Infatuating Ideas: Addendum

There are many of these nice fancy sites, for these big projects based on wondrous holistic connected oneness, that offer courses,  seminars,  programs,  membership, trips, excursions, awakenings, etc. This is really big in the New Age community, where people pay others to lead them into some particular conceptual framework. Every time I see this, I laugh. I think of the huge amounts of money that is being made, over and over, from people who are mesmerized by these larger-than-life, bigger-than-ourselves, uniting, holistic concepts. You know these things, hundreds of dollars for a course, or thousands for a trip, all in the belief that it will bring one to “enlightenment” or whatever. They are being love-bombed from the conceptual realm. Belief is powerful. I have written about this before in “Infatuation with Ideas and Images.” The beliefs in some conceptual frameworks produce a positive result that affect us in deeply psychological, mental, emotional and “spiritual” ways. The positive affect creates a connection towards attachment to that belief construct. This is the infatuation created from the love-bomb effect. People want more, and pay to get it from that particular source that has cast a spell on their “mind” and “heart.” People selling this stuff could be telling the truth in their information, but damn are they ever making a killing from those who want more from that one source. Money money money. Truth is Free. Peace.