“Priest” Controllers (book excerpts)

A small enterprise has an official in charge. A large enterprise has several people in charge, under a chief executive officer. There are many rulers over all sorts of territories which are known by different names: provinces, regions, states, communities, republics etc. The particular name is not important. Each nation has a ruler, who is aided by a whole host of assistants.

The ruler of a nation – is that the limit? That is what people often think. Does that mean nobody is governing the whole human society living on the Earth? And are there no claimants wishing to ascend the throne of the Earth? There have indeed been claimants. There still are. You know from recent history many names of military commanders who have tried to dominate the world by force. But not one of them has ever succeeded in taking power over the world. Whenever they found themselves close to seizing universal authority, something would inevitably happen, resulting in the destruction of both the pretender to world dominance and his army.

And the nation aspiring to world domination, which before had been considered strong and flourishing, suddenly dropped to the level of a run-of-the-mill state. That is the way it has always happened over the past ten thousand years. But why? All because there is already a secret ruler in the world, and has been for a long time. He toys with nations and their rulers, along with individual people. He calls himself the High Priest of the whole Earth, while his five assistants refer to themselves as priests. Consider one other fact, Vladimir. Think about how in various parts of the Earth over the millennia wars between people have never ceased. In every country crime, disease and various disasters are increasing day by day, but there has been a strict (indeed, the strictest) prohibition on discussing a particular question: Is human civilisation really on the path of progress, or is human society being further degraded with each passing day?
– Ringing Cedars, Book of Kin, pg 154-155

Their first step leading to the accomplishment of their secret purpose was the creation of the Egyptian state.

History can tell us about many of the factual accomplishments of the pharaohs, but after learning all these historical facts, you should ask yourself: could any of the pharaohs really have been a ruler over a large nation-state, let alone a god over the people? And once you weigh all the evidence, you will realise entirely on your own that the pharaoh was nothing more than a bio-robot in the hands of the priests.

During the age of the pharaohs there also existed priests in magnificent temples, and one of them was the High Priest. There were always several candidates for the pharaohship in training under their supervision. The priests would inculcate in the young boys whatever the priests desired among them the notion that the pharaoh was chosen by God. Along with this they told them that the High Priest himself could hear God speaking to him in a secret temple. Later the priests would decide which of the candidates would become the next pharaoh.

And so the day of the coronation arrived. The new pharaoh, clothed in special robes and holding the symbols of office in his hands, took his place majestically on the throne. In the eyes of the people he was an omnipotent king, a god. Only the priests knew that it was their own bio-robot that sat on the throne. And having studied the new pharaoh’s character from his childhood, they knew exactly how he would rule, they knew what gifts he would offer up to the benefit of the priesthood.
– Ringing Cedars, Book of Kin, pg 155-156

There was the occasional attempt on the part of certain pharaohs to come out from under the High Priest’s authority. But none of them ever succeeded in becoming a free Man.

If only the pharaoh could have liberated himself from the images inculcated in him by the priests and reflect by himself in peace, perhaps he would have been able to become a real Man. But there was no way the pharaoh could free himself from the day-to-day cares and concerns – this had been part of the plan right from the start.

The priest, on the other hand, would spend his time quietly reflecting, and in this lay his greatest advantage. The priest directed his efforts to gaining single-handed control of the world as a whole. And even more than that – he meditated on how to resurrect his own world, distinct from the world God had created.
– Ringing Cedars, Book of Kin, pg 156-157

It was these priests, Vladimir, who channelled the energy of the interaction between people and the living Deity – the creations of Nature – into the temples they had invented. They fed on it – the energy of the people – giving nothing in return.

What had been surely clear to everyone in the age of the Vedic culture now became obscure and surreptitious. The people became stupefied, as though under a hypnotic spell, and unthinkingly followed the commands in a kind of semisleep. And they began to destroy the world of the Divine Nature, while building an artificial world for the priests’ benefit.

The priests held their science under their strictest secretive control. They did not even dare write it all down on scrolls. They invented a language of their own for communication with each other – and this is a fact you can also learn from history. They needed a different language lest someone should inadvertently overhear their conversation with each other and become party to their secrets. And so even today these simple truths which have now become shrouded in a cloak of secrecy are passed down to new generations of the priesthood.

Six thousand years ago the High Priest, one of the six, decided to take control of the whole world.

He reasoned as follows: There is no way I can seize power by military force, with the pharaoh’s armies even if I taught the commanders how to make use of weapons more advanced than others possess. Besides, what could an army of raving mindless dullards do? Go and plunder gold, but there is so much of that as it is. There are slaves aplenty, but there is an unfavourable energy emanating from them, and it would not be proper to accept food from the hands of a slave. The food would be savourless and harmful to health. I must bring human souls into subjection, and direct all their love and tremulous affection back to myself But in this case it is not an army that is needed, but scientific thought. The science of imagery that is my invisible army. The deeper I become acquainted with it, the more faithfully this army ought to serve me. The less that is known by the crowd, immersed as it is in occultism and unreality, the more it will be in subjection to me.
– Ringing Cedars, Book of Kin, pg 157-158

There in the council of those six priests the plan was laid out, and was later revealed to many – it is mentioned in the Bible, in the Old Testament. By order of the High Priest the priest Moses led the Jewish people out of Egypt. The people were offered a most marvellous life in the Promised Land, prepared by God especially for them.

The Jewish people were declared to be God’s chosen ones. The tempting news set minds afire, and a part of the people followed Moses, who for forty years led his people about from region to region in the wilderness. The priest’s assistants constantly preached sermons about their being a chosen people and inspired the people to make war and plunder cities, all in His (God’s) name. If anyone should happen to awake from his psychosis and demand a return to his former life, he was declared a sinner to be reformed, and given a deadline by which he had to be reformed. If he failed to do this he would be killed. The priests acted not in their own names, but by pretending they were carrying out the deeds of God.

What I am telling you is no fantasy or dream. This may be clearly seen by everyone for themselves by looking for answers in the Old Testament of the Bible – a great historical book. A reliable portrayal of historical events can be learnt by anyone who wakes at least a little from the millennia-old hypnotic sleep and reads how and by what means the Jewish people were programmed and turned into troops of the priesthood. Later Jesus tried to deprogram his people and to use his manifest gift for acquiring new wisdom to prevent the priests from carrying out their designs. In his journeys among wise-men, he endeavoured to glean inklings into the science of imagery. And after he had learnt a great many truths, he decided to save the Jewish people, his own people. He succeeded in creating his own religion – one which could serve as a counterbalance to the terror.

His religion was not for all the nations upon the Earth. It was intended only for the Jewish people. He himself mentioned this more than once. His words were written down by his disciples, and you can still read them to date.

