Caring Enough to Take Real World Action

The full segment from Mark Passio’s Street-Wise Spirituality presentation 2014-05-31

Having enough knowledge to know what action will lead to a better outcome, not just taking action indiscriminately or randomly. It certainly is not about remaining passive in the face of all the evil taking place and accepting it as it is.

It will take a collective act of will power and personal sacrifice to step out of what you want in you own life to learn the truth and then convey it to other people. We need more people involved in this work.

The Path and Way is to be learned, and shown to others for them to learn.

It’s about continued persistence, trying all the time to better yourself.

Care drives our thoughts and actions. Care is the generator for the quality of our experience. What we care enough about is what we put our time, focus, attention, energy, and effort into.

The “heart” energy is what we use to create our shared collective experience, what we care for is what we put out time, energy, attention and effort into.

True Care, agape, is a wider, cosmic care, caring about what is happening, what is manifesting, and caring enough about wanting to change it because it is not right as it currently is.

What we Care enough about to put our Will behind is ultimately what gets created in our world. People don’t care enough, that is why the world is as is is, even if they say they want things to be different, they aren’t doing the things required to bring that about, such as learning about the problem to know the solution from the root causal factors. They are not doing the actions for change.

Until the “heart” is expanded and we Care enough to get in on the battle field and take right-action in the world, and teach the difference between right and wrong, not only to ourselves and others around us, but the future generation, then don’t expect any positive lasting change. It takes the ORDERING principle of Free Will powered by True Care.

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