Silence at the Wall

Ever notice how most people don’t want to hear what you have to say, unless they ask for it? If you tell them something that is wrong, they don’t want to hear it. However, if they want a resolution to a problem the are having, then they may will be willing to hear about what is wrong, in order to resolve the problem they are aware of and actually care to resolve. Often, any wrong they are not consciously aware of, they do not want to become aware of it and don’t care about it. They don’t like having their self-image of being “good” and “right” turned upside down.

Is it any wonder that the aspect of being quiet, silent, not talking much, observing, is a so-called “spiritual” one? It seems to become part of your way of being when you have the conscious awareness to see this behavioral mechanism people engage in. You try to speak truth, but they aren’t having it. They don’t want to hear about things, so after some attempts to help them with Truth that hurts, you don’t speak in the end because its like talking to a wall that doesn’t want to hear it anyways. When they are ready to ask you something, then you do speak, because they asked you for it. Otherwise, your attempts to speak Truth go nowhere it seems.

Often, it is outright rejection and anger at you. You are not doing wrongs, they are, but because they are so ignorant of themselves and in denial of themselves as they truly are, they get mad at you, instead of getting mad at themselves.

Keep sharing, speaking and preaching Truth, but don’t waste your time on those who don’t want it. Other people will be more receptive and willing to evolve with Truth instead of against it. Your time is limited, put it where it can do the most change for others. A website, text, book, audio or video is a one-to-many relationship that has the potential to reach hundreds or thousands. Taking the time to influence someone one-to-one, is not as effective, but is well worth it if the person will listen. If they don’t, then at least some information is planted as a seed, maybe, and you can move on.

I am generally quiet around people, because they don’t want to hear what I have to say. I’m too “intense”, “judgmental”, “negative”, and on and on it goes, telling them about whats wrong in the world, our society, and ourselves. So be it, I will be quiet and observing your psychological, intellectual, emotional and spiritual expressions to see what falsity is in you that I can learn from. Thank you for being full of shit 🙂 It teaches me. I learn a lot from the brief interactions I have with people. Much of my “notes” come from seeing the bullshit others buy into.

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Silence at the Wall