Your Current Condition

You’re living as a false self. Your understanding of how to live has not been reflected upon and looked at carefully, but accepted blindly in trust and faith. You live within the standardized norms of acceptability that are provided from the hive mind consensus reality public consciousness that forms our understanding and justification for society, for our way of life. You laugh and ignore what I say because it does not make sense to you, because it seems absurd, but the truth is that you are ignorant of how fully and deeply manipulated, mind controlled and brainwashed you are in your current false condition. You accept falsity as truth and reject truth as though it was falsity. You are living within an artificial perception of reality that does not reflect its current state of good and evil, because in many cases you have accepted evil as good and cannot recognize evil. You accept falsity as truth and cannot recognize falsity. You accept wrong as right and cannot recognize wrong.

The energy derived from the currencies of time and attention are being re-channeled into preselected pathways and limited choices. Your potential and value is being siphoned by making you dependent on economic survivability. You had outcome-based education to indoctrinate and guide you into available bodies of knowledge that led to preselected pathways of becoming a universal constructor cog in the machine that perpetuates the system in society that helped form you and everyone else in the first place.