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Experts from the US Senate Hearing on COVID-19 Destroy the Bullshit Lockdown, Isolation and Social Distancing

Last week there was the US Senate Hearing on COVID-19. A panel of experts were consulted to give their advice on the situation. The information and arguments provided by 4 of them speak volumes about the mismanagement of the government with regard to what is referred to as COVID-19.   Here are the main points made. Video below. Scott W. Atlas, […]

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Governments Readying Forced Vaccinations Via ‘Public Health Emergency’

The topic of vaccination has steadily increased with respect to COVID-19. As with any virus, vaccines are touted as the go-to “solution”. Bill Gates has even called vaccines the “final solution” for what is known as COVID-19. Source  Vaccines to save us all Bill Gates first said vaccines were the only way way life would return to “normal” again. Until […]

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“You have NO RIGHT to NOT be Vaccinated”: Dershowitz, Madman Authoritarian

dershowitz vaccines

According to the popular establishment and pedo-connected lawyer Alan Dershowitz, you basically have no rights unless the government lets you have them. What’s more, is that this guy is considered a “scholar” in the field of United States constitutional law! What a pathetic joke! Source In the video at the bottom you can listen to the “noted civil libertarian” get asked by Jason […]

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Lockdown Forces Multiple Waves of COVID, Mutating and Returning Each Season, ‘Justifying’ More Government Control

The government measures to force lockdowns and coerce isolation will return. They’ve said as much in the media. Until there is the miracle vaccine unicorn to save us, the lockdown and isolation will return. Because, we are all told, there is no other way to treat a COVID-19 infection. There is no remedy. Hydroxychloroquine with azithromycin and zinc doesn’t work. […]

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Media Conditioning People To Accept a ‘New Normal’ Way of Life Post-Lockdown, No Return to Pre-COVID Life

Many of the current politicians, former politicians, and media anchors (and other talking heads), are often referring to the “new normal”. In some cases the “new normal” is referred to as the new way of life while we “deal” with COVID-19. That’s because the government has imposed measures that vary per country, measures that people must obey or else face […]

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Bullies, the Tyranny of Authority and the Abuse of Power

There we are, doing our thing. But then someone doesn’t like that others like what we’re doing. They don’t want someone to challenge what they want. Some people do things that challenge the self-view and worldview of others who want to keep things as they are so they can keep their positions of power and control. They will attack others […]

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Authority Levels Can Shift, But Individuals Are Always Subjugated

Follow with me if you’re aware that there are various authority levels that nest into each other like a Russian Doll, from international to local levels. Leaving Authority The EU nations can leave the European Union without moving location if the majority of people decide in a vote, while we as individuals can’t just leave the impositions of an external […]

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