The Science of Imagery (book excerpt)

Here are excerpts from the Ringing Cedar book series about Mind Control through the manipulation of Images in our minds. I wrote some notes encapsulated in asterisks, ***note***, when I read the books, to provide correspondence with mind control.


“The songs were made up of ordinary words already familiar to everyone. But the words were combined in such a way as to cause their listeners to hang on each new combination with bated breath. And then there was the captivating melody in the resonant voice of my forefather. It beckoned and called, fascinated and created living images.

At that time there was still no outward Egyptian state, its temples had not yet been built, but my forefather could tell that it would all come about as a result of the calling of Man’s thought and dream, melding into one.

”Accustomed to material conflicts, they had no idea of the power the images held over all – images that delighted people’s souls and fascinated their hearts.
– Ringing Cedars, Co-Creation, pg 97


To keep the secret, the high priests divided up the whole science of imagery, and caused the other priests to think in differing directions. Hence astronomy, and mathematics, and physics came along quite a bit later, as well as a multitude of other sciences, including the occult sciences. They were all developed for the simple purpose of drawing people’s attention to individual sectors, thereby ensuring that nobody would ever be able to break through to the core of the teaching.”

“It is a science that allows Man to accelerate his thought and think in terms of images, to grasp the whole of the Universe at once and penetrate a microcosm, to create invisible yet still living substance-images and use them to control a large community of people.
– Ringing Cedars, Co-Creation, pg 113


“They learnt to think in terms of images, as I told you.”

“Yes, you told me, only it’s still not clear to me what connection mathematics, say, or physics, has with this science.”

“One who masters this science does not need to write out formulas, or outline or create a variety of models. He is able to penetrate matter mentally, right down to the nucleus, and split an atom. But this is just a simple exercise to learn how to control people’s destinies and those of the populations of various countries.”

There is an example in the Old Testament when the priests were competing amongst themselves to see who could create the strongest images. Moses the priest against the pharaoh’s high priests. Moses cast his rod down in the sight of everyone and turned it into a serpent. And the priests of the pharaoh’s court did the same thing. Then the serpent created by Moses swallowed up the other serpents.”1

“You mean to say all that actually happened?!”


“It was to show who could create the strongest images, capable of conquering other images.
– Ringing Cedars, Co-Creation, pg 114


********** Science of Imagery, is the science of creating images of some specification/type in the minds of people for them to believe in, for them to accept and envision as the way reality is… this is hinted at below “And then each member of the public felt the invisible image hanging over him and acted according to his understanding of it”. This image in their minds of the reality they see, was perpetuated by the priests to maintain the image of the power structure they created and control with. **********

The priest selected as pharaoh was always obliged to conform to the conceived image, especially during public appearances. And then each member of the public felt the invisible image hanging over him and acted according to his understanding of it. When people believe in an image and the majority find it to their liking, each one is only too happy to follow it, and the state has no need to set up a huge official surveillance apparatus. Such a state can only grow stronger and flourish.”
– Ringing Cedars, Co-Creation, pg 117


********** Again, it’s images created in the minds of men to keep them satisfied with the state of living they are in. The more the magic spell/image is in favor of what people want or think they want, then they are more willing to accept the current conditions they live by. Or it can be used to show people the true state of their current condition and make them realize how wrong it is. ***********

“Without an image, Vladimir, no state can get by even today. Today it is only the state in which the governing image is the most acceptable to the majority of people that flourishes, compared to other states.”
– Ringing Cedars, Co-Creation, pg 118


“But before the revolution actually took place, the image of a new and just system of governance with a bright outlook was already circulating among the people, and the old system was being exposed. After all, initially it was the image of a new state that was being formed, along with the image of a new ruler who would be most benevolent to everyone. And the image of everyone leading a happy life. It was images such as these that led people on and motivated them to fight against those who were still loyal to the old images. And both the revolution and the civil wars which followed it – a war which involved multitudes of people were in fact a conflict between two competing images.
– Ringing Cedars, Co-Creation, pg 119


************* Associations with images and symbols were induced by propaganda, and then later the images based on these symbols remained in the minds of men which influenced their will to do certain things. ************

“Of course there might well be something in what you say,” I admitted. “Only Lenin and Stalin weren’t images. Everybody knows they were merely human beings who happened to be leaders of their country.”

