Correspondences and Imbalances

Correspondences work on similarities and differences. There is commonality in things that have similar properties, and there is less commonality in things that diverge in similarity of properties, that are more different. You can correspond the similarity in  what things have in common, or the similarity of how things lack what others things have. One is correspondence through affirmation (cataphatic path), the other correspondence through negation (apophatic path). Many people fall into imbalanced polarized representations of such a modality, related to the left and right-brain duality.

Those who are in left-brain overuse and dependence may have a hard time seeing the similarity, as the analytical process is one that breaks things down to smaller parts and sees the variability, multiplicity and diversity of what is. Deduction means to break things down. Chronic left-brainers may end up not seeing the forest. They can lack correspondences that come with seeing connections, for they, in their breaking down of things, will dismiss the similarity in favor of the dissimilarity. Everything is separate and is looked at individually, creating a delusional limitation upon understanding more about reality and themselves. The allusions, allegories, metaphors, similes, poetic imagery, symbolism, etc., is not liked. For them, substituting one symbol for another is not strict or defined enough, and leaves too much open for a wide array of association. This would be the negation delusional modality.

A right-brained chronic user may not see the trees, and only see how things are similar, how things are “one” and the “same”, etc. They may have a harder time using the differences of life to understand reality, instead prefer to “harmonize” and “unite” everything in one amalgamation of sameness and “equality”, essentially a delusional fantasy of false “unity”. The analytical process is not something they like to do. It is too tedious and detailed, refined, etc. Loose connections and open acceptance of any possibility tend to be the preferred way of processing reality. This would be the affirmation delusional modality.

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