Objective Detachment (Addendum)

When trying to uncover Truth, honestly, you need to detach from who you think you are, all your justifications and validations for what you do, why you do it, etc. You need to look at Truth without association to yourself, without subjective attachment to yourself and your life. Looking at Truth must be objective, otherwise, your personal preferences, life choice, current condition, economic survival, etc. will factor into your ability to discern Truth, and will prevent you from being able to perceive it accurately if you let these personal attachment cloud your vision. When looking into Moral Truth, this is especially dangerous. People will choose to uphold their life choices in contradiction to Moral Truth simply because they are not objectively searching for Truth, they are merely looking for Truth that does not conflict with their current accepted life-choices and behaviors.

( *This is an older note I found related to the previous Objective Detachment )