Creating Our Way Into a Heaven or Hell

The mythological “gods” or “God”, were creators of various kinds. Depending on where you go, a culture will see a god or various gods as the creator of reality, existence, the world, everything, or specifics like humans, or art, etc.

These are all attempts by us to try to explain how things got here. Since we can create and do things, we analogize and project that outwards to some imagined being that did the same for humans and everything else.

Using the same characteristic of being a creator, we are “gods” of our human generated world we have created (not objective universal reality itself). Consciousness is the source for our ability to act in the world, to generate, create and manifest through our actions.

Made by @krnel
We have great power to do good or evil, the potential to actualize, something to become and be. The world has been greatly modified by our actions to affect, alter, modify, change and create the human world we have created.

When we create something in our human world and live by it, be it government, religion, money, countries, etc., then we have manifested that as a form of existence in reality. If we want to get rid of these forms of reality we manifested, to unmanifest them, we need to stop manifesting them.

Simple. They exist as an effect of our generating them into existence. We can choose to no longer live by these ways of life and change our way of existence. They only exist because of us, by us, and through us. But make no mistake, they are here right now, and exist, and the only way to get rid of them is to no longer make them exist, to no longer create in these conceived ways of living.

If we want to change our world, we need to change our expressions of consciousness. We can either (1) change our expressions of consciousness that are flawed so that they are no longer flawed (i.e. stop believing in the necessity of government, stop believing the things we create don’t exist), (2) keep thinking the same way and therefore keep creating the same way.

We can create a better way of life and evolve to greater heights. It’s all up to us whether we create a heaven or hell on Earth.