“You bring up these names, thinking that behind them stood simply people in the flesh. In fact… Perhaps if you think about it, you will see that it was very far from being that way, Vladimir.”

“Then tell me, Vladimir, what sort of Man was Stalin?”

“What sort? The sort … Well, in the beginning, everybody thought him to be kind and just. Someone who loved children. There were photos and portraits of him holding a little girl in his arms. Thousands of soldiers went into battle crying ‘For the Motherland! For Stalin!’

“So, that means that a great many people loved him and triumphed in deadly conflicts with their enemies in his name? They dedicated poems to him, but what do they say about him today?”

“Today they say he was a bloodthirsty tyrant and a murderer. He let multitudes of people rot in prisons. They unceremoniously removed his body from the Mausoleum and buried it in the ground, and destroyed all the monuments to him, along with the books he once wrote … ”

“Now do you understand? You see before you two different images. Two images, but the same Man.”

“Stalin as a Man corresponded to neither of these two images – before or after – and therein lay the tragedy for the nation. There has always been tragedy in states where a significant discrepancy has come up between the ruler and his image. That is where all national troubles have begun. And in these times of trouble people have fought for the images with the gun. It is only recently that people were still attracted to the image of communism, but the image of communism has deteriorated, and now what are you and everybody else in the nation attracted to?”
– Ringing Cedars, Co-Creation, pg 119-120


*********** The images/concepts/ideas in the minds of men are simply their for complacency. If you are satisfied with your way of living, all will be well, your image of how life is great is sustained. If life is crappy, then your image has deteriorated and you no longer see that image as valid any longer compared to what reality is showing you. The image can be true or a fantasy, the belief in it is what matters to those who inculcate and manipulate them. *************

“But what’s wrong with our starting to live the way they do, say, in America, or Germany?” “Take a closer look at how many problems there are in the countries you name. Ask yourself why they need such huge police forces and great numbers of hospitals. And why are there more and more suicides there? And where do people from the rich big cities go for their holidays? And they constantly require increasingly greater numbers of officials to watch over the public. All this means that their images are deteriorating, too.”

“Yes, the result is that we are thereby prolonging their life, but not by much. When they destroyed the leading images in your country, they did not create any new image in its place. And everyone was allured by an image that was prevalent in a foreign country. If they all keep bowing down to it, then your country will cease to exist – it is a country which is losing its own image.”
– Ringing Cedars, Co-Creation, pg 121


******** Public relations and psychological manipulations **********

“There are people even today who are wholly involved in creating images and determining the ability of images to attract a nation’s people, and their calculations are frequently quite accurate.”

remember, when the time comes to elect new deputies to the Duma, ro or to select a single ruler out of several candidates – he’s called a president today – how their image is presented to the people. And those images are put together by people who have chosen image-making as their profession. Each candidate has several such people working for him. And the winner is the one whose image is the most favourable to the majority of voters.”

“Of course, they appear themselves, only they always get advised as to where they should go, how they should behave, what they should say, so as to fit the image most favourable to the people. And, more often than not, the candidates heed this advice. In addition, a variety of advertisements are made up for them, attempting to associate their image with a better life for all.”
– Ringing Cedars, Co-Creation, pg 121-122


you are voting for the image which has been served up to you.

“But each candidate still has a platform, and people vote for the platform.”

“How often are those platforms carried out once the candidate is elected?”

“Well, not all pre-election platforms are carried out by any means, and maybe none of them ever gets fully carried out, because other people with their platforms of their own get in the way.”

“So each time it turns out that a multitude of images is created, but there is no complete unity among them. There is no single image capable of attracting everyone and leading them to a goal. If there is no image, then there is no inspiration, and no clear path. Life becomes ad hoc and chaotic.”
– Ringing Cedars, Co-Creation, pg 123


Images can lead people to a many-splendoured creation, but if their inner unity is surrendered they can also lead to annihilation. But what, exactly, is an image? An image is an entity of energy invented by human thought. It can be created by a single Man or by several together.

