone. Why re-invent the wheel? Thousands of other people have improved upon the design already. Seek Truth in what others have said, as well as your own ability to draw new connections and emergent properties from the existing dataset or pool of knowledge or Truth you recognize.

Those who believe in, act, behave and live out lives based in falsity, fear, evil, wrong and immorality are less actualized with Truth, Love, Good, and therefore their embodiment of certain aspects of Truth is less, since they are already embodying and living wrongdoings in their lives. To claim to be “spiritual”, “connected”, “good”, when you do the opposite in violation of what is Truth, Love, Good, Right, Morality, etc. is not to be really “spiritual”, “connected”, or “good”, or at least is only a partial embodiment of those values and qualities you claim to represent. You embody certain aspects of it, since no one is “purely” evil, but so long as you engage and live your life against those values, then your level of embodiment will be limited compared to those who actually embody Truth, Love, Good, Right to higher degrees than you. I am not “good”, I embody aspects of goodness. I am “generally good”, trying to do what is right with what I know to be right, good and true ways of living in harmony with Natural Law. As I come across Truth to show me more right from wrong, then I can choose to recognize, align and embody it, or deny and reject it to my own detriment and devolution. This will determine my level of embodiment with Truth. I am not “highly spiritual”, I only embody aspects of “spirituality.” I am not “pure-hearted”, I only embody aspects of a developed heart-center, or true Care. These polarized conceptions obfuscate where people actually are in life.

There is too much self-deception in “truther” circles and “spiritual” groups. People do not understand the degrees, grades or levels of the spectrum and make absolute/polarized statements about their perceived level of consciousness.

What makes one truly evolved in their actual level of consciousness is demonstrated through their behavior, through their actions, how they live and what their actions are responsible for, being a participant in evil, or not. Engaging in wrongdoings, or not. The greater the wrong you are engaged in, the less of an evolved consciousness you have.

It’s so simple to me now, but before I “got it”, I didn’t “get it”. I was at a lower level of consciousness. Thanks to seeking Truth, I have evolved my consciousness to change my behaviors and myself in alignment with the Truth I have attained and grasped. This is what brings evolution in consciousness. Truth leads to Love, Right, Good, Morality, Natural Law. The terms we use to reference it does not matter as much as the recognition of it and the embodiment of it.

I go research, me, not the Higher Self. “It” already has everything, “it” doesn’t research. I choose to act and change my behavior and ways of thinking to align myself and embody aspects/qualities of the Higher Self. I research, learn and research more. I go to google and search terms to find correspondences. The search engines spits out similar pages that match my search parameters. The Higher Self is not creating those search results. I am the one doing the work to find it. I am the one seeing links and descriptions that are relevant for me to look into further, for me to warrant further research into. I click on those results and read more to learn more. I am doing this, not the Higher Self. I do it. Me. You. Everyone. We are the ones that have to do the Great Work, to seek, embody, and speak, share and teach what we learn. The Higher Self is at the level where it is, not here where we are. We are the ones on this “plane” of existence  that have to align with its principles, to embody those principles and values. The Higher Self is not doing the work. We are. You develop understanding. You create connections and emergent properties of understanding developed from preexisting accumulation and attainment of Truth.

Do you want some proof through an analogy? Picture a baby consciousness, not aware of anything, not perception in alignment with what is. They can’t make any connection with anything. Awareness of reality is required. Then you can develop from there. It’s all a ladder, steps, grades, levels, that we need to work at progressing in. The Higher Self won’t be giving you all the information, won’t be teaching you, won’t be talking to you (not as far as I can tell anyways). You have to do it yourself through recognition of Truth and alignment with it and embodying it. Through this becoming more aspects of Truth, you create new connections that were not part of the information you accumulated. They are emergent properties, emergent qualities. This is the law of “the whole being greater than the sum of its parts.” This is how physical reality exists from the quantum energy fields. Emergent characteristics form from smaller parts. Reality is a huge Lego set. Reaching Truth is a Lego set of constructing from foundational principles, and building on top of those foundational principles.

Ask yourself, if you were like a baby consciousness and had not experienced aspects of life, and attained degrees of qualities of Truth, would you even be able to make new connections and develop insights from emerging properties of what you have already grasped? No. That is my proof for why we are the ones who do this work to find Truth, and align with it, not the Higher Self feeding us things. Effort is involved. Truth is not handed over on a silver platter, spoon fed to you without you requiring to do anything to grasp it.

