Beliefs – A Short Introduction

Most of us lack an understanding of how to think correctly, and how words are defined as well. Belief is not truth, despite how many people erroneously think and confuse the two. Recognizing the difference is crucial, yet most people do not.

Truth is synonymous with reality/existence. Latin veritas (truth), it is veracious, it has veracity, it is verifiable, in reality. Beliefs are generated from the phantasmal imaginal realm in consciousness. Beliefs can be true, but they need to be proven true to be true, otherwise they are simply possibilities and relegated to the category of fantasy speculation for the time being, not truth.

Belief, is a trust, faith and loyalty in something. This can be a person, or an idea from imagination in consciousness. Having trust, faith and loyalty to an idea/concept does not constitute truth, reality or existence. You can be betrayed by misplacing trust, loyalty, faith and belief in someone, and this applies to ideas/concepts as well.

Belief is a #2 level problem. The #1 level problem is consciousness which doesn’t think correctly or know how, that creates imaginary beliefs to try to explain reality, inventing an answer to a question, and also consciousness that accepts those beliefs because they want to believe. People want to believe things, so they choose to believe it as “truth”.