Solitude and Social Conformity

In order to find the True Self in a society of false living, solitary time is required.  Constantly reinforcing the social programming by immersing ourselves in it’s constructs will not allow us to find the True Self within. We need to take time to learn about Truth. Most people focus on relationships and maintaining them. They work within the social acceptability spectrum that is contrary to the honest discovery of Truth. Their criteria for relationship building also largely comes from environmental impositions into consciousness as what is “desired” or “wanted”. As such, they conform themselves into certain molds of acceptable behavioral conditioning in order for the common relative bonds in relationships to be sustained. If they diverge from the construct of the social “individual”, they will lose interconnecting foundations between themselves and others. As the discovery of Truth grows, the detachment from falsity grows as well, but the relationships you try to maintain are still themselves attached to falsity as you used to be, and those points of falsity were major points of cohesion in your socially constructed self. But now you have removed those points of falsity, and so the corresponding interconnectedness is weakened, the connections you have with others based on false ways of living are fractured, and so the bonds in the relationship dissolve.

Those who take the time to learn Truth, will develop in Truth, and unfortunately those who do not will be left behind as we cannot make anyone do anything. If they don’t want to learn, we can’t inject the information into them. Those who do not spend enough time on Truth and self-realization will not live in the same reality as those who do the work. People who end up in isolation are granted the opportunity to find Truth and themselves, if they choose to. They are removed from the distractions and attachment of the social construct, and may have more opportunities to open their eyes to its falsity in this detached modality. While those who are immersed and enamored by the distractions and temptations of pleasures and entertainment will be so attached to the socially engineered false reality, they will not care to look at it honestly. The Pleasure Trap has them wanting to keep the system alive. They are doing relatively “good”, they are “happy”, and they want more of those false proxy substitutes provided by this social construct of living. Some people aren’t going where you are going, they want to stay where they are. A divergent reality emerges before us, one that shows the evil for what it is, while everyone else is stuck in their insulated reality bubbles seeing something else and being happy with it.

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