That is when we are so-called “connected” or “communicating” with the Higher Self. Through an embodiment of principles, values, qualities, attributes, aspects, characteristics and properties that we have come to recognize are Truth, Love, Good, Right, Moral, etc. It’s not an actual “conversation” or some such thing, at least this is how I have come to understand how this works. Maybe my understanding will develop to “get it”. But I cannot speak of understanding things I do not yet understand.

I have laid out in what I consider great detail the links to understand how Truth is Love, and refined it in my Natural Law, Trivium, Levels of Consciousness chart, and is also what is Good, Right, Moral, Natural Law, Higher Self, Higher Will, Spirit, etc. They are different names to describe different aspects of one thing. This one thing is the Great Force that appears under different principles, values, aspects, properties, characteristics, attributes, and qualities. Only when enough correspondences, correlations, interconnections and interlinking patterns are perceived, recognized and accepted, can one understand how they are all the same thing described in different ways. Those who “get it”, “get it”, and they speak of the same conclusions, usually in different terms and definitions. I have come to understand this thanks to those before me who have had those before them to thank. Who originally understood it first is not known, nor is it important. What is important is the understanding. I did not invent any of this. It is Truth that has been sought after, discovered, embraced and accepted. It’s all likened to Lego building, one thing from another, pieces put together. That is the challenge in life. Truth is not spoon fed. There are requirements: seeking, putting in energy, effort, persistence, dedication, connecting things together, etc.

13I will make a comment on mediation. How do you think I came to understand what I currently understand? I don’t meditate. Do you consider this understanding devalued because I have not meditated? I contemplate, which is a more productive use of the dual aspects of mind/consciousness. Contemplation is reflection. Reflecting on ourselves, and knowledge, on Truth, making connections between things. I don’t meditate because it is not required. What is required is contemplation, which is described by Mark Passio as a merging of the faculties of concentration and mediation. Whether that it actually how it works or not is not important. What is important are the results of contemplation. The results are evolving consciousness through attainment and embodiment of Truth, Love, Good, etc.

Here is my facebook post on Contemplation with quotes from Mark Passio’s podcasts.

Conscious living, in conscious awareness, is what evolves consciousness, not meditation, as far as I am concerned. Purging thought does not seem useful to me other than calming and releasing stress. I know people who meditate, and they have not reached the level of consciousness to develop courage and willpower to align themselves with greater aspects of Truth, Love, Good, Right, Morality, etc. that I have come to do, become and embody. I wonder why that is? Maybe a little imbalance is going on? I am not saying abandon meditation, but maybe let go of the attachment to this “need” for meditation to evolve consciousness? Just a thought… Contemplation, the union of the two aspects, is working great for me, I don’t “need” to worry about focusing on either concentration or meditation, thank you 🙂 Have fun thinking you are “channeling” the Higher Self if that helps you “feel-good” or “special” about yourself, that it is “speaking” to you, because you are so “evolved”, even though your actions, behaviors, speech or writing demonstrate a lack of alignment and embodiment of Truth, Love, Good, Right, Morality, Natural Law, Higher Self, etc. The “channeling” is, as I have already explained, connections and correspondences from existing knowledge. If you would not have come across certain information, you would not have been able to make new emergent connection or gain insights. If you talk about things Mark Passio talks about, and add some new knowledge you have gained, you would not have been able to grasp that emergent knowledge if the prerequisite foundational basis wasn’t there to build upon in the fist place! Think back to my analogy with the child’s consciousness, conscious awareness of various aspects of Truth is what can bring greater attainment of Truth and brings new connections to develop emergent Truths from that aggregate, not non-thinking of non-contemplation. Higher Self doesn’t do the work for you. I prefer to live in Truth and not lie to myself. I don’t care about “feeling-good” about alleged “powers” or “channeling” or “communicating” with Higher Self, as much as I Care for Truth and becoming various aspects of Truth, Love, Good, Right, etc. My understanding of how this applies is actually practical in real-life to get things to change, and will get you to actually align yourself and live by the values and Truth you can come to know. Don’t take in any new information from external sources on Earth, and only rely on your alleged “channeling” of the Higher Self, and let me know what “new” information you come up with. I will be waiting.

Please let me know if you have any objections that make sense, that can help me evolve my consciousness towards understanding what you understand. Judge for yourself whether what I speak makes sense, or is bullshit. I’m don’t have “special” abilities. I have done some hard work to get my current level of consciousness. Anyone can do the same. Truth takes time. Most of us are taught bullshit most of our lives, or engage our time and attention on low quality information, so much of our time is wasted. It’s all up to you were you want to go.