Destruction and Harmony

Destruction is easier than harmony, but not more powerful. Both are phases in self-realization, alchemical transformation, etc.

We can deconstruct the falsity from ourselves, destroy the false self and live more authentic, examined, true lives by harmonizing the purities that remain. That is easier work than the reconstruction of humanity that comes afterward. That reconstruction and coordination into True Unity, Harmony and Oneness can only come from the foundational living in Truth and Morality. It is the hardest part of the Great Work.

The beginning starts in the destruction of the wrong, evil and false, but then work must be continued to rebuild the right, good and true. Only in the latter phase is where the true power lies, in creating the harmony and integrity from the ashes of the corrupted parts.The Alchemical Great Work, Magnum Opus, is to do the work on ourselves, to awaken to various levels of conscious awareness of Truth and Morality, and to help others initiate themselves into the process as well, all in the effort to bring an End to All Evil.

Harmony only works with like. Evil can harmonize with Evil. Good can harmonize with Good. The more falsity we remove, the more effectively we can harmonize into a True Unity, True Harmony. Those who do not work on themselves are not working to bring themselves into a position of True Harmony and Unity, within themselves, or with the rest of us who are working towards manifesting greater degrees of Truth and Morality, to End Evil and create True Freedom and Peace.