Speak Truth to Create Change

What we say has the power to influence others. We can speak truth in order to create change.

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The word abracadabra means “I create as I say. This means that we honor our word and don’t contradict what we say we will do. It also means that we are creating with the power of our voice by creating the truth into someone’s environment for them to input and learn from.

We output, speak and project a frequency of vibration that is our voice, and then it reaches someone else as an input that they listen to and receive, that will then affect the frequency of their consciousness.

When we do this, there is an interference between frequencies that creates tension, but is also a catalyst for the possibility of change. Hearing an uncomfortable truth creates an interference in our understanding or worldview, which can be like a friction, tension, pressure or conflict that we must face when contradictory information is presented.

Truth inherently divides from falsity, and this interference and conflict is the friction and pressure for us to change into alignment with the truth in reality, or the truth of a better way. By learning the truth we can align our perception of reality with the actual reality that is demonstrably there. Falsity and errors in our way of thinking or in our behavior are corrected by truth being spoken into creation.

When we hear someone trying to tell us something false as if it was true, whether they are knowingly lying or not, this also creates tension because it contradicts the truth. When truth is spoken against falsity it cuts through falsity to shatter it, but this can also hurt people because they are attached to the falsity. Our sense of self that is based on our self view and worldview can have aspects of falsity that we are attached to and identify with. Truth that strikes that falsity will have us often defend it as if it is part of us, and we can’t let go of it.

In speaking truth we create the environment for influence that will lead others towards the polarity of truth. Once someone receives contradictory information that is true compared to their falsity, this interference and disharmony is felt as cognitive dissonance with friction, tension, pressure, conflict, anger and possibly even guilt.

The way to resolve that internal conflict and opposition within from facing hard uncomfortable truths, is either to accept it, or reject it. We can either care for truth more than we care for our attachment to ourselves and our attachment to falsity we falsely identify with, or we can be apathetic to truth and continue to reject it in favor of what’s false.

However, if there is no interference in the false frequencies are behaviors, this doesn’t create a contrast for people to recognize their mistakes that they don’t already see. There is no tension, discomfort and friction that will move them to face themselves and recognize the need to change.

Chaos will continue even if someone isn’t realizing how they are creating chaos. The negative that people don’t want to face will continue to grow as it manifests through individual or collective actions. Not paying attention to the negative prevents us from learning about the negative and correcting the negative.

We can’t correct our errors and mistakes if we don’t face them. The feedback between our actions and the consequences to our actions needs to be taken in as part of the information in our environment. Once we recognize the negative consequences to our actions, then we can choose to change.

We don’t have to only talk to a wall, to only talk to those who don’t even want to hear or listen. The point is to put the truth out there so that it has the potential to enter someone’s life, influence them, affect them, and possibly change them for the better. Putting the truth out is what is required to get more people to understand an issue in order for us to change our overall understanding of how to act or live less wrongly.

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Speak Truth to Create Change

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