The Disease of Belief in Authority and Order Following

A few days ago two state gang-thugs shoved a 75 year old who was in their face. He fell back to the cement and started bleeding from his ear. This is the reality of the problem.

Yes, racial profiling happens, and racial minorities are targeted more by police. But the real problem is police. It doesn’t matter what color your skin is, these thugs will impose violence on you and even kill you, no matter what race you belong to. It’s not black vs. white that’s the issue. It’s blue vs. everyone else that’s the issue. It’s authority vs. everyone else that’s the issue.

It may be that this 75 year old is an agitator. He might be part of Antifa. I hate Antifa. They are the fascists among the people who are legitimately protesting. But someone being Antifa and getting up in the face of some riot police being ordered to “clear out” an area, is no excuse to shove him around.

Order following is no excuse. Yet, that’s what boot lickers an cop apologists say to justify this behavior by order followers. They are just doing their job. What a bullshit excuse.

Police brutality demonstrates the illusion and fantasy of what many believe the police are: officers of peace. They aren’t there to protect us. They are there to protect the masters and the system to keeps the elite master class going about their looting of everyone else. If you don’t get that, go read We Are Watching The Story Of America Crash Headlong Into The Reality Of America by Caitlin Johnstone.

There is no excuse for the above, or other police brutality. People have rights to protests and not move. And if you want to follow orders like a good little bitch, then you can do it without pushing people down and beating them with sticks or shooting them in the eye with rubber bullets.

Hi. I’m a social worker. I work with adults with severe autism. Im TCI certified. My coworkers and I regularly have to subdue v strong and v aggressive individuals and we do so w no weapons & causing no respiratory distress or harm to the Person.
Police have no excuse.

There are idiots who comment that someone like the old guy or anyone else who allegedly “tries to grab a gun” deserves it. Amazing how people justify this.

The two cops that pushed this guy down, got suspended. As a result, the whole riot unit reigned from the riot unit, not from their jobs as state thugs.

They were then also brought up on charges. About fucking time more of this happens. Now you might think there are good cops. AS far as I’m concerned, a good cop is one that goes and finds another job. None of the “good cops” have been stopping their fellow blue-bloods from beating people or shooting at them. They just stand around and protect their “brother” or “sister” and defend their violence. The group think is so bad sometimes they just all join in and start beating people up because one started doing so.

When the two cops were charged with felony assault, they walked outside the Buffalo City Courthouse and were greeted by applause from their cops blue colleagues. Applause, for shoving an old guy down where he then bled from his head/ears.

These are the scum you think care about you and your rights. They are order followers from their masters, and they want us to follow their orders as their masters. If we don’t obey, we get pushed around, beat up or killed. And don’t even think you have the right to defend yourself from these terrorists who are using violence for political ends, ordered to do so by their political masters. You can rightfully do so, but you will probably be killed by them and they will get away with it.

The whole problem is a belief. The belief in authority. The belief that some people have the right to impose violence on you. the right to steal form you. The right to assault you. The right to murder you. This is where order following comes from.

These people do wrongs because they are told to, because they get a paycheck for doing it. And they all work in gang that supports each others immoral behavior, defending each other. Even if there are no orders, they just choose to do wrongs and their brethren choose to defend them in their immorality.

The world is like Star Wars, where the Empire is the state/government, and the storm troopers and the thug order followers that enforce the dictates of the high authorities. The storm troopers (police) order followers are not the good guys.

To really change things for the better, people need to go beyond the racial issue, and get down to the core root issue of belief in authority and order following. This is why some people have more rights than others, and deny the basic rights of others, and get away with immoral behavior, with wrongs that harm others.


  • Brenda Stickney

    This is true; I agree wholeheartedly with getting beyond race in the law enforcement problem. About only good cops find other jobs…. Do you think we can survive without any law and order enforcement? I personally know people who are/were cops and they are good people with superiors that are the problem, as you say, with the wrong beliefs of abuse of power and bullying. It all boils down to the mindset of the top dog. They need to remember that they serve us, and used to be officers of the peace. The people I know, yes, one has left to become a private investigator, the other complains about his superior. I have had very minor unpleasant experiences with small town cops and they need to be corrected before they turn into major problems with these people who have the wrong attitude towards those that they serve. Right now, I have a problem with the Good Ol Boys in Local Government, bullying those who they don’t like. One Selectman got into power (Town has less than 1000 pop) with a few votes, and now the others get a few write in votes and magically are on the 3 person Board, appointing their friends who do their dirty work, stomping on those who get in their way. Many have resigned, as they tried to be a voice of reason, but on a three person Board, they were always the odd man out and never made a difference. The bullies know people in town have no means to fight them, so abuses of power are obvious and rampant. Your analysis of why they do this is enlightening and makes so much sense. We are going to the local paper with their abuses so that hopefully, we are not alone, and see what happens. Maybe more will come forward with their stories. There is strength in numbers and I don’t know why most people do not make these issues public. Fear of being ridiculed I suspect. It’s so sad when a bad faction takes over a town and no one stands up to it. Well, not us! This is a fight to the finish!

    • There is no such thing as a “good” order follower. As soon as you follow orders, you don’t follow your conscience. Outside of that role as an order follower, sure you can be a good person in their offtime, but that isn’t the totality of what the person does. When you take on the role as an order follower, by definition, you follow orders, you get paid to do what you’re told to do. You support a system of enforcing orders that are immoral, even if you are a paper pusher behind a desk. You follow orders, or you are out of a job. You are told to support immoral things from on high, or you find another job.

      It’s not about being better off, it’s about being moral or not. But if you want to look at it that way, then yes things are better off. With the deluded belief in the legitimacy of authority to rule and control others who don’t initiate harm against others, people justify and support the harm and violence being done. If these gang thugs were without the belief in authority, people would see them for what t hey are: violent gang thugs, and be more willing to defend themselves against the violence.

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