I Wonder How People Actually Think Morality Works

Do they think that if they are happy with themselves, and things are going well in their lives, that this means they are moral? I think many people do think this. They consider themselves “good” because they think they are “moral”, and “moral” because they see themselves as “good”, not doing wrongs. If they were doing wrongs, they would not be happy. If they were not “good”, they would not be happy. Things would go wrong immediately if they were not living a moral life. So they think.

Is all that they require a simple belief that it is so? No specific criteria to determine if they are moral or not?

In all the degrees of harm done to other beings, the differentiating factor seems to be identification with the other. Those who could harm other races dissociated with them as other humans without equal rights. This is what happens with nonhuman animals as well. The justification for our harm against other beings is that they are not like us, they are different breathing, seeing, hearing, thinking, feeling, red blood bleeding beings than us, so we can do whatever we want with them. They have some lesser capacity by comparison to us, so we can do whatever we want to them. This is the Predatory Dominator Mind-Virus that I have yet to do a full write up about. I trace it back to the separation in identification with the animal genus that laid the foundation for progressive dissociation and de-identification with other beings in order to accept violations of their rights.

Regardless of where this began, the human species, previous evolutionary species that handed it down, or another species that created us and infected us with various mind-viruses, there is always an original source development. At some point, there is the original causal factor that led to this mind-virus being propagated throughout the universe, if that is indeed the case. Logically, whether we are seeded by other physical beings, dimensional beings, the creator itself, or the Darwinian evolutionary theory, this all started with de-identification with others as not like us, as other than us, lesser than us. It is a disconnection process from the compassion and care of recognizing yourself in others, in the golden rule, and living in Natural Moral Law. This is the beginning of the Predatory Mind-Virus of Domination and Slavery, from the diseased and poisoned mind and heart of disconnection, separation, and de-identification of others.



– Belief in Being Moral is Not Actually Being Moral

I Wonder How People Actually Think Morality Works…