Tyrants dish out death to solve their problems

Power corrupts. When someone gets to have power over others in some form, this can corrupt them. Maybe they were already corrupted to begin with. Maybe they strove to gain power in order to actualize their desire to control others. Money, politics and fame all grant power.

An example of how power is used to control others and violate moral law, is communism. Joseph Stalin gained power under a lie to help people. Soon, he showed his true colors in his effort to obtain it, and thereafter.

When there was a problem that prevented actualizing control over society, for people to do what he wanted, Stalin knew what to do:

“Death is the solution to all problems. No man, no problem.”
– Joseph Stalin

A problem for him, was divergence from how he wanted people to act. If someone or a group of people would act against his will, using their own free will to do things contrary to what he desired, he would remove them from the equation.

Gulags work, that makes people go away, and you can use them for slave labor to produce for society without giving them more than they need to survive. But if that fails, or even instead of sending them there, you just kill murder them.

This is how you make a revolution work in the first place. There are people standing in your way to change things towards the way you want them to be. You want social change, but some people just don’t want to do what you want. That’s a problem. You want people to be “unified” and operating as “one” cohesive machine in society. So, you just get rid of them.

For a tyrant and psychopath bent on controlling others and society, the easiest thing to do is to remove the obstruction that prevents your vision from being realized. Those obstructions are people with free will. If they won’t bend to your will by persuasion or force, then they can be removed from existence.

Authoritarian rulers use this in our times, all over the world. Even in Western “democratic” societies we get rid of people who are trouble makers, maybe not through death though. If you’re a dissident who objects to the state, you can be deemed a possible terrorist. You can be harassed and detained in order to try to shut you up.

Freedom is a hard thing to get in human history. We’ve been fighting to allow our free will to exist amidst the will of those who to dominate and control us, who want us to subsume our will to theirs. Can we reach the goal of no masters, no rulers (anarchy), and be able to live in peace where our wills don’t violate the wills of other beings?



  • Colin

    A great point to make about Western Societies and leaders of. As I grow older & become more educated I’ve come to realise or start to believe that, for example; the TV Media is a mere smoke screen for what is really going on in the background. my worse fears are being realised in that homelessness is in many cases a ” slow genocide ” where people are being gotten rid of. What is so bad that people should loose their bed & the roof over their head? there are always work arounds in the situation of being served a repossession order or an eviction order. Politicians can put in to Law that everyone is entitled to a bed and a roof on a permanent basis & that no one should sleep under the stars. ever. I’ve no doubt that this is down to power and the abuse of.
    Another point to make about getting rid of people is that around 250.000 people go missing in the UK every year. not all of those who go missing, return home. I guess there are various reasons why people go missing or disappear and I suspect skulduggery at all levels within the community/society. sometimes going missing may not be the only means of ridding the World of people who can’t or won’t tow the line, you also have to consider; poisonings, shootings, stabbings, imprisonment/detention, kidnap & murder and other ways of getting rid of people that are beyond my comprehension. being an illicit drug user doesn’t make them a bad person or a burden on Society but you can bet that some of those drug users have been given a hot-shot as a means to an end. people don’t always choose a life of drug misuse, some are tricked or manipulated into such behaviours. There seems to be too many ways where people meet an untimely end.

    • Yes homeless people are people, and some may chose it, while others have unfortunate circumstances befall them. It should be up to communities to help their fellows to try to get them back into the fold, not politicians to make laws really. We are the ones who should be helping each other voluntarily.

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