Correcting Our Wrongs – True “Spirituality”

Humans are the worst species on this planet, if you have the eyes to see and the ears to hear, to look into the “historical mirror” honestly.

If you are blind to the horrors humans have committed against each other, against other animals and the general planetary ecosystem, then you need to raise your awareness. No change is possible without first recognizing the actuality of the problem.

If you don’t understand we have many emotional, intellectual, psychological, and “spiritual” barriers and distortions that prevent us from actualizing and realizing our true potential and value, then you also need to raise your awareness more. We aren’t going anywhere until we let go of the bullshit attachments we hold onto.

If you think “spirituality” is based on affective states of feeling and emotion, then you also need to raise your awareness more. “Spirituality” corresponds to Morality, as does Freedom correspond to Morality. It is our purpose to live Right not wrong, to learn from the wrongs that we have been collectively inflicting for so long. Understanding Natural Law is the Way and Path to Live and fulfill our greatest potential and value.

Correcting Our Wrongs – True “Spirituality”

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