Dependence for Survival is Slavery, not Free Market

How do you think I got to where I am? Time. It doesn’t happen overnight. There isn’t a sudden “awakening” into understanding all of this about reality in one shot. All our time is normally spent on the job, driving, commuting, cleaning, taking care of living, care for our children, vacations to escape the regular life we live, TV and other distractions that will take up the spare time. Where is the time for Truth?

I chose to live a different way, not working all the time, with less of a “personal” life as compared to normalized standards in society, not “living a life” of the social structure because I recognized a greater purpose: Truth. It was what I was waking for, to be jolted and catalyzed into really caring for Truth. It changed my life. So I don’t live in the same reality that others do. They are all focused on their personal lives, success, making a living, making a family, making friends, enjoyment, pleasure, fun, and enduring the slave life of work because they want all those trinkets that make them feel-good throughout the day and week or allows them to do whatever they “want” with the money.

We don’t need to work as much as we do. Most of the jobs are useless economic creations to provide niches of survivability within the construct of the system we created. People invent something in their minds and manifest it into reality as words or as an actual product or service they provide. They then convince people they “need” these things, or how “convenient” these things are, and the spell is cast, the mind is injected with a desire, and the wheels go turning in the system to provide economic survivability to many.

Why is this the “capital” in our lives, the most important thing in life? This “free market exchange”? It certainly is a part of life, one that develops from cooperation and interaction, but is it really the most important chief capital in life? If you are focused on survival, a free market exchange is only most important because we choose to not provide for our own survival in 100% freedom and self-sufficiency. To provide for our own survival the free market would not even exist as it is now, only in some minor capacity.

It’s not a free market when a dependence is created for survival, whereby you don’t have the true freedom to support your own existence in nature, outside of man’s constructs of control. Free markets will always enslave humanity when we abdicate our personal responsibility to provide for the bare necessities: water, food, shelter. Unions only came into existence through exploitative free market survivability. Everyone needs to work to survive, so people will work in shit in order to get by in this system of living. If we took care of ourselves, in terms of bare necessities like water, food and shelter, then we would not be so controllable in the workforce or anywhere else. So long as you depend on others for the base survival needs, you are locked in dependence or co-dependence.

Survival does not require the free market of exchange if you provide for yourself all you need to survive. We create co-dependence and require others to provide for us. This is the free market exchange where we trade co-dependent products to survive. For these people, focused on survival, the capital chief most important thing would seem to be this free market exchange, because they have survival as the most important thing in mind which is facilitated by the free market exchange system. Without the exchange of goods on this planet, over 90% of people would die very quickly. It seems the co-dependence developed through a reduction of self-sustainability and reliance on others to provide things for us in a free market exchange has reduced our independence and self-governance, making us dependent on others for survival, hence more in the direction of promoting enslavement through the indentured servitude of dependency. No one can actually have some little piece of land to survive. Everyone has to pay for it and pay taxes after. Who decided this insanity? Not me! That is slavery from the get go, never actually able to be truly free from the monetary enslavement system.

The free market does not have to be this way in such a degree, but it is an inherent component to its development, to reduce self-sustainability and %100 complete freedom and responsibility to provide for one’s own survival. For those who do not have survival as the main focus, nor the attachment to a free market exchange to provide the means for their survival, there is something higher than the free market exchange in terms of what is chief, most important capital. The most important chief capital for them, for me, is Truth and Morality. I refer to this Force as Truth, Love, Good, Right, Morality, Natural Law, Higher Will, Higher Self, True Self, etc. These are the transcendental aspects of being that allow for the expressions of Knowledge, Sovereignty, Anarchy, Freedom, Order, Peace, Prosperity, Happiness, etc. An engagement in a free market exchange without the fundamentals of Truth and Morality will produce the same results in the long run, Ignorance, Confusion, Control, Domination, Predation, Chaos and Slavery.

Capital to Capitalism? Mind Control Through a False Proxy

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