Be Right or Go Wrong

1. Admit wrong

2. Choose to not be wrong in thought

3. Choose to not be wrong in action

The ego problem many have is that they don’t care for right or wrong, and this is evident in their behavior and words. They can’t admit wrong, because they have an aversion to admitting they are wrong, in thought or deed/action. It is an ego issue. Those who care to BE RIGHT, DO RIGHT, and LIVE RIGHT, do admit their wrongs, and seek not to be wrong, and seek not to do wrong. They seek to remove and lessen their wrong-doings. Moral living must be sought over immoral living, no matter what falsity you are attached to and will “lose”. It is not a loss of anything good, it is a loss of evil and gaining good as a result.

That is why some people can’t handle brutal honesty and hard truth. They aren’t even honest with themselves. They cannot face the mirror in true honesty and self-respect.

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Be Right or Go Wrong