See, for example, St Matthew’s gospel, Chapter 15, verses 22-28: A Canaanite woman from that vicinity came to him, crying out, “Lord, Son of David, have mercy on me! My daughter is suffering terribly from demon-possession. Jesus did not answer a word. So his disciples came to him and urged him, “Send her away, for she keeps crying out after us.” He answered, “I was sent only to the lost sheep of Israel.”2 What does it mean: “I was sent only to the lost sheep of Israel”? Why are Jesus’ teachings only for the Jews? Why did he consider the Jewish people to be lost?
– Ringing Cedars, Book of Kin, pg 158-160

Right from the moment when the Jews left the Sinai wilderness they became the target of hatred by peoples of various countries. The hatred kept increasing, and here and there manifested itself in cruel pogroms and murders.
– Ringing Cedars, Book of Kin, pg 162

And as far as the Jewish people are concerned, we could easily substitute any one of the other peoples we know today. Any one – if they were subjected to the same totally unprecedented programming as the Jews were during their forty years of wandering in the wilderness, heeding only occultism and not seeing what had been created by God. Jesus tried to remove this programming and save his people. He came up with a new religion for them – one different from what they had before. For example, in contrast to the previous saying: “an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth”, he said: “whosoever shall smite thee on thy right cheek, turn to him the other also”. 6 In contrast to the verse which said: “God hath chosen thee to be a special people unto Himself” he called his people “the servants of God.”
– Ringing Cedars, Book of Kin, pg 163

But the Jewish people were already programmed. They believed only in occult deeds, their consciousness was oppressed by the world of the unreal. And so Jesus decided to act in an occult manner himself He founded an occult religion.

The High Priest at the time was able to guess Jesus’ intention. The High Priest racked his brains for many a year before he found what he considered the smartest solution: There is no point in fighting Jesus’ teachings. Through the minds of the soldiers I have selected from among the Jews I must spread them through all the peoples of the Earth, while maintaining the old religion for Israel. And so it happened, exactly as the High Priest had conceived.

And two essentially different philosophies began to coexist. According to one, the Jews are a chosen people, as Moses taught, and all other peoples ought to be subject to them. According to the other, expressed in Jesus’ words, all are equal before God, and people should not try to take precedence over others; instead one should love one’s neighbour and even one’s enemy. The priest realised that if the Christian religion, which calls everyone to love and humility, should succeed in spreading throughout the world, and at the same time Judaism, which elevates one over the rest, is preserved, the world would be subdued. While the world might bow before the Jews, they are but foot-soldiers. The world would actually be bowing before the priest.

And the priest’s preachers went out into the world as earnest teachers of the new doctrine.

The doctrine of Jesus? Not quite. The priest had by now added a great deal of his own teachings to it.
– Ringing Cedars, Book of Kin, pg 164

In the fourth century A.D. Christianity celebrated its victory in Rome, both officially and in actual fact. In great delight the High Priest gave a silent, non-contact command to the Byzantine emperor. And Christian Rome burnt the Library of Alexandria to the ground. Altogether 700,033 volumes were lost. Bonfires of books and ancient scrolls burned in many cities. The burnt books were largely from the heathen period, but they also included the few that recorded the knowledge ofVedic people. These were not burnt – they were salvaged, concealed and studied in turn by a narrow circle of the devoted, and only afterward were destroyed.

It seemed to the High Priest that now that people were getting further and further away from a knowledge of their pristine origins, he would encounter no more obstacles on his path. Feeling bolder, he issued yet another tacit command, resulting in an anathema being issued at the Second Council of Constantinople9 against the doctrine of reincarnation. For what reason? – you may ask. To keep people from thinking about the essence of earthly life. To keep them thinking that a happy life exists only beyond the Earth’s borders. And many peoples of the Earth began believing precisely that.
– Ringing Cedars, Book of Kin, pg 165-166

They tried introducing ritual. And proposed the construction of temples, instead of paying attention to Nature or earthly existence. Then the kingdom of heaven would come for everyone.

Every other person living in Rus’ at that time was a poet and a wit. And there were bards in Rus’ – they were called bayan/ back then. And this is how it all took place in those times. For decades the priest’s foot-soldiers waged a propaganda campaign to the effect that God had to be bowed down to. And here and there people began to listen and reflect on the message. Upon seeing this, the bayan would simply laugh and make up a parable, which he would then sing. And the parable would quickly spread throughout Rus’. And over the next ten years or so Rus’ would have a good laugh at the priests’ sermons.
– Ringing Cedars, Book of Kin, pg 167-168

So the people lived with God in that remarkable community. And then one day a hundred wise-men came to see them. The hospitable residents always greeted guests with all kinds of good things to eat. The wise-men tasted their splendid fruit and were amazed at its extraordinary flavour. Then one of them said: “Oh, people, what a splendid, orderly life you lead! You have abundance and coziness in every home. But your communication with God lacks sophistication. There is no glorification or adulation of Deity.” “But why?” the residents tried to protest in alarm. “We talk with God the way we talk with each other. We talk and reason with Him every three years. But every day He rises with the Sun. As a bee He busies Himself around the gardens beginning in every spring. Every winter He covers the ground with snow. His tasks are clear to us, and we are glad for all the seasons.”

You are doing things the wrong way,” said the wise-men. “We have come to teach you how to talk with God. All over the Earth an array of temples and palaces has been built in His honour, where people can talk with God every day. And we shall teach you to do the same.”

For three years the residents of the settlement heeded the words of the wise-men. Each of the hundred insisted on his own theory about how to best construct a temple to God, and what should be done in the temple each day. Each of the wise-men had his own theory. The residents of the community had no idea which of the hundred wise theories they should choose. Besides, how could they choose without offending the wise-men? And so they decided to heed them all and build all the temples proposed. One for each family. But there were only ninety-nine families in the village, and there were a hundred wise-men. When they heard the decision of all the residents, the wise-men became very concerned. It meant one of them would not get his temple built, and would not receive the anticipated offerings. And they began arguing among themselves as to whose theory of worshipping God was the most effective. And they began dragging the residents into the dispute. The dispute heated up, and for the first time in many years the villagers forgot about their time of communication with God. They did not gather as before in the glade on the appointed day.

Another three years went by. Ninety-nine magnificent temples were scattered about the settlement, and it was only the villagers’ huts that had lost their lustre. Some of the vegetables lay uncollected on the ground. And the fruit of the garden began to become infested with worms. “This is all because,” the wise-men preached in the various temples, “you do not have full faith. Bring more and more gifts to the temple, try harder and bow down to God more often.”
– Ringing Cedars, Book of Kin, pg 171-172

A number of years passed. Then one day the people remembered about the gatherings they used to have in the glade where they heard God’s voice. Once again they gathered in the glade and began asking questions in the hope that God would hear them and give an answer as before. “Answer us, how did it happen that our gardens are bringing forth worm-infested fruit? And why do our vegetables no longer yield an abundant harvest every year? And why do people quarrel, fight and argue amongst themselves, but cannot possibly choose the best faith? Tell us in which of the temples we built for you do you dwell?”

