Wants and Needs

I try to give people what they actually need, not want they want and think they “need”. I have more knowledge, and I can see the condition people are in, and I can help by giving them what they need to hear, not want they want to hear.

The dark occultist agenda has the same view. They have more knowledge, and they have some people believe that they are giving people what they need and not what they want. This is the justification for some to believe and accept their agenda. It’s “necessary, i.e. “needed”. But, they are actually giving people what they want, and this is exactly what the dark occultists need. They give people what the people “want”, more pleasure and distractions, and that is what the dark ones need to continue their agenda unabated. To have people living on their wants, desires, infatuations, pleasures, enjoyment, gratification, amusement, etc. is perfect for them. People think they are being provided with their “needs”, but its also actually the wants of the dark occultists.

I am not a dark occultist. I do not give people false “needs” that I “want” to control them with, or give them their “wants” that they think are “needs”. I give them what they actually need to change, evolve, heal, grow, even if they don’t “want” it.

Telling people what they need but don’t want to hear, vs. telling people what they “want” to hear but don’t need.

Wants and Needs

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