Oneness and Unity

What is “oneness”? What it is to truly be “one” with others and the universe? It is to be united with Truth and Morality, that higher force. It is an honest Care for Truth, Morality and other beings, of not doing harm. Forget all the other pseudo-“spiritual” nonsense you have ever assimilated into your consciousness about what “oneness” and “unity” are. True Oneness and Unity is based in Morality. If you are engaging in preventable harm against other innocent sentient animate beings that did you no harm and have every right to life as you do, then you are not as much in comprehension of “oneness” or “unity” as you would like to think you are, no matter how many buzz-word catch-phrases you use that make you feel-good about yourself. “Love and light”, “resonance”, “passion”, “enjoyment”, “pleasure”, etc. will not get you True Oneness or True Unity. Alignment, harmony, unity, integration and coherence with Truth, Love, Good, Right, Morality, Natural Law, Higher Self, Higher Will, True Self, etc. is what “oneness” is really about. That is the Force we all seek yet call it by different names. All good we create comes from that unity. All evil we create comes from that disunity. Our “disconnection” from the True Self results in ignorance, confusion, control and chaos.