“My sons and daughters, the reason for the desolation in your houses and the gardens around them is that I am simply not able to do everything by Myself Everything has been designed by My dream right from the start in such a way that I can create splendour only in conjunction with you. But you have in part turned away from your homes with their gardens. Creation is something I cannot ever manage on My own – there must be co-creation by the two of us together. Moreover I want to say to you all: you yourselves include love and freedom of choice, and I am ready to follow your aspirations with My dream. But you must tell me, My dear daughters and sons, in which of the temples I am to dwell. Before me you are all of equal worth, so where abouts should I reside so that no one feels left out? When you have decided on your own in which of the temples I should make my home, I shall be glad to follow your collective will.” After responding to all with these words God fell silent. The people of the once beautiful village are continuing their conflict even to this day. Their houses are filled with desolation and dust. Around them the temples rise higher and higher, even as the conflict grows bitterer and bitterer.
– Ringing Cedars, Book of Kin, pg 173-174

After four hundred centuries the priest realised he would never achieve victory over the Vedic land. He accurately determined wherein the extraordinary power ofVedism lay. Vedism was based solidly on a Divine culture. Everyone’s way oflife was Divine. And every family created in its domain a Space of Love, they felt the wholeness of Nature and, consequently, of everything God had created. What happened in Vedism was that people spoke with God through Nature. Instead of bowing down before Him, they attempted to understand Him. They loved God as a son and daughter love their kindly parents. And so the priest came up with a plan which would be able to break this dialogue with the Divine. To this end it was necessary to separate people from their domains, from the Divine gardens, from their co-creation together with God. It was necessary to divide the whole territory where the Vedic people lived into different states and to destroy their culture. New preachers went to Rus’. They put a new approach into practice. This time they sought out people in whom selfishness – pride dominated even just a little over the other energies of feelings. Whenever they found such a Man, they tried enhancing the sense of pride within him. This is how they operated:

Imagine a group of stately-looking elders arriving at the home of a happy family. But there is no attempt, as before, to preach or teach them how to live. On the contrary, they all at once bow down before the head of the household, present him with outlandish gifts and say: “In our far-off land we climbed to the top of a high mountain – the highest mountain on the Earth. Standing at the summit, above the clouds, we heard a voice from heaven telling us about you. And it was told to us that you are the wisest of all people on the Earth. You alone were chosen, and we are honoured to bow down to you, present you with our gifts and wait upon your words of wisdom.” And if they saw the Man taking their bait, they would continue their sly talk: “It is your duty to make all other people happy – the voice told us so on the mountain-top. You should not waste your valuable time on other concerns. You should be in charge of people and make decisions for them – decisions that have been entrusted to you alone. And here is your heavenly head-dress.” At this point a head-dress decorated with precious stones was presented to the Man as though it were the grandest treasure. And so the head-dress was placed upon the head of the Man who now believed in his own majesty and his chosen status. And at that very moment all the visitors fell to their knees before him in great reverence. And they began to praise heaven for the honour of being worthy to bow before this majesty. Next, the foreign visitors built him a separate house to live in that looked very much like a temple.

This is how the first princes rose to power in Vedic Rus’. The new prince’s neighbours looked upon this Man sitting on his throne in the temple as some sort of curiosity. They watched as the foreign visitors bowed before him, indulged his every whim and plied him with all sorts of questions.
– Ringing Cedars, Book of Kin, pg 186-187

At first they took this scenario for some kind of game from overseas, and some decided, either out of curiosity or out of compassion, to play along with the foreigners and with their neighbour. But people gradually got drawn into the game. And little by little they sank into a state of serfdom, and without their realising it, their thoughts turned more and more away from co-creation. It was not easy for the priest’s emissaries to get the princedoms established. In the beginning, for more than a hundred years, their attempts proved unsuccessful. But still it finally came about, and Vedic Rus’ was carved out into princedoms. And then events took their natural course: the princes began fighting over who was greater, and dragged their neighbours into internecine feuds. Later historians would claim that grand princes arose who managed to join the isolated princedoms ofRus’ together into one mighty state. But think for yourself, Vladimir – could that really have been so? And what kind of unification exactly do the historians have in mind? It is all very simple, in fact. Yes, one prince was able to kill or conquer others. But people can be united only by culture and a way of life.

The setting up of borders always indicates separation. Once a state was established, not on the basis of a cultured way of life but on the artificial greatness of one or more people by virtue of their armies, a whole lot of problems immediately made themselves heard: how to maintain those borders and expand them as the opportunity occurred – and so arose the need for a sizeable army.

A large state cannot be governed by one Man alone – so clerks and scribes soon appeared, and they have been multiplying each day right up to the present time. The princes, clerks, scribes, merchants – and all their servants – together form a category of people who have been separated from God’s creations. Today their functional designation is the creation of an artificial world. They have utterly lost the ability to perceive true reality, and so constitute fertile soil for occultism.
– Ringing Cedars, Book of Kin, pg 188

Only a thousand years ago Rus’ was considered pagan. Paganism still carried within itself a lingering sense of the Divine Vedic culture. With the advent of the princes and their princedoms – first little princedoms, and later large ones – the rulers found they needed a force more powerful than an army. A force capable of creating a type of Man inclined to unquestioning submission to authority.

Here too the priest’s messengers came to the ruling princes’ assistance and offered them a suitable religion. The essence of this new development was very much to the princes’ liking. Though there was hardly anything new in it. It contained everything that Egypt had had five thousand years earlier.

Like the pharaoh, the prince was considered to be appointed to his position by God. The occult ministers of the new religion were his advisors – again, just as in Egypt. Everyone else was a mere slave. It was not a simple task to inculcate the new order into the minds of free people whose memories could still savour the celebrations of Vedic culture. And so once again the priest came to the princes’ aid. His foot-soldiers began spreading false rumours to the effect that there were pagan settlements where people were being more and more frequently sacrificed to God.

It was noised abroad that pagans sacrificed to their gods not just various animals but also beautiful girls, or young men, or even little children. This false rumour is still rampant among us today. More and more it became a source of anger to the pagan people. And now here was this new religion being offered which placed a strict prohibition on burnt sacrifices. It talked about equality and brotherhood- exempting, of course, the princes. Thus this new religion was little by little introduced into pagan Rus’. Eventually one of the ruling princes decreed that Christianity be recognised as the only true religion in the land, Rus’ came to be called Christian and all other religions were banned.
– Ringing Cedars, Book of Kin, pg 189-190

There was more to it than the fact that none of the people of pagan Rus’ ever indulged in burnt sacrifices. They did not eat meat at all. They could not even imagine such a thing. They were friends with the animals. Their daily diet was varied enough, but it was strictly vegetarian. Who can come up with a single recipe from ancient Russian cuisine that even mentioned meat? No one!
– Ringing Cedars, Book of Kin, pg 191

During the Age of Occultism mankind is plunged into a world of unreality. Mankind begins to direct its tremendous store of diverse energies toward made-up images and abstract worlds existing beyond the boundaries of real life. The real world with its diversity receives less and less of the life-creating warmth of Man. It maintains its existence only at the expense of past accumulation and its original charge from the Divine.
– Ringing Cedars, Book of Kin, pg 193

Soon all people will come out of the hypnotic occult sleep. They will start coming back to reality. Are you surprised that mankind today is either asleep under a hypnotic spell or dwelling in an unreal world? You might wonder: How can that be? Here I am, and in the cities both large and small there are millions of people living. Cars go up and down the streets.

