Carnism: The Psychology of Eating Meat

Face your shadow, demon, darkness and negative. Face the wrongdoings and evil you are a part of. Only conscious awareness of the truth of your actions and behaviors and real alignment of perceptions with reality will allow you to do this, not so-called “inner-truth” teachings from meditation, plant-consciousness, or other escapist derivations that prevents you from gaining access to REAL truth to change our lives for the better.

*Site-note on mediation:
Meditation will not get you to automatically face your shadow and demons as so many frauds claim. Look at their lives, they are still engaging in wrongdoings because they don’t want to let go of the attachment and dependence on “feeling-good” about themselves. It’s all about escapism and not facing the mirror in full honesty and self-respect. Meditation becomes a crutch to prevent you from spiritual evolution and evolving consciousness to higher levels. Ignorance of Truth is what mediation really brings when you chronically use it, unless you are really in need of healing that meditation can offer, but only for that specific aspect of healing something, and only that something, not for everyday “feel-good” about yourself use. Meditation is being used by most people to not think, not face the hard truth, ignore, deny and reject Truth. Mediation is NOT required for spiritual evolution, and often becomes a detriment and cul-de-sac preventing one from going all the way in Truth and engaging in the Wisdom of Right-Action.