A clear example of the collective creation of an image may be seen in stage-acting. One Man describes the image on paper, while another portrays the described image on the stage. What happens to the actor who portrays the image invented? For a time the actor exchanges his own feelings, aspirations and desires for those inherent in the invented image. In the process the actor may change the way he walks, his facial expression, his usual clothing. In this way the invented image acquires a temporary embodiment. The ability to create images is something only Man is endowed with. The image created by Man can remain in space only so long as it is held in Man’s thought – either by a single Man or by several at once.
– Ringing Cedars, Book of Kin, pg 151


I must bring human souls into subjection, and direct all their love and tremulous affection back to myself. But in this case it is not an army that is needed, but scientific thought. The science of imagery that is my invisible army. The deeper I become acquainted with it, the more faithfully this army ought to serve me. The less that is known by the crowd, immersed as it is in occultism and unreality, the more it will be in subjection to me.
– Ringing Cedars, Book of Kin, pg 158


Throughout history national ideologies have been created through devices which exert an influence on human society through images, through the clandestine ancient knowledge of the science of imagery.

Man is created to think, and thoughts in turn form images. And its existence is determined not by the will of academics, but by the very nature of Man.
– Ringing Cedars, New Civilization, pg 146


Certain elements of this science are intuitively employed by modern political technologists.

Hence the terminology image-making, way of life, way of thinking, a candidate’s image.
– Ringing Cedars, New Civilization, pg 146


Precedent to the formation of the USSR was the creation of an attractive image of a socialist future and then of a communist state. Landowners and manufacturers were cast in the image of bloodsuckers of the proletariat. The tsar still reigned in Russia, and the monarchy seemed unshakeable. Yet at the same time an image was at work which was busy attracting followers, and these in turn found all sorts of ways to bring down the monarchy and create a new state in the new image. The fall of the USSR was also preceded by the creation of an image – an image of the country as a totalitarian state, along with a discussion on the need to replace it with a new one – a happy, free democratic state along Western lines. The government and leaders of the communist state were cast in the role of bloodthirsty thugs trampling on freedoms and on the people themselves. The socialist order was painted as intolerable and leading nowhere. The image of communists created by theatre and cinema directors, actors and artists, on which whole generations of the populace had been raised, was now summarily shunted aside. But what was there to take its place?

The resulting vacuum began to be filled with images of flourishing businessmen, gangsters, prostitutes and Hollywood starlets. Our young people strove to imitate their habits and morals. There is no disputing the fact that material wealth is fast becoming the criterion by which prosperity is measured. Who attains it and how – that doesn’t enter into the picture. The need to build a developed democratic state has been proclaimed to all, but not a word has been (or is being) said about the insurmountable problems in other ‘democratic’ countries – drug addiction, colossal corruption, environmental degradation, mental depression, decline in birth-rate and a whole lot else besides.
– Ringing Cedars, New Civilization, pg 147


Whatever image you latch on to, you yourself will become.
– Ringing Cedars, New Civilization, pg 149


An image is at work. A combination of factors already perceptible to analysts has been put into operation. Quite a simple combination at that. Let’s try to reason it through. What are we building today? Where are we heading to? The political technologists tell us they are building a democratic state on the Western model. And so, once it is built, we shall all be rich and happy. “But,” millions of our fellow-citizens quite reasonably argue, “if there already exist on the Earth developed states that are both democratic and happy, then wouldn’t it be easier simply to go and live there now?” And millions have left – and continue to leave – for Germany, Israel and America, putting their intellectual and financial capital at the disposal of these countries. And they become slaves there. The image is working!
– Ringing Cedars, New Civilization, pg 150


Here we are fighting not against causes, but against effects. The image has already done its work. It is capable of entering unhindered into the minds of politicians and generals, highranking government officials and ordinary people. Because it is image, it knows neither border guards nor closed office doors. It lures young girls from isolated Russian villages to faraway lands with its promises of a happy life, and then forces them to work as prostitutes in Cyprus, Israel or New York.

For the sake of this promise of a happy life, officials are ready to take bribes and policemen to go into cahoots with criminals. This image has tremendous energy.

Thousands of government officials now have more power, but being under the influence of the image, they will unwittingly act in the interests of the image, i.e., in the interests of the image’s creators.
– Ringing Cedars, New Civilization, pg 151

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