You should not be all that surprised by my words, Vladimir. Think about it and judge for yourself at what times, on what day or at what hour do people actually live in a real world? Think, for example, how many different religions there are on the globe. They all have a different interpretation of Man’s being and the order of the Universe, and each has its own set of rituals, distinct from the others. Let us say that there is indeed one religion which is truer than all the rest. But that would mean that the worlds the rest of them are creating are unreal. But after all, people believe in them too. And if they believe, they live in submission to the laws of the unreal world.

All over the Earth greater and greater numbers of people are wanting to have more money. But what is money? It is simply a convention. People think that everything can be bought with money. That is an illusion. No amount of money can buy the true energy of Love, or a mother’s feelings, or one’s Motherland, or the taste of fruit intended only for the one who grew it with mindful attention.

As a convention, money can be used only to buy conventional, conditional love – along with a multitude of soulless things around- but in the process you are dooming your soul to a state ofloneliness.
– Ringing Cedars, Book of Kin, pg 194

Did the people choose a new way? No way! The path is not at all clear to the people. In the unreal world of the occult the people do not choose their own path. Someone always points it out. But who? The High Priest, who still today rules the world.
– Ringing Cedars, Book of Kin, pg 196

The High Priest has no bodyguards because he knows perfectly well that the more visible authority is to all, the greater the need for armed protection.

It is much simpler and more reliable to conceal one’s identity. This also wards off intrigues on the part of one’s adversaries, fanatics and challengers to one’s authority.

The High Priest knows all the tricks of occultism. He does have assistants, managers, drafters of laws, prisons and executioners. He has armies and commanders, though not a single one of those who carry out his missions has any suspicion himself of who is secretly commanding him and by what means the orders are issued.

It is a simple system of control without visible and personal contact. In cities both large and small of any country there are people who all at once start to hear voices from a source they cannot pin down. And this voice from an unknown source may order a Man to carry out some kind of action, and the Man obeys the order.
– Ringing Cedars, Book of Kin, pg 198

His goal is simple. Pride dominates in him, and it constantly aspires to create its own world, distinct from the world God made, and hold it in subjection. And the priests partially succeed in achieving the objectives they desire. People’s concerns about their everyday lives are a great help to them in this. And they themselves stir up concerns among the people to distract them.

Note how when people are distracted by everyday concerns they do not notice that less and less information is being provided them. There are stricter and stricter prohibitions on bringing up the one basic question: is the path to which all mankind is now aspiring the right one?

If they could only free themselves from distraction, many might be able to come to a conclusion for themselves: seeing how every year diseases are on the rise, wars are not ceasing and each day brings greater and greater disasters, the path we are on is doubtful, to say the least. But oh the distractions! They do not allow for any kind of contemplation. The priest, on the other hand, is engaged minute by minute in meditation, creating designs and having them carried out by the hands of millions of people …
– Ringing Cedars, Book of Kin, pg 201

—- The great-grandfather that died was on of the 6 priests. — “The thoughts of all these people tnerging together are filling space with an energy of unprecedented strength, and this energy is materialising a splendid future. Already one can see partial manifestations of this materialisation.” “But what if someone deliberately started to obstruct this materialisation of the future?” I asked. “Tfie priests, for example, who now rule the world, let’s say the high priest himself began obstructing it?” “He will not obstruct it. will help it along.” “How can you be so sure?” “I have heard his conversation and seen his thought.” “What conversation? How did you see it?” “Vladimir, you’ve probably already guessed that my father was one of those six priests.” “I had no idea.”
– Ringing Cedars, Energy of Life, pg 31

Their major, secret goal over the millennia has been to achieve a dialogue with God. No matter how they’ve acted, they have never feared Divine revenge, knowing that God has given full freedom to each Man, and He will not break His promise. “They have been controlling mankind, torturing it even, thereby showing God that they are more capable than anyone else, that the fate of the Earth’s civilisation depends on them. This kind of situation, they figured, ought to compel God to enter into a dialogue with them… Only there hasn’t been any dialogue. And now it’s become clear why it has been totally out of the question for the priests to have a dialogue with God.”
– Ringing Cedars, Energy of Life, pg 32

The priests were the ones who launched mankind down the path of degradation. They took it upon themselves to prove to God that they were capable of controlling all mankind, on the premise that humanity’s moanings and torments would force God to enter into a dialogue with them.

They counted on this because they know that God never talks with anyone, never interferes in human destiny, that all destinies are determined by the paths human beings themselves have chosen.

But if mankind were to be brought to the brink of total destruction, God might enter into negotiations with those leading mankind to that brink – with those influencing people’s minds – in order to head off an utter collapse. The premise was that God would do this for the sake of all humanity.

Millennia went by. But God did not enter into a dialogue with the priests and did not bring about any new miracles to bring people to their senses. First my father, and later I myself, understood why.

If He had done this, if God had interfered in human affairs, then He Himself would have confirmed the speculations on the part of the elemental beings of the Universe that Man was an imperfect creation.

But, more importantly, His interference would have ultimately destroyed Man’s faith in himself Man would have ultimately ceased discovering the Divine elements within himself and relied solely on help from outside.
– Ringing Cedars, Energy of Life, pg 44

“My granddaughter’s aspirations do not correspond, in any way; shape or manner, to the plans we have thought up. This lack of correspondence is pleasing to me, it strikes a chord in my soul. I am Moisey; I am a priest. We are equal in power. I shall shield my granddaughter with my own self” And the high priest’s answer: “Yes, Moisey; you and I are equal in power. And thus I realise that you are not asking me to stop the attacks it is advice you are seeking from 1ne. “I am the one who is now thinking of how we can help her, how to put an end to this monstrosity of a system. We erea 1nonster, it is us. all, participated in its creation. “It has been devouring children and mangling people’s bodies for millennia. Now it will talze centuries of our efforts to stop it. But your granddaughter’s thinking is more accelerated than ours. She can create millennia in the space of a single year. None of us at the 1noment is in a position either to help her or to harm her.

“The only thing I mn certain of is that we should be ere ating our own lifestyle according to the image outlined by your granddaughter, and pour all our knowledge into our creations, so that we ourselves beco1ne an example for people to follow.”
– Ringing Cedars, Energy of Life, pg 46

It is now well known that the feature that distinguishes Man from all other life growing and thriving on the Earth is his capacity to think. But thought is found in creatures and plants too, albeit in embryo. Man distinguishes himself from all others by the speed of his thinking.

Perhaps you have heard such expressions as slow-witted or with you it takes a long time to sink in. What is the meaning here? It means that it is difficult or boring to talk with someone whose thought operates at a slower speed.

A significant superiority in speed of thinking may enable one Man to conquer a great tnany people, even whole nations.

He will learn something new, acquire knowledge faster than the rest.

Now let’s imagine that all people on the Earth are given a problem that takes a thousand years to solve. They start working on it. But one Man has three times the speed of thinking of the others. That means he will know all the intermediate decisions of mankind before everyone else. What takes humanity 900 years to work out, he will solve in 300 years. That means that for 6oo years he will be in a position to control and direct the actions of everybody else. He will be able to reveal to someone the correct intermediate decision which will help him further his goal or, alternatively; give someone a false hint, thereby throwing him backward. Or, what would even be easier for him, give the wrong clue to everybody at the same time, driving them all to a dead end, and then later ‘make a discovery’ in front of everyone – in other words, rule over them.
– Ringing Cedars, Energy of Life, pg 47-48

As far back as seven thousand years ago the priests realised the tremendous advantages available to any Man who possessed a higher speed of thinking than all the rest. They took it upon themselves to significantly widen the gap. They tried to increase the distance between their own thinking and that of others by using special exercises, but they failed to achieve any significant difference in those times. And so they thought up a system which would slow down the thinking of every child coming into the world. The system they inculcated kept improving over the millennia and it is still operating today

Take a close look at the lifestyle of the majority of people of our time. If you analyse it, you will see the multitude of efforts directed at stopping the operation of your thought.

Anastasia began revealing the priests’ secrets to people. She told about how even a small child should not be distracted frmn what he is doing – in other words, the operation of his thought should not be stopped.
– Ringing Cedars, Energy of Life, pg 48-49

Modern Man with his extremely slow rate of thinking is not in a position to determine whether mankind – or even a single nation-state – is on the right path of development. He is not in a position to visualise even his own life.

In reality, all the leaders on the Earth are in control of nothing, absolutely nothing. There is not a single country in the world where you will find a clearly stated plan of national development. Such a plan is impossible without first determining a clear and explicit path of development for the residents of Planet Earth as a whole. As a result of a simple scheme the priests devised in the process of constructing their system, all rulers are mere superintendents watching over the functioning of the priests’ system. They are all wrapped up in their own country’s scientific and technical progress, their tnilitary strength and the preservation of their own power. For this they are ready to sacrifice the quality of the air and water in their own country and collectively in the world. They are weighed down under the system created by the priests. Like the majority of people on the Earth, the rulers are active pawns in this system. Their thought is slowed down as much as anyone else’s.
– Ringing Cedars, Energy of Life, pg 57

When I mentioned earlier the monster devouring the children, I was talking about the system which has got out of control. Take a careful look: when a child is born to an earthly mother, what is it that itnmediately takes it into its mighty clutches? The system. What determines what food is to be given to the child? The system. What determines what kind of air the child is to breathe and what kind of water he is to drink? The system. What determines the selection of his path in life? The system.
– Ringing Cedars, Energy of Life, pg 59

When the first book with Anastasia’s sayings appeared, the priests took an immediate interest in it. Naturally! After all, these sayings came from the tnouth of the great-granddaughter of a priest – not only sotneone familiar with the secret levers of control but also a young woman leading a lifestyle favourable to accelerating the operation of thought. They realised that Anastasia had set herself the goal of transporting people across the dark forces’ window of tin1e. Theoretically, this is indeed a possibility. Transporting across time constitutes a change in consciousness. And it is possible to do something like this with a single individual. Substantially changing the collective consciousness of tnankind is a process extending over millennia, requiring the participation of many generations. But a process extending over millennia cannot be called transporting people across a window of time.

Transporting people across a window of time means changing the consciousness of people already living on the Earth today – changing it to a consciousness which was or will be inherent in them under the conditions of a Divine, paradisaical existence.
– Ringing Cedars, Energy of Life, pg 59-60

“I am convinced that she has,” the high priest replied to Father. “and she herself does not conceal the fact. But I should like to hear your opinion on why she is openly daring us by giving us the opportunity to reassert our control over the world?” ”All because,” my father answered the high priest, “my great-granddaughter Anastasia is not about to enter into a confrontation with you. When the priests, as the rulers of the Earth, begin creating their own domains, their thoughts will be transformed. Their souls will become radiant with light.” { … } “Thank you, Moisey! Our thoughts have come together as one. And I applaud the prospect of living in another reality – possibly in one where each of us can talk with God. “I bow before your great-granddaughter’s thought, Moisey. May Anastasia succeed in finding the strength within herself to overcome the system we created like a wild beast, or a herd of beasts. Help her if you can, Moisey!” “Try helping her yourself I can’t keep up with her more youthful thought. I used to think her actions were illogical.” ”And I shall not be able to either, Moisey. She eats just as she breathes. We have been soiling our flesh. I have not the strength to nourish my spirit the way she nourishes hers. I can only guess at what is helping her.”
– Ringing Cedars, Energy of Life, pg 65

The early priesthood realised that absolute control over mankind was possible only if they could achieve a considerably greater speed of thinking than other people, but how to achieve this goal? One of the ancient priests once said in a secret conversation with the high priest: “We cannot accelerate our thought to achieve sufficient superiority over everybody else. But we can use special devices to slow down the thinking of all mankind.” “You said: all mankind. Does that include your own thought?” the high priest responded. “Yes, in the final analysis, it does, but to a much lesser extent. The discrepancy will be tremendous. The advantage will be on our side.” “Since you are talking about it, that means you have already found a way of slowing down the thought of all1nankind. Tell me about it.” It is simple. We need to conceal frm people the existing Divine method of nutrition. We need to have them consume food that does not accelerate, but, rather, slows thought down. That is the tnain condition. The rest is a chain reaction. The degradation of thought will bring a number of factors into play which will influence the speed of their thinking. Compared to us everybody else will be inferior.”

“How can we conceal what God offers to everyone?” “We promote the necessity of giving gratitude to God for what He offers.” “I have it. You have come up with a monstrous plan, but it is perfect. People will agree to give gratitude to the Creator and will not see anything wrong with it. We shall think up rituals to draw people away from God’s first-hand creations. People will be thinking that they are giving God thanks. But the more time they spend on giving thanks, gathering around the idols we think up, the less communication they will have with God’s own creations, and the farther removed they will be from information coming straight from God. “They will be receiving information from us, but imagining it is God’s will. Their thought will go off in the wrong direction. We shall lead it in the wrong direction.”

Centuries passed, and people spent more and more time on the rituals thought up by the priests, thinking all along that they were simply paying their respects to God. At the same time people conununicated less and less with the Creator’s first-hand creations and, consequently, no longer had access to the information of the Universe in all its fulness – God’s information. They caused God pain and suffering, all the while believing they were bringing Him joy.
– Ringing Cedars, Energy of Life, pg 66-67

At the same time the priests began telling people what kind of food they should be giving preference to, at the same time creating for themselves the secret science of dietetics. The priests needed this to maintain their brain, their spirit, their physical health – and, consequently; their thought – in a more efficient operational state than other people’s.

