Hijacking Goodness

Intelligence and thought seem to be framed as undesirable in the modern generation, in favor of the surmounting meme of foolishness and idiocy that pervades the entertainment distraction circuits of consciousness shaping.

The social engineering into the normalized acceptability of the false construct of living, will indoctrinate us with false notions of Morality, Truth and Goodness. These impositions of false proxy “goodness” have us coerce ourselves to conform with them in our conception of “moral” living. Again, as the system supplants the true duty and privilege of Natural Law, the system also supplants the accurate concept of Goodness and how to live morally. This false dualistic conceptual framework creates an attachment to the socially constructed perception of “goodness” and “morality”, while denouncing the contrary. This way, the system keeps people accepting falsity as truth, and rejecting truth as falsity, ensuring the psychological framework that the system depends on will continue.

People can misunderstand this to view goodness and morality as themselves false social constructs created to keep us in line. These social constructs are false, and we need to find the real, substantive, accurate Goodness and Morality that social engineering occults from us.

Thinking and intelligence to figure things out for ourselves is what is required, but the social engineering again has the entertainment distractions to continually influence people into favoring the extreme foolishness of idiocy and mediocre “facts” over the reflective, contemplative, inner-work to perceive, conceive, understand and navigate reality. Instead of thinking for themselves, people mostly think of their convenience and continued social integration that comes with acceptance of the social norms they were given and are expected to adhere to in order to get the “goodness” and “happiness” they so desire. The false proxies keep them trapped forever in fantasy delusions without them having a clue as to why things don’t work out right in this world.

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