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Changing Minds is Hard, Especially When Identity is Attached to a Belief

Presenting evidence or facts doesn’t always get accepted. We can dismiss evidence that contradicts our firmly held beliefs. There is even the backfire effect where we can dig into our belief and hold on tighter than before. source A new study shows that challenging political beliefs activates areas of the brain that govern personal identity and emotional responses to threats. […]

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Infatuated with Ideas and Beliefs

Ideas captivate our imagination. Ideas, concepts and beliefs are strewn with portraits, snapshots, paintings or film that consciousness creates to visualize them. We may think we are holding onto an idea, yet it’s often the ideas that have us in their grasp and we are shaped by them. Ideas captivate. They are light bulbs (bright idea) that attract us to […]

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Beliefs – A Short Introduction

Most of us lack an understanding of how to think correctly, and how words are defined as well. Belief is not truth, despite how many people erroneously think and confuse the two. Recognizing the difference is crucial, yet most people do not. Truth is synonymous with reality/existence. Latin veritas (truth), it is veracious, it has veracity, it is verifiable, in […]

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The Power of Consciousness – Magic, Abracadabra and the Word (Pt.2)

Previously, the word “magic” was identified with meaningful speech, the art of mouth and art of communication, and how knowledge of language, symbolism and word symbols as “magical” influence on consciousness, can be used for positive or negative goals, symbolically personified as a “magician” or “sorcerer”. Then I covered the word abracadabra, and how it means to “create as you […]

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Rejecting Reality? Maybe You’re Engaging in Cognitive Dissonance!

Cognitive dissonance, is like double-think, and also similar to self-justification. It’s a form of reality negotiation, a process where we negotiate with reality to sustain our conformity to beliefs in falsity through the construction of illusions. We will often reject reality as it ‘is’ (new information), and instead opt to “feel-good” about ourselves by holding onto what we previously believed to […]

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Reality Processing

The primacy of existence can be understood with the power of consciousness. We can abstract, envision, imagine or invent ideas in our subjective consciousness that we choose to believe are true. Belief is powerful. A solid grounding in the truth of reality must be striven for to believe in abstract concepts that can eventually be verified as being true in […]

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