Thus they suggested that people plant certain kinds of growing things, but they themselves used other k.inds for foodmore specifically; in agreatervarietythan the rest. Thus began a monstrous degradation of human consciousness.
– Ringing Cedars, Energy of Life, pg 68

Astrologers, healers and wise-men appointed by political rulers worked on the question of nutrition over many thousands of years. Nobody was able to solve the puzzle. If any of the rulers’ wise-men had managed to figure out how Man should feed himself, then those rulers that considered the1nselves to be the strongest in the world would have ceased to fall ill, and their longevity would have increased. If any of the earthly rulers had known what kind of food he should take in, he could have become the supreme ruler of the Earth. The speed of his thinking could have surpassed that of the priests.

It seemed to be just in passing that Anastasia uttered that sentence to you: “One should eat just as one breathes.”

The speed of thinking of a Man possessing such knowledge would naturally be able to surpass that of all the priests taken together and, consequently, be able to control all humanity, including the priests. But in order to maintain control, he would have to conceal infonnation, while here she has gone and revealed it to everyone. This means she has freed people from the priests’ influence, thereby leading them to direct communication with the thoughts of God.
– Ringing Cedars, Energy of Life, pg 71

This was something they realised after seeing how Anastasia slipped in among her sayings information on the nourishment of Adam.
– Ringing Cedars, Energy of Life, pg 72

The priests understood the significance of nutrition. Their diet included teas containing many healing herbs, along with a variety of fruits and vegetables. Among other things they attached considerable importance to cedar oil, which their attendants brought the1n from far-off places. Moreover, their diet also included honey and flower pollen gathered by bees. But Anastasia showed that this was far from being sufficient. It was a different kind of pollen, for one thing. The pollen that the bees gathered and packed into honeycomb was quite healthful, of course, but was a far cry from the variety that could be found in the air over one’s family Space.
– Ringing Cedars, Energy of Life, pg 73

Her grandfather said that the high priest, who forms the ideology of whole peoples, has stopped opposing Anastasia, but the system created by the priests will carry on the opposition for centuries to come. And this has also been confirmed by real-life events.
– Ringing Cedars, Energy of Life, pg 89

“Yet Man is still intuitively attracted to the Earth, to the great adventure of understanding it. Realising that this attraction of human souls could not simply be cut off at the roots, the powers of darkness decided to cast a shadow over Man’s attraction to the Earth.
– Ringing Cedars, Energy of Life, pg 104

“Beyond that … There are a great many foodstuffs that we import from abroad today. If Anastasia’s plans were to be implemented, it would be the other way round: Russia would export foodstuffs to many countries. And in that she would have no cmnpetition.”

“Which n1eans Anastasia’s plan would turn out to be unprofitable – not to the populations of these various countries but to certain classes of people, and these might be located in just about any country; including Russia itself Do you agree?”

“Now tell me, this class of people who possess enormous capital, might they not have their own intelligence services following global development trends?”

So, major companies have services providing them with intelligence fro1n various countries. And in turn they can influence the creation of favourable conditions for themselves?”

“You agree. Good. If you pursue this line of reasoning, you will come to the conclusion that national governments have similar services at their disposal. There are many examples of this in history. The most significant of all is a tiny Jewish group which is involved in the governing of America, Europe and Russia. Though they have merely been an instru1nent in the hands of the high priest.” “What’s the connection between this group and the Christian dioceses that have come out against Anastasia?” “I indicated that those who serve as bio-robots are this type of people. They arose under the influence of the priests’ programme and the tiny Jewish group that is spread out in various places.”
– Ringing Cedars, Energy of Life, pg 105-106

The numbers of people willing to blame all their troubles on the Jews are steadily increasing.

And their readers tend to dismiss the absence of any discussion of the issue in the press by simply saying “the whole press is in the hands of Jews”.
– Ringing Cedars, Energy of Life, pg 109

But what then happens with the faiths themselves? This is what happens. Each of them tries with all their might to become as strong as possible and attract to their ranks the greatest possible number of followers. Finally, once they think they have achieved a sufficiently solid power base, two ideologies inevitably find themselves on a collision course, as is clearly confirmed by the history of incessant conflicts in the world. But over the course of many centuries mankind, as though pre-programmed, continues to 1nake the same mistakes over and over again.

Did the priests know about this – the ones who created the two ideologies? Yes, they knew. How could they not know, these people who are capable of exercising a psychological influence on millions of people in various countries all over the world, capable of pre-programming human beings?

Was their aim really to make the Jewish people happy by telling them they were ‘chosen’? History shows quite a different motivation. Over the centuries the Jewish people have been used as a ‘throwaway card’, or scapegoat, serving as a shield to divert people’s attention frmn those who are ‘playing their own little game’, using both Jews and Christians as pawns in a simple chess match. This kind of pre-prograinming causes only suffering to both parties.
– Ringing Cedars, Energy of Life, pg 113

But what if these masses of people were to acquire information about the true cause of social and technological disasters? What if leaders appeared who could show them the true instigators of this depressing global situation, and expose their game, their aims, their tricks? This, and this alone, is what the world ideologists are afraid o£ It is for this reason, in an attempt to shield themselves from universal human outrage, that they keep tossing out again and again that time-tested card, natnely the Jews. You bet – they’re to blame for everything – down with them! Angry masses launch attacks on Jews indiscriminately. That’s what’s been going on, over and over again, throughout the ages. They attack them, thinking they’re getting rid of something evil, whereas all they’re doing, in fact, is ‘letting off steam’.
– Ringing Cedars, Energy of Life, pg 114

According to Anastasia’s grandfather, the priests who controlled the Jews of that period realised that by tinkering with (or, rather, re-working) the Christian teachings in a certain way, these teachings could shape a type of slave mentality which would be very easy to control. This mentality either partially or almost completely rules out independent logical thinking, and Man begins to believe what he is told by the clergy or by someone else. More precisely: one ends up with bio-robotic people, subject to whatever programming has been instilled in them.

(A bio-robotic Man is a Man who consents – not entirely of his own free will, of course, under the influence of special occult programming to believe in an unreal world. And given that this unreal world has been constructed by someone for a specific purpose, this someone claitns that he knows the laws of the unreal world and demands that Man subject himself to them. Whereas in fact he is subjecting the Man personally to himself)
– Ringing Cedars, Energy of Life, pg 116

The Emperor Nero, who was generally tolerant of the various pagan beliefs on the whole, took a particular dislike to the Christians. Christians were expelled from Roman territory by various emperors: Dionysius (249-251), Diocletes (284- 285) and especially Galerius (305-3n), one of the leading persecutors of the sect. It was not until the second wave came that the preachers had any success. Unlike their predecessors, preachers of the second wave were no fanatics. The priests prepared them in such a way that they could speak eloquently about their faith on the one hand, while on the other they had a knowledge of psychology and were capable of influencing a person by using his aspirations to achieve their own ends.

The mission of the second wave of preachers was focused solely on the rulers – persuading them that their authority could be enhanced and perpetuated by the Christian faith, that it would make their state completely governable, controllable and flourishing.
– Ringing Cedars, Energy of Life, pg 118

This phenomenon, along with many others to follow, attests to the fact that Christian teachings were unable to develop and exert any serious influence on society without the support of secular rulers. Christian leaders themselves were always among the pretenders of power.

There is not a single state on our planet anybody could name which began flourishing with the arrival of Christianity. On the other hand, one can name off a whole list of states which succumbed to the same sad fate as the Rotnan Empire.

And one more interesting historical fact: in every single country where Christianity was officially adopted, it wasn’t long before non-Christian Jews began to appear and start engaging in rather strange activities. They became wealthy with extraordinary ease.

In every Christian country they pursued their activities on such a large scale that they couldn’t help but be noticed by both the citizenry and the governments of these countries. And when they reached a certain level in a particular land, the people started reacting violently toward them and the government began expelling them abroad.
– Ringing Cedars, Energy of Life, pg 119

Within the Jewish society there is one tribe in particular or layer, ethnic division, caste: you can call it what you like – the name doesn’t really matter. For brevity’s sake let’s call them Levites.

Some historical sources say the Levites were descendants of the Egyptian priests. Other more familiar sources, in particular the Old Testament, give us to understand that the Levites occupied a special position among the Jews.

Hence protection of the Levites fell within the duties of all the other Hebrew tribes. And just what did the members of this class of Levites do? It was their duty to appoint from among their ranks officials to conduct services, and enforce Jewish laws – laws which, mnong other things, regulated what to eat, what to do with apostates and where to go. The laws were strict and specific. They covered all one’s waking hours fro1n morning ’til night. They showed what lands people could occupy. Also whom they should fight.

Thus the Levites were the de facto rulers of the Jewish people.

It is hard to tell whether the Levites were actually Jews thetnselves. Few of the laws every Jew was supposed to abide by extended to them. For example, while universal Jewish law required circumcision of a child on the eighth day after birth, the Levites were exempt.

Thus, with their knowledge of the secret science of the Egyptian priests and their capacity to do experiments, engage in observation and contemplation free from military duties and the work routine everybody else was so accustomed to, they have been in a position to constantly perfect their knowledge from generation to generation right up to the present day.

The reason is that just like the Egyptian priests, they too must retnain in the shadows. In case anything happens, full responsibility will fall on the Jews, the ones who carry out their will.

Jews have been persecuted for centuries in various countries of the world. Persecuted for what? For using any means they can to make as much tnoney as possible. And 1nany of thetn are successful.
– Ringing Cedars, Energy of Life, pg 121-122

Well, as it turns out, there is a point. A matter of si1nple, direct and specific interest. Money! Wealthy Jews, no matter what country they find themselves in, are obliged to pay a part of their profits to the Levites. Proof? Take a look! According to the Old Testament, the Hebrews are obliged to give a tenth part of their income to the Levites. Numbers 18:19-31

Aren’t there still rabbis and other clerics among Jewish believers today? Of course there are! And, of course, the majority of Jews still observe their religious canons. If that is so, then just try to picture the colossal amount of capital held by the Levites, scattered through the banks of various countries!
– Ringing Cedars, Energy of Life, pg 123-124

There might have been reason to doubt Anastasia’s information on human society all over the globe being controlled by just a handful of priests. But now, after going through this chain of logic, there can no longer be any doubt for anyone still capable of logical thinking.

The Levites managed to carry out their appointed task. The ideology created several thousand years ago still weighs on the Jews even today. It is what distinguishes them from the host of other nationalities living on the Earth.

One of the basic tenets of this ideology is the declaration that, of all the national groups populating the Earth, God selected the Jews alone as His chosen people

So, this ideology still exists today, the Jews still exist today, and the conflicts continue and many people know about them. But where are the Levites? Do we ever hear much about them? Hardly at all. And therein lies their subtlety – or their wisdom – you can call it what you like, but they exist.
– Ringing Cedars, Energy of Life, pg 125

Now picture to yourself a rather small group of people living on this Earth who possess a greater degree of esoteric knowledge than anyone else – a group that has, over the millennia, been constantly adding to their experience of practical influence over masses of humanity.
– Ringing Cedars, Energy of Life, pg 125

“They are the ones who came up with the doctrine that Man’s true Divine life is not on the Earth but somewhere in another dimension. They are the ones who invented the image of a Paradise apart from the Earth God Himself created. It is because of this doctrine that so many religious fanatics manifest an attitude of neglect toward life on the Earth. It takes but a small atnount of pressure exerted on their mind to induce them to kill either themselves or others.
– Ringing Cedars, Energy of Life, pg 132

And so long as there exists the doctrine of goodness being attainable not on the Earth, but somewhere else, no army or special services’ will succeed in eliminating suicide-bombers.

This dogma of a non-earthly Paradise, projected by the collective thought of people of various denominations, influences unbelievers too. For millennia now it has been exerting a most destructive influence on all mankind.
– Ringing Cedars, Energy of Life, pg 137

Perhaps someone is trying by whatever means available to hinder Man from knowing himself And I mean actual hindering.
– Ringing Cedars, New Civilization, pg 32

“Grandfather, you see, Papa, has all the knowledge of the great wise priests of yore. Even knowledge that has been forgotten by the priests of today. And even knowledge that was secret many thousands of years ago. This tea was taken by the priests before the birth of their children, also before death, so that they could remain immortal.” “What d’you mean, ‘before death, so that they could remain immortal’?”

“Well, I mean, so that everyone would think they were dead – whereas, in fact, they only changed bodies and were reincarnated on the spot, and all their information stayed with them. There are other methods of quick reincarnation, but very few that will allow the retention of the information possessed at the time of death. That is why people can be reborn but still have to study life all over again, learn everything right from scratch, and they are unable to compare the present world with the past. And they get confused in their life because they include no knowledge of life and no feelings capable of sensing God.”
– Ringing Cedars, New Civilization, pg 45-46

— Demon Cratius —
– Ringing Cedars, Book of Kin, pg 69-77

“Let those upstart politicians strut their stuff on the TV screens and in the pages of the press. Let the presidents and governors spout their addresses to the people, assuring them all’s well. Let the billionaires in the public eye go gallivanting about the country with their fancy cars and bodyguards. That is not a course, my dear John, you yourself should follow. You should always remain in the shadows and use your power, the power of money, to control governments and presidents, the wealthy and the poor, in a variety of different countries. But they must never guess who is controlling them.

“The plan is simple in the extreme. I was the one who created the Monetary Fund, which lists the names of many different investors. In actual fact seventy percent of the fund’s capital has been invested by me under different names. On the surface, as far as the dimwit masses are concerned, the fund was created for the support of developing countries. In actual fact I created it as a device for collecting ‘tributemoney’ from all the countries involved.

“Here’s an example. Let’s say an armed conflict breaks out between two sides. One of them (more often, both) needs money. Let them have it – it will be repaid with interest. Or some country is experiencing a social upheaval and, again, money is required. Let them have it – it will be repaid with interest. Or two political forces come into conflict; one of them will get money through our agents, and once again it will be repaid with interest. Russia alone pays us an annual sum of three billion dollars.”
– Ringing Cedars, New Civilization, pg 79

“I get the feeling the professors aren’t too good at giving a clear and comprehensible explanation of the laws of economics.” “Good. An apt assessment. But more precisely: professors today can’t explain the laws of economics because they haven’t the faintest idea of them themselves. They think economics is the domain of economists. But it isn’t. World economics is under the control of psychologists, philosophers and highstakes players.
– Ringing Cedars, New Civilization, pg 80

The information the senior Heitzman revealed to his son was astounding. There was no way one could obtain it anywhere else, even in the most prestigious universities in the world.

“Tell me, John,” asked the father, “do you know how many wealthy people there are in our country? Or in the world?” “Their names are listed in business journals in order of their estate-value,” replied John calmly. “And where do we rank in these lists?” “Your name, Father, isn’t included in these lists.””Yes, you’re right. I’m not there. Even though just our annual profit alone amounts to more than the whole estates of many included in the lists. And my name isn’t there because one’s wallet should not be transparent. Many of these people work either directly or indirectly for our empire – for yours and mine, son.”

“You know, I didn’t set up any operation at all. The capital under my control simply allows me to give orders, and others carry them out. Many analysts and government experts in various countries, even their presidents, would be astonished to learn that the current situation in their countries is not determined by their own actions, but rather by my will.

“Political technology centres, economics institutes, analytical think tanks and government agencies in many countries- none of them are aware that they’re working along strict guidelines laid down by my departments. And I don’t have all that many employees. For example, all of Russia’s socio- economic policy and its military doctrine are determined and controlled by one department comprising four psychologists. Each psychologist has four secretaries. Not one of them knows about the activities of the others.
– Ringing Cedars, New Civilization, pg 80-81

“There are wealthy people in this world. But for every wealthy person there is someone even wealthier. And there is one who is the wealthiest of all. All the other wealthy people – and, consequently, all the people under their control – work for him, the one who is the wealthiest of all. This is the law of the system under which we live.

”All this talk of unselfish aid to developing countries is nothing but a bluff. Sure, wealthy countries grant credit to developing countries through international funds, but in fact they do this simply to get back a healthy amount of interest in return for using their credit – in other words, to collect ‘tribute-money’.
– Ringing Cedars, New Civilization, pg 82

— Elders mistake, problem reaction solution, dialectic, manufacture change —

At the beginning of the present era many countries were already ruled by emperors, pharaohs or tsars. The form of government under which a large state is controlled by one Man is unnatural. It has never brought and will never bring a good, happy life to a single nation on the face of the Earth. This form of government benefits the priests, who manipulate countries through their rulers. It is difficult, after all, to negotiate with all the people at once, a lot easier to deal with just a single individual.

Only in Rus’ they did not succeed in setting up a single ruler. Everyone there was guided by the tribal elders’ council. These councils were not something that could be corrupted or forced, under threat, into a decision that would lead to the oppression of the people. Who would make such an obscene decision for one’s children?

One day a stranger from afar arrived at the Vedruss kapishche situated where Suzdal is now. Like the wise-men, itinerant minstrels, and craftsmen, he was offered food and lodging.

The stranger stayed two weeks, but did not engage in any useful activity. The hired hand in charge questioned him: “What useful contribution, stranger, can you make to our kapishche?”

And the stranger replied: “None at all, but to you personally I can render an invaluable service. I have heard rumours that the elders are not happy with you. In a year, maybe even half a year, you will be let go. If you take my advice, on the other hand, the elders will be crawling on their knees before you. You can have your pick of girls from any domain to wife, whereas right now there’s not a single one that would live with you. I can make it so that it will be your decisions, and not those of the tribal elders, that will be carried out.”

“When people gather for a fair at the kapishche from all around and stay until the following morning, during the night you will cut your face with a knife, and leave the kapishche along with your trustworthy assistants, so that you can return in the evening with broken-winded horses. During the night I and my assistants (they are already here in the guise of artists and craftsmen), will take the horses away from their tethering-posts, and you will bring them back in the evening, saying you recaptured them from the miscreants.

“In your wounded state you will ask the elders for an armed garrison for their own protection. They will agree. You will take my companions into your garrison: they will all meekly obey your command.”

The hired hand agreed to the criminal act. He did everything according to the stranger’s proposal.

When the ‘wounded’ man returned toward evening with the herd of stolen horses, he learnt that not only had the stranger’s henchmen stolen the horses – they had also killed three people, and burnt the smithy and a barn. The ‘wounded’ hired hand appeared before the elders. He told how he and his assistants had given chase to the miscreants, but they were outnumbered, and his assistants were beaten back. And then he began asking the elders for the resources to maintain a strong armed garrison. He asked them to grant him the authority to take decisions on his own in the interests of general security.

The elders were taken aback at the hideous crime and agreed to maintain the garrison, only they were unwilling to pull their own sons away from the dotnains. So it was decided to bring in strangers to form a garrison, and allot them a tribute from each domain. Other kapishches followed their lead and also began to create their own armed garrisons.

Indeed, since they now had power, the hired hands began transforming themselves into princes. They started waging war against each other, justifying this to the elders as a necessary preventative first strike.

The princes supposed they had achieved considerable authority. In fact, for centuries now, they have been strictly following the priests’ advice, often without realising it. Such a system of authority came together all by itself The hired hand remained a hired hand – he merely exchanged masters. The new master was exceptionally cruel to his hired hands.

For thousands of years the priests’ hired hands kept killing each other, conspiring and hatching their schemes, aspiring more and more lustily for power.

You surely know yourself from history how many deaths the path to princely power is strewn with. They even resorted to slaying their fathers and brethren. Pretty much the same thing came about in various countries, and little has changed, even today.

And the armed garrisons are still around today, still serving some body’s interests.

The armaments and weaponry may have changed, but the essence is still the same. And the crimes have not abated – they keep multiplying, and keep getting more and more sophisticated.
– Ringing Cedars, Rites of Love, pg 94-97

“What, precisely, was the elders’ mistake?” I asked. “Was it in forming the garrisons with foreign mercenaries? But the way things have turned out now, a state can no longer survive without a militia or an army.”

“The garrisons here, Vladimir, are not the underlying cause. It goes a lot deeper, into the psychological.

It has to do with forgetting the precepts of our ancestors – God’s precepts. Think about it: God gave each and everyone equal authority. Consequently, the only social structure that can claim perfection is one where there is no centralised authority – where every individual is endowed with equal power.

“When you give somebody your vote, you are not bestowing authority on anyone. By voting for someone, you are simply placing them in subjection to the existing system, and voluntarily relinquishing the authority God has given you. And over the centuries most people’s minds have been perverted: it is the job of the ruler and the government to deal with all important questions for us, they think. These people’s thoughts don’t even touch the question of the order of life.”

The main thing is not to allow the setting up of any centralised authority.
– Ringing Cedars, Rites of Love, pg 97-98

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