Capital to Capitalism? Mind Control Through a False Proxy

Words. They shape our perceptual reality.

Capital (etymology link)

from Latin capitalis “of the head,” hence “capital, chief, first,” from caput (genitive capitis) “head”, from PIE *kaput- “head”. Meaning “main, principal, chief, dominant, most important” is from early 15c.

What does “capital” (chief, first, principal, most important, etc.) have to do with “capital”-ism? Why use the word “capitalism” to define a condition of social living with the root word “capital”?



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The only link I can see is that “capital”-ism is a form of living which puts whatever an ego-personality-identity construct deems is “chief, first, principal, most important” and seeks that “most important” thing above all else and other concerns. This is the current society we live in. Anyone can decide what is “capital” (principal, most important) to them, and pursue it, to the detriment of everyone else if need be. If we value something, we seek to attain it. Paper money, gold, diamonds, beer, wood, etc.

I have no problem with this “seeking of what is most important” as a general way of life as long as there is a recognition of the most supreme importance: Truth. Then, I would accept “capitalism” as a way of life as it related to the root word “capital”, which would be to seek the most important thing: Truth.

Otherwise, the current “capitalism” has no interest for me in terms and definitions relating to “goods or services”, and I would recommend using a different word to encapsulate the idea for living that you envision. “Capitalism” is not the right word. The etymological root for capital has nothing to do with goods and services or economics with monetary currency. The only true meaning for the word “capital” is as I have described above which is relating to that which is “most important”. The etymology reveals so much.

Currently, people value goods and other trivialities above the supreme value of Truth, hence these goods are a valuation of their “capital”, but not the ultimate “capital” that provides the Right-Action to create a real, lasting, effective future of true freedom and peace. This drive towards attaining this form of false “capital” leads to our self destruction and devolution of consciousness. The current “capital” is materialism, which needs to be superseded by Truth, and then the focus of “capital”-ism would have little to do with “good and services”.

Please use another word other than “capitalism” to describe the way of living you envision that is “optimal”. Why reinvent the word “capital”-ism to mean something that has no root in etymology? It only creates more confusion. Maybe this was done for a reason like other words they manipulate us with? Hmm… This is another suppositional reason why it is currently being used in this way to act as a talismanic false proxy for the real “capital” we really deep-down value: Truth. Money, mon-eye, one-eye is used similarly as a false proxy for something our deep natures longs for: the symbolic or actual “one eye” of clarity in discerning reality. The word capital exists, learn what it truly means and stop using the conditioned definition that is the spell on your mind — mind control.

I would also add that failure to value Truth as the chief, first, principal, most importance in life will indeed lead to a “capital offense” and “deadly sin”. Look at the world we currently live in.


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Capital to Capitalism? Mind Control Through a False Proxy