True Unity is Based in Morality


The degree of truth, especially Moral Truth, that is embodied in each of our choices, actions and behaviors will determine the degree of True Unity, True Freedom and True Peace we can achieve collectively. Morality is the foundational baseline for True Unity. All other differences are less significant. If we are more united with the moral truth of how to act and behave towards others, then we will be creating a more moral way of life.

Until we reach a certain level of comprehension of morality, unite with it in our thoughts, emotions and actions, we will not be able to truly create, lasting, effective freedom, peace and unity with each other. Morality is the key to opening a higher, realer and truer authentic way of life. Morality is the Way and the Path, the Light that will lead us away from darkness. We must delve deeper into moral comprehension.

Morality leads to greater Wisdom of Right-Action which lift us up. Right-actions support a higher consciousness way of life. Connection to Moral Truth is real knowledge, clarity, freedom and anarchy to live our lives free from master-slave dominating relationships with others. This is being a higher, realer and truer self. This is living a connected, united, integrated, and consistent way of life.


Violations of Moral Truth/Law do not result in the production of True Freedom, Peace or Unity. Violations, violence and aggression to others who are innocent beings, will only beget, generate and produce division, enslavement or war. We can’t unite with others who are less moral when we are more moral. We need to educate others through our words. We need to get others to understand morality and it’s importance in our quality and condition of life so that we can actually unite on the same page and level of being.

Truth and morality are inherently divided from falsity and immorality. Trying to force a united way of living when there is no aggregate unity in moral comprehension will not work. Trying to do this, to allow the immorality to continue around us for the sake of a false “unity”, will only eat away and erode us from the inside. We can’t be united with morality in our thoughts, emotions and actions, and live a connected and integrated life, if others around us are continuing to violate moral principles.

If we are divided from truth in reality, especially Moral Truth, we are in contradiction with how to live in unity, harmony, peace and freedom with others and will be creating immorality and falsity into the world, even if we are ignorant of what we are doing. Ignorance of morality has us living a lower, falser and inauthentic unrealer way of life.

Immorality and falsity leads to greater Foolishness of Wrong-Action which weighs us all down. Wrong-actions burden us and keep us living in lower consciousness ways of life. Disconnection from Moral Truth has us living in ignorance, confusion, control and chaosthat prevents us from living up to our potential, where we instead live as falser, unrealer and lower selves.

True Unity, true “oneness”, is based in being united and at one with the Moral Truth. If we are divided from the Moral Truth, we are not at one with it, and we are not at one with other beings who have the right to be free from us harming, violating and enslaving them. This is living a disconnected, disunited, disintegrated, inconsistent and contradictory way of life.

Ultimately, we are also not at one with ourselves, our potential truer, realer and higher selves, to act in accordance with a higher will-power within us, that can lead us to create a better world for ourselves and others. The Path and Way of truth and light, of Moral Truth, is not quick and easy. It has hardship and tribulations. It is strict and narrow in focus of dedication and arduous effort, not a wide array of convenience, ease, comfort, amusement, gratification, enjoyment and pleasure seeking. It requires Care for Moral Truth and being devoted to upholding and bearing these higher principles in life, rather than seeking to live in baser carnal “feel-good” pleasure infatuations with ourselves.

Truth and morality is not a heavy weight to bear, it is Light as a feather and lifts us up to have us soar and fly higher, just as the Sun rises to higher consciousness living. The sun, light and truth feeds our higher consciousness living, granting us the symbolic “after life”, “eternal life”, and “immortality” of living in a “heaven” and “paradise”. Truth, morality, justice, authenticity and realer living is symbolized as the Feather of Maat which is used as the measure of our lives, that we judge, insult and offend ourselves by failing to balance ourselves with it.

Moral Truth/Law is the key to the higher knowledge of higher living, the knowledge of the Wisdom of Right-Action. We can’t create real, lasting good, freedom, peace, anarchy and unity, if we are not aligned on the same moral page/level and are allowing immorality to continue to be lived by ourselves or others. Moral truth shines a light on the darkness of our way of life.

Where we put our time, energy and attention into, is what we will get more of. Time is limited in life. Truth takes time. What way of life are we creating? Do we want more base carnal pleasure and self-gratification to “feel-good” about ourselves? Or do we want to put lower consciousness focuses aside and instead seek to elevate ourselves and all of humanity to a higher way of life based in understanding and living Moral Truth? The choice is ours.