I do not support “gradualism” that targets symptoms

I am for letting chaos and the consequences of rejecting Truth teach us the errors of our collective ways if we don’t want to choose the Truth and Morality and change our ways of living ourselves. The solution is to evolve consciousness. All other appeasements to alter the shifting landscape of false appearances keeps one in perpetual fix-it cycles. I prefer to let chaos teach and we can change properly, the right way, with a critical mass of aware people. Think of all the time being spent into the various, diverse, multiple aspects of the many symptoms that exist. Think of all the many more symptoms that will continue to manifest due to our failure to resolve core foundational root causal factors. Think if people put more time into evolving consciousness, fixing themselves, and helped others to fix themselves, then we could actually get to understand the root causal factors, and target them with a critical mass of people.

Instead, people are going from one symptom to the other, applying band-aids of gradualistic masks to cover up what is going on, in vain attempts to “do something” to fix all the problems. None of this will work. The root poisonous foundational structure is still going to keep popping out more symptoms that people target because they are the visible appearances. We need to get to the root substance and change that for anything to work. Imagine the time, energy and effort in going from one symptom to the other, to all of the attempts to create external change, of trying to counter the wrong-doings while still producing them. Now imagine instead if people actually spent some time on themselves to remove all the falsity in them, and then be in an empowered position to actually act in Right-Action, Wisdom, and not keeping running around in the cycles of repetitive gradual changes that are only temporary alleviations to unresolved underlying root